butterfly chronicles

October 5, 2010
By faye17 BRONZE, Charlestown, Indiana
faye17 BRONZE, Charlestown, Indiana
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Way down in New Jersey on her way home from school a young girl with midnight black hair with ice blue eyes named Hailey Swan noticed something glowing from the corner of her eye when she turned to see what it was she found a beautiful black jewelry box with what appeared to be crimson red butterflies under a cherry blossom tree. Glowing with a purple light Hailey picked it up but dropped it as her hands burned with pain as if they were on fire. Afraid to pick it up and getting burned again she grabbed her jacket from her backpack and put it around the beautiful box, picked it up and put in her backpack and took it home not realizing that what the box held would change her, her life, and her future for ever.


Two weeks have passed since Hailey Swan found the glowing box under the tree on her way home from school, and curiosity has gotten a hold of her brain about what the box held because she can’t open it because it doesn’t want to budge. I wonder what’s in it. Hailey wondered with not being able to do anything but wonder she’s come up so many ideas from a fairy from Peter Pan to forbidden treasures. At school Hailey’s friend Paige Ferris had been clued in about the box and her imagination was just as wild as Hailey’s if not worse.

“ So Hailey have you opened the box yet?” Paige asked with excitement like always, “no not yet,” Hailey answered with a disappointed smile. It’s been two weeks why can’t I get that box to open? Hailey thought to herself, “ well it must be really secret if you can’t open the box after two weeks of trying,” her friend told her, “you’re probably right,” Hailey replied. Riiiing!!!! Finely school is over for the day, she sighed she got her backpack and headed home.

When she got home from school Hailey headed up to her room and locked the door. Her room since the box had really changed. She used to be all about flowers and horses, but now it was all about crimson red butterflies, violet purple butterflies, and fiery orange butterflies. There were posters, sculptures, paintings, curtains, and bedclothes with butterflies. In the far corner were a desk with a laptop and a black jewelry box with butterflies, the box she had found two weeks ago, still glowing with a purple light. She walked towards the desk, wait! She thought to herself, there’s something different about the box. She was right the box had started to glow brighter, and brighter, and brighter till the whole room was filled up with a bright purple light. She ran over to the box and as she grabbed it Hailey pulled on the lid and after two week of prying and pulling the box finely let go and opened up to reveal what looked like pairs of blue and crimson butterfly wings without bodies.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!” Hailey screamed as the bodiless wings wrapped themselves around her fear frozen body like ribbons. Her body feeling like it was on fire Hailey tried to run out of the room but the door wouldn’t open like it was being held shut by some unknown source. With her body aching and burning with pain Hailey tried to move to her bed but then collapsed, fell to the ground, and fainted.

Chapter 2

The author's comments:
my teacher gave me an assignment today and she gave us things to put. we had to put: a box, a tree, the color purple, and fire. and it really inspired me to start a series. how many books am i going to write i'm not sure. but i'll know when i finish the first one

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