Spirit Instinct

September 14, 2010
“I’m coming!” I shouted, and ran towards him. Twenty meters from him, I leaped into the sky, swinging my sword overhead. He merely twisted to the right, and my sword cut deep into the soft earth, where it became stuck. He grinned at me; his teeth flashed brightly in the dark night. His sword came around towards my neck, so I rolled to the side. My sword stuck up from the ground, like a monument. He rammed his into the ground next to mine, and settled into a hand-to-hand stance.

“You’re fast,” I commented. Devin nodded, winking at me. Before he could even move, I ran behind him with the speed of a snow leopard. Even I was still surprised at the speed I could move at with Arella guiding me. Devin pivoted on his foot, bringing the other whipping towards my head. I ducked, pushing my elbow up into his outstretched calf. He fell backwards, cartwheeling away.

“Nice one,” he said. “Now let’s kick it up!” By this time, the sun had started to come over the horizon, streaking the sky with pink and gold. “Are you ready for me, Mykal?” Devin asked, repeating my former words.

“You’d better believe it, my friend,” I shot back playfully. I settled back into my stance, waiting for his advance. A couple people had gathered at the edge of the Field, and were watching us. Might as well give ‘em a good show, I thought. Arella growled in agreement; she loved these sparring matches with Devin as much as I did.

Devin grinned mischievously. In one fluid movement, he backflipped, landing in a crouch, and sprang forward while spreading his wings wide. I readied myself for whatever surprise he could throw at me. I felt a grin spread across my face. I belong here, I thought, and it cheered me immensely. I coiled the muscles in my legs, waiting. The moment before he collided headlong into me, his wings folded in and he flipped forward into a flying kick. I fell backwards, bracing myself with one hand on the flat ground. In that split second, my winter-blue eyes met his silver ones. I winked, and he knew what was coming.

My arm whipped around at his waist, finishing its revolution with him trapped safely in its embrace. He slammed into the soft earth with a dull thud. I rolled onto him, pinning his arms beneath my chest.

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platonic_italian said...
Sept. 20, 2010 at 11:47 am
This excerpt is old, from the original draft of the story, and it has already been heavily edited. I'll post the latest version soon.
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