Anarchy Part 1

October 12, 2010
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Main 1:
Andrew: 13, boy; brother to Charlie and against the rules of the U.S. / the youngest and is a follower
Charlie: 17, boy; brother to Andrew and against the rules of the U.S. / has been through a lot and is determined
Henry: 16, boy; against the rules of the U.S. / quiet just listens and minds his own business most of the time
Alex: 16, girl; against the rules of the U.S. / very talkative and outgoing, does not stay quiet

Patrick: 17, boy; one of the leaders of the children / stubborn and mean and wants to be the ruler of everyone
Kyle: 17, boy; another leader of the children, wants to make Patrick happy and serve under him
Who: The Children, The adults, The outlaws
What: Anarchy is about children not wanting to be ruled by adults so they form their own groups and they try to get the U.S. to obey each one of their groups.
Where: United States of America, New York New York
When: 2075, April
Why: the children want to be the rulers of the U.S. so that they can ban or kill every adult

Internal: underground hide out; Sunset

Alright, everyone, Kyle please check if everyone in the New York Tribe is here.
The New York Tribe sits around in the underground layer and stares blankly at Patrick the leader of the New York Tribe. They are having a meeting to update everyone on what is going on in their region. Kyle the co leader takes attendance while Patrick announces what they have on their agenda for today.

Close up: Kyle whose face has a concerned look on it.
Close Up: Following Kyle while he walks towards Patrick to explain something to him.

(Whispering) sir, we have a situation…Charlie he turns eighteen in three weeks, how should we handle this one.
Close up: Patrick and Kyle, Patrick has a thinking look on his face.
Close up: Patrick’s face looks serious and begins to talk.

Alright everyone, there is someone here who we are going to say goodbye to, Charlie (looks directly into Charlie’s eyes) turns eighteen in three weeks so as usual we must get rid of him since he is going to be an adult.
Close up: Charlie’s jaw drops with what he is hearing

(Glancing at his younger brother Andrew and then back up at Patrick) What the H***! You can’t just let me die and leave Andrew here by himself…You; you’re out of your F***ing mind this whole country is for killing off adults it’s out of control. (Pointing his finger at Patrick) You let my brother die, you let Caleb die!

(Evil look in his eyes) Ha Ha Ha, You stupid ignorant little b****, we have given this country order…I have given this country order! Oh and Caleb isn’t dead as far as I know, he escaped before I had the chance to he is somewhere to the west probably in Washington he always talked about it. (Softening his voice) Now, I will have Connor and Kylie escort you back to your cabin and you and your brother and whoever can have fun for three more weeks until your execution. (A Smirk across his face)
Close up: Conner and Kylie who grab Charlie’s arms and escort him back to his cabin to be on lockdown.

Internal: Charlie and Andrew’s Cabin; Night time

(Charlie has 4 suitcases he is packing with Andrew standing in the doorway)

Andrew, pack whatever you need, no useless sh**, just things you need. We are going to get the h*** out of here and head on our way to freedom. Ha (a sarcastic laugh; but still concentrating his eyes on packing his and Andrews things) this country used to mean freedom now look at it, millions of people dead, food is scarce. We will bring this countries beauty back.

I don’t mean to sound like an a** but, how the h*** are we going to do that! (Charlie looks up stunned at Andrew) you are on house arrest with guards everywhere or am I mistaken.
Close up: Charlie has his mouth open ready to speak when the door swing’s open and Alex and Henry are standing in the doorway holding hands.

We want in on it. (Alex says with sincerity; Henry just standing there listening)


(Stricken with fear) What do you…you mean? (Hesitating)

Cut the Cr*p, we have all been best friends for basically our whole lives and I should know when you’re up to something and I do. I know you’re planning on leaving well its obvious you’re packing suitcases and where the h*** would you go you’re supposed to be executed in three weeks. We have just over a year until it’s our time to be executed and I’m not going to sit around like a piece of s*** and watch it happen.

Ok fine, but only you and Henry no one else and you better not tell anyone we are going to find Caleb and then fight for our freedom.

(Resting Henry’s cheeks in her hands and giving him a romantic kiss on the lips) Sweet we’ll start packing.
Close up: Alex and Henry leave Charlie and Andrew’s cabin and go next door to theirs.

We are going to need a lot of food, plenty of clothes, all of our blankets and pillows, and anything else useful you can find. Pack tonight and we will leave in two days on Tuesday. (Charlie walks to the door and turns around to talk to Andrew) I’m going to go discuss the plan with Alex and Henry then I will come back and tell you what the plans are, I will be right back.
External: outside of Alex and Henry’s Cabin; Night
Close up: (No dialogue) Charlie walks out the door and knocks on Alex and Henry’s door.

