Wolf Fight

September 26, 2010
By Apocalyptore BRONZE, Turlock, California
Apocalyptore BRONZE, Turlock, California
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The two reared back, belly to the ground, fangs bared. They dug their claws into the cold snow, breathed steam through their nostrils. Now with the intent to kill, they lunged.

They relentlessly slashed and scratched at one another. Each slash was only met by another in the opposite direction. Their jaws were locked, fang on fang. They growled and snarled at each other as they attempted to rip each other’s jaw off. They finally fell on their sides, still engaged in their deadly struggle.

The white one got atop the black one, the black one having his feet shoved into the other’s stomach. They paused for a moment to stare into each other’s eyes. They more than spoke with their eyes, they screamed hurtful and painful words. Finally they went again, fang to fang, clawing at their opponent. The black one kicked his white opponent off, sending him into a spiraling spasm. The two both quickly recovered and got back on all fours. They paused once more to scream, then fought again.

This time the black one had the upper hand, being slightly taller than the white, he rose to full height and overwhelmed him. They fell and struggled to rise again, never forgetting the fight they were engaged in. They were on their feet for the final time before they attacked again.

Hind legs planted in the snow, belly to belly, jaw to jaw, and claw to throat, they engaged in the last round of their deathly battle. No blood was yet spilled, but some would soon be. No blood was yet spilled by the two combatants. No blood was yet spilled in that one snowy plain.

But much blood was spilled elsewhere. Elsewhere, a hunter roamed, a .22 caliber rifle in hand. Elsewhere, a shot was fired and a cry rang out. Elsewhere, a wolf lied dead in the snow. Elsewhere, a novice hunter with an easy target ate well that night.

The combatants heard the shot, the cry, and the footsteps walking away from the scene of the crime. They stopped their battle and stared at each other. With their eyes, they apologized. The two then turned, looked back once, and went off on their ways.

The author's comments:
An experiment of sorts. I observed a fight between two wolves and then tried to describe it, adding a bit of 'story' to the end.

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on Oct. 3 2010 at 4:03 pm
apocalyptigirl BRONZE, Staunton, Virginia
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Favorite Quote:
"DON'T PANIC." ~from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams

It should be "lay dead in the snow." I really liked this; it's about animals, which you don't see very often. :) I'm curious---where did you see 2 wolves fighting??? Also, would you read/rate/comment on my story "Ilya's Tale, Part 1" please? Thank you!


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