September 13, 2010
(Mutant Reform Academy)
By: Justin Keeler

An agency working for the government…Or so they say…


The M.R.A. is a government operated company that takes care of people like me. No…that’s right I’m not human…well not really. I’m an inhuman or a “Mutant” as people now call me. M.R.A. is supposed to help the world. I wonder if that’s true.

Chapter 1

I shrugged into my red sweater and into a pair of brown sweat pants. I yawned and rubbed my tired eyes. I checked my watch I had placed on my dresser the night before. 6:00 A.M. I looked into my mirror. My blond hair was a frizzy mess! I pulled my brush out of my drawer and began the ultimate fight between clean hair and bed head. I brushed my hair and bangs. I walked out of my small room into the tiny cramped hallway. Across from my door was Sara’s room. Sara was my best friend. She was a mutant kind of like me. More on her later…I yawned and descended down the stairs. I coughed loudly…smoke stinging my eyes. The alarms were ringing like nuts. I slowly made my way through the smoke. Sara was at the stove dumping water on the burner. I almost burst out laughing. “Sara what the heck are you doing?” I demanded. “Trying to put the burner out!” She yelled over the alarms. “Try this…goofball.” I reached by her and turned the crank to off. The fire died down and was gone a moment later. “Oh… (Cough)…thanks that’s the last time I try to cook breakfast.” She coughed again. I sighed and sat down at one of the chairs. I lived in Washington D.C. down the street from a movie plaza where Sara and I would go every Tuesday. “Sara leave the cooking to me.” I suggested as I opened a window letting the smoke clear. I was now able to see Sara … well better than through smoke. She had a green short-sleeved shirt and a short pink skirt with pink matching socks. Sara sat down at the table while I looked at the skillet on the stove. It had three shriveled pieces of bacon and a piece of black sausage. What did she do, put it on inferno? I held back a laugh and sat down next to her. “Here’s the paper.” She handed me a folded paper. I flipped it open. It read:
Sunny Side news reports:
Teen couple has gone missing!
Police are baffled.
M.R.A. Is suggesting mutant attack!
I turned the page and read another article:
Mysterious mutant boy has once again tricked police. Person was able to slide right past police…What happened?
I rolled my eyes and placed the paper back down on the table. “Sara what do you think is happening to the teen couples?” I asked. “I don’t know…” Sara thought hard for a moment. I walked towards the living room and switched on the TV. It had a blonde haired woman with a microphone in her hand. “I don’t know Jeff…As you can see new flyers are pushing mutants to come out of hiding.” The picture changed. It showed a picture of a bald eagle with red and white in stripes around it. It was saying
“Mutants shouldn’t be allowed to roam free…they should register and join with the government to make the world a better place!” I rolled my eyes. “Yeah…like I want to know the government knows my powers and weaknesses.” Just then the screen flashed again! “This is a red alert!...downtown is under attack…repeat…downtown is under-!” Just then the camera was dropped and the reporter and the cameraman were making a break for it. I could see some figure of some kind fly or glide after them. Then the camera went black. I switched off the TV. I ran to Sara. “Sara come on we have to see what’s going on!” I grabbed my green jacket and ran for the door. Sara was right on my heels. Okay I know I have to explain a little bit.

I’m a mutant or an inhuman
Sara is the same
I can manipulate fire, yes fire
Sara can manipulate light and blind enemies
I guess I was supposed to help people even though they don’t want it.