Close up: (no dialogue) Henry answers the door and invites Charlie in.
Internal: inside Alex and Henry’s cabin; Night

(Charlie sits down in a chair at the dining room table along with Alex and Henry) Ok, here’s the plan; as soon as we are absolutely sure we have everything packed Henry and I will pack the RV with all the supplies and park it behind my Cabin, load everyone on and head out as fast as possible. You and Henry will get the master bed in the back and Andrew and I will get the two twin beds further up towards the kitchen; it’s a pretty big RV.


Sounds like a plan!
Close up: Charlie leaves Alex and Henry’s cabin and goes back inside his own cabin.
Internal: Charlie and Andrew’s cabin; Night

(In a sympathetic voice) I told Alex and Henry the plan. You okay, I know we’ve been through a lot but, it’s almost over. We are going to find Caleb and he will help us.

I know you think that but, what if he isn’t alive? How are we going to get our freedom? What if Patrick is just playing with us? What if we can’t survive out there? I don’t want you to die…I’m…I’m Scared.

(A concerned and worried look covers Charlie’s face) I don’t know what is going to happen and I’m am not quite sure what’s going on right now but what I do know is that I am going to get you out of this H*** Hole. Now you can go to bed know, you done a lot and you need your rest, I will finish up.

Close up: Andrew walks to his room and shuts the door behind him.

Close up: Charlie stares at the door for five seconds

Close up: Lights black out
External: Behind Charlie and Andrew’s cabin; Morning
Close up: Charlie, Andrew, Henry, and Alex are loading all of their supplies onto the RV.

Ok, Henry get the gasoline and load it up, Andrew be on the lookout for Kyle or Patrick, and Alex you and I will pack the rest of the supplies in the RV.
Close up: Henry loads the gasoline and get’s in the driver seat of the RV, turns it on and is waiting for the rest of them so he can take off.

Close up: Charlie and Alex finish up packing and Alex gets inside of the RV.


(Charlie cups his hands together) Andrew, come on we’re leaving now!
Close up: Andrew runs to meet up with Charlie and they both enter the RV, Charlie closes the door behind him.
Internal: Inside of the RV; Noon
Close up: Henry is in the driver’s seat, Charlie is in the passenger’s seat, and Alex and Andrew are at the kitchen table.


Henry, floor it!

Close up: Henry pushes his foot down on the Gas Pedal.
Close up: Patrick and Kyle are walking outside to the right and see them in the RV.
Close up: Charlie turns around and Henry looks in the rear view mirror and looks at Alex

Close up: Alex flips off Patrick and Kyle

Charlie, Alex, Andrew, and Henry:

(All Burst out laughing)

(Pulling out of the campsite and onto the highway road) Woo! We are on our way to freedom!
Internal: inside of the RV; Night
Close up: (Black out) Hours pass by and the get further towards Washington.
We should be at Michigan by now, I think we should stop at the next exit maybe find a truck stop or trailer park and lie down for the night.


(Rubbing his eyes and yawning) I agree I am exhausted.

Close up: at the next exit Henry pulls over and parks
Close up: Henry and Charlie close the blinds and everyone gets into their beds.
Internal: Inside of the RV; Morning

Close up: everyone wakes up

(Cooking eggs on the stove) Hey what does everybody want? (Alex grabs her stomach) Ah…ah! Ow! (Alex falls to the ground)

(Henry runs over to Alex and is holding here with a worried look on his face) Alex! Oh my God! What…What happened!
Close up: Charlie and Andrew run over to Henry and Alex to see what is wrong.

(Alex burst out into laughter) Ha ha ha ha, I’m pregnant and the baby kicked a little too hard and I got startled. (Laughs a little more)

Close up: Henry is stunned and is not moving (frozen)

Close up: Andrew is also stunned but gets a bag of chips from the cupboard

Ok, I will be the one to say it Congratulations. Wait, it is a congratulations right? (Charlie has a puzzled look on his face)

It’s a wonderful thing I just wasn’t ready to tell anyone but I am so glad it’s out in the open now. (Alex turns to Henry and kisses him on the cheek)

(Henry looks Alex in the eyes and Smiles and says in a soft voice) It is wonderful.

Close up: Henry helps Alex up and sits her down on their bed

Close up: Henry kisses Alex on the lips

Close up: (Black out)
Internal: Inside of the RV; Night/Day

(No Dialogue)
Close up: Different scenes throughout their journey to Washington. (a mash up of different scenes showing the journey to Washington.

