The deathly diamond

September 28, 2010
By , Bethel, AK
As we entered the City of Refuge many of the buildings had been bombed or had been turned into ruble. The city had been torn by a civil war for the last hundred years. Many men that worked there were some way shape or form in alliance with Death Demon except for a small group of soldiers called the freedom fighters. As we entered a courtyard bodies of freedom fighters bodies littered the ground. We borrowed their weapons and I don’t think that they would need them again. We unknowingly walked into one of Death Demons camps and alerted the gaurds. “Jasmine get down you to Drake.” As we fired back a rocket went off right next to me and I looked to see where it had fired from and saw him Death Demon standing on the top off the cliff right above me. He shoved a massive boulder off the cliff and it came hurtling at me.

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