I raced down the side walk instead of taking my car. Hey, I was in a hurry. I looked behind me. Sara was just leaving the house. I guess it would take her a little longer than me. I don’t know. For some reason I can run faster than any person I’ve ever raced. I got to a cross walk. I turned around. Sara was just catching up to me panting. “You run too fast!” She said her voice sounded scratchy. Sara was like my sister almost. We had no family…no parents or friends except each other. It was a lonely life. Almost like on the road. I looked up just in time to see the light flash green and we dashed across the streets with cars honking at us. Sara could probably wait ‘cause she had more patience than I. I ran another block until I could see smoke in the distance. I stopped for a moment letting Sara catch her breath. She kept panting and her breath slowed. “You okay?” I asked suddenly noticing she was looking a little pale. “Just need to catch my breath (cough) go on I’ll catch up!” She said gasping again. I suppressed a laugh and I turned and ran. Sara was soon just a little blur behind me as I soon stopped for a moment. The smoke was thicker and I coughed again. Firefighters were spraying a nearby fire and police were talking by their cars. I scanned the perimeter. Nothing seemed wrong. In the distance I could see several people being loaded into an ambulance. One person had stringy blond hair. A microphone, that had been crushed, was lying a few feet away next to the camera. I was so shocked. What had happened? My head was too busy thinking to notice something had moved through the smoke behind me. I turned around. SMACK! I was knocked to the cement. I glared through the smoke as it began to clear. I stood there frozen. It was some type of robot thingy. It had red eyes and had some type of bronze colored armor topped off with giant claw- like hands. I gasped as it loomed over me. I was about to jump to feet when something caught my eye. Someone was flying! Yes really flying at the robot! He landed in front of me. He had blue jeans and a darker blue sweater. He had smoothed brown hair. I was totally awe-struck! “Who is he?” I wondered. The robot lifted up one claw above the person’s head ready to chop him up! I was about to jump out and fry the circuits when I noticed the boy didn’t need my help. Out of no where a trash can smashed the robot and it smashed through a fire hydrant. Then another boy ran out! He had an army green jeans and shirt that read “Get working you wimp!” on the back. He had blond hair but a little darker than Sara. “Make sure the girl is okay!” The blond boy said. The brown haired kid leaned over me. For a moment I thought he was going to kiss me! “Hold still…you’re hurt!” I then noticed that I had a real nasty scrape on my elbow. He held out his hand. It was suddenly glowing a violet color. I looked down at my elbow. It stopped bleeding and soon only a tiny pink line was left. I glared at him for a moment. He had brown eyes. He held out his other hand and helped me to my feet. “Thank you!” Ever heard RESCUE ME MY KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOR? Well this was it. “Brittany are you okay?” Sara ran through the smoke and was at my side in a flash. “Who are you?” I asked still in my own little world. Before the boy could answer there was a screeching sound. I looked past him and noticed that another robot was attacking the blond kid! “Look out!” He yelled as he was brutally thrown into the side of a wall! “Austin!” The kid in front of me yelled. Austin was the blond kids name…oh. The brown haired kid ran forward and out of no where a dumpster smashed the robot! “Wait the blond kid didn’t throw the trash can…the other one levitated it!” I gasped. Sara’s jaw was hanging open in amazement or in terror which ever came first. Just then the robot grabbed the brown haired kid by the waist and smashed him into the ground! Then he was smashed into a building and he dropped to the ground. I shuddered as I saw blood drip out of his scalp. “We have to help!” I ran forward and raised my hand. A great blast of fire smashed the robot and it exploded knocking me backwards. Sara ran at the other robot and a burst of light blinded me momentarily. I glared back at her. The robot was looking around trying to see where Sara was. She had crept behind the giant tin can and was starting to mess with the wires. She pulled a few and the robot fell to the floor…oil leaking onto the sidewalk. I smiled at her and gave her thumbs up. A groaning sound reminded me there were two injured people who had tried to help me! I ran over to them. The Austin kid was just getting up. He was about Sara’s age. Sara was supposedly fifteen. I was sixteen. “What happened?” Another voice was behind me. I turned around. A tall lanky brown haired girl in a red sweater and black jeans ran up to them. “Who’s she?” I thought. “Are you guys okay?” she demanded. The brown haired kid slowly lifted his head up and the girl immediately helped him up. She put his arm around her shoulder and helped him limp towards me. Sara was walking with the Austin kid. “Who are you?” She asked. “I’m Brittany…and you are?” I began. “Sorry…I’m Jen…” She shook my hand and I gave her a slight smile. Just then a loud obnoxious siren went off. I looked around. Several police cars were lined up and I quickly decided it was time to go. “I’m sorry we have to go!” Jen was taking the brown haired kid with her. “Wait you need a place to rest, come with us…please!” I usually don’t like strangers but I just had to know the brown haired kid’s name. “Well…” Jen was thinking her options over when the Austin kid broke in. “Jen…they are just like us…and Justin needs to heal himself up.” I almost jumped. I almost forgot he was even here. He was so quiet! Sara was playing with her blond hair…I wish she would stop flirting with every guy she met. We all made a break for it through an alley. I listened to Jen along the way. We took the long way home. I looked behind me, hoping there were no more robots or police following us. After an hour of walking we made it back to my house. I opened the door and led Jen in with Justin. Sara and Austin were in a real deep conversation and didn’t respond when I yelled at her. Same old oblivious Sara. Justin leaned against the wall in the kitchen. I sat at the table and Jen sat across from me. “So who are you?” I asked. Jen broke a smile. “I’m Jen…the blond haired guy is Austin and you know already know this is Justin.” She gestured to Justin who was busy healing himself. “What was all that back there?” I asked.

By the end of this conversation I had learned four things.

Jen, Austin and Justin were just like Sara and I!
Jen could turn indivisible and control shields
Austin had super strength and was really smart
Justin was a telepath, he could control thoughts and attack enemies with mental attack and he had telekinesis
I was sure things couldn’t get any weirder in my life…guess I was wrong.

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Healing_Angel This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Sept. 17, 2010 at 2:30 am
Great story! Very captivating. I love it! 5/5! Please continue this!
scooby2 replied...
Sept. 17, 2010 at 6:17 am

If you like it then I will finis it and post in on...It will be called

M.R.A. 2

scooby2 replied...
Nov. 25, 2010 at 7:33 am

M.R.A. 2 is posted and ready to be read!


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