(Two weeks later)
Internal: Inside of the RV; Noon

Close up: The RV passes the sign that says “Welcome to Washington”

I figure that Caleb should be in the Seattle tribe, they are one of the six tribes that don’t kill adults.
Close up: The exit sign say Seattle Ahead North and Henry drives the RV towards that Exit.
Close up: (Black out into next scene)
External: Outside the gates of the Seattle tribe; Morning

Close up: Charlie lets out a big sigh looking at the gates of the Seattle tribe

Close up: A young man walks by

Holy s***! It’s Caleb. (Andrew runs as fast as he can and hugs Caleb as tight as possible)

Close up: Charlie’s face is stunned with excitement


Oh my god I can’t believe it. (Charlie begins to tear up and cry)

Close up: Charlie, Alex, and Henry walk over to Andrew and Caleb


(Charlie still crying) We thought you were dead.

Well, obviously I am alive. (Caleb saying surprisingly) Oh my gosh, is that little Alex and Henry.
Close up: Caleb hugs Alex and Henry

Ha! Little they aren’t so little anymore, Alex and Henry are going to be parents.


Oh, really well it’s a good thing we have a hospital here.

Close up: Alex raises an eyebrow sarcastically

So, are you going to let us stand here or are you going to show us around so we can get settled here.

(Caleb chuckles) Right this way…we already have houses for you because I knew you would be coming.

(Alex looks around at Charlie, Henry, and Andrew) Wow, they actually have houses here. What else were we missing?
Internal: Inside of Alex and Henry’s new house; Afternoon

Well, here you are Alex and Henry you got yourself a great place to raise a family, you even have two extra bed rooms, a master bed room of course, a great kitchen, and lastly a great living room.

Wow! This is…a…a…amazing.

This is way more than we were asking for. This is sweet!
Close up: Alex and Henry begin to unload their suitcases
External: in the street on the way to Caleb’s house; Afternoon
Close up: Caleb leads Charlie and Andrew to a big house right across the street from Alex and Henry’s house

Internal: inside of Caleb’s house; Afternoon

Well, this is my house.

Well, it’s nice and all but aren’t you supposed to be showing us where our house is not your amazing piece of s***.

Dang, what is with you and bad language these days what happened to little innocent Andrew who I grew up with. By the way this is your house I have four extra rooms and you think that I’m going to put my brothers who I haven’t seen in two years in a whole different house. H*** no.

All I can say is…wow.

Are you Joshin me, this is beyond sweet! (Andrew runs into the nearest room) Call it! This one is mine baby. (Andrew faces Caleb and Charlie) Oh, and to answer your question about why I (Andrew makes quotations with his fingers) use bad language is because I’ve grown up. (Andrew turns his head into the room) Oh my god there’s a flat screen TV in there, that’s bombing.

(Sarcastically) He’s grown up, huh?

Ha! That’s hysterical. So, will you show me the way to my room.
Close up: Connor ruffles Charlie’s hair and then leads him towards his new room
Close up: (Black out)
Internal: The main building; Night
Close up: the whole tribe is gathered around in the room to welcome the new members of their tribe

We are here tonight to welcome four new members to the Seattle tribe all the way from the New York tribe. Our treasurer Caleb is related to them and I hope you will welcome them with as much kindness as you did to Caleb. Please welcome Charlie, Andrew, Henry, and Alex. (Everyone applause’s) Alex and Henry are sixteen and are going to be adding another person along with them into our tribe in about eight months. Andrew is thirteen and will be attending school with the other teenagers. And last but not least there’s Charlie who is seventeen and will be eighteen in one week so prepare for a birthday celebration. Now we are here for a reason as the President of the Seattle tribe let’s get this party started.
Close up: everyone applause’s and shouts

Woo! Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about!

We have an open buffet and there’s a dance floor so help yourselves!
Close up: Charlie goes up to Addison and kisses her on the lips and holds her close to him

(Charlie Whispers to Henry) Looks like Caleb has a girlfriend. Andrew is getting down on the dance floor. Come on let’s get down too, I mean what the h*** it’s our party.

Yeah, why not.

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Nannabanana22 said...
Oct. 17, 2010 at 6:03 pm
I really like how its written. different.  Just like the story, where kids rule it really puts some pizzazz to your work.  I'll be reading your next piece!
Macx14 said...
Oct. 14, 2010 at 7:50 pm
I really like this! I love how you wrote as like a movie script and not really like a narrative story....very unique. Good job!!
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