September 5, 2010
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I cannot remember a time before jealousy, a time where my green eyes didn’t mean death for me and many others. Jealousy was once a feeling, though I suppose it still is, though amped up, a mind controlling, brain eating feeling. They have done this to us, they must pay, but first we must take the lives of the innocent. It will taint us forever; the killing will destroy our souls. These are the thoughts that drive me to find and destroy the jealous makers.

No one knows exactly who the jealous makers are so we must be careful. Everyone on the Emeralds must be careful, for one who seems innocent, one that seems a friend, could soon be holding a knife to our throat. Like now, I am waiting outside the house of Sarah Callock who, until four days ago was one of the emeralds and one of my best friends. Its dark out, nearly pitch black and the trees that grow around her house look menacing. The world today seems very unsafe, very threatening. I am standing outside her house waiting for the signal from Ty to go in and kill her. These are the missions that tear apart my soul and motivate me to kill “The jade” and every single one of the jealous makers. I remember the last time I saw Sarah. She was with me, on a mission like this one for the killing of James Marden. She had trouble with the killings, always tried to find a way to fight the disease, never successful, always ended up in tears before the end of the mission. Ty gives the signal, pulling me out of my thoughts, the call of the exotic bird. I get ready and as I do I glimpse the blade of my sword and see my face reflected in it. I see my black hair, cut short around my face, I see my mouth with gaps between teeth and teeth missing, my cheeks flushed with the red anticipation or perhaps predicting the color Sarah’s house is soon to be, and last, I se my eyes. My eyes are bright green making me and easy target for many killings, the eyes which cause many people to gasp in fear at the sight of me. My eyes look hard, determined. I can hide my emotions easily, and the fear is masked. I know the plan, Luca, Sarah’s (old) boyfriend goes in. Even with her brain full of these toxic chemicals she is sure to still have her feelings for Luca. I think this is the worst part, if these people just killed with no love and no feeling, destroying them would be easy, but it is hard to kill someone who loves and trusts you, someone who you love. I could tell of Luca’s distaste for the plan as soon as he was told his part, they really loved each other, but of course the jealousy destroyed that too. But Luca agreed to be on the Emeralds, knowing that if he joined moments like this would happen, and he would have to be strong. A coldhearted killer. I risk a glance at Luca, I see he is shaking. I see Ty, trying to calm Luca down, for he is an essential part of the plan. According to the plan, Luca should go in, both should come out, they should walk out and then we send Melina out. Melina is sent to flirt with Luca. A brilliant plan for a murder right? Yes, the jealousy that was so powerfully injected into Sarah will react, controlling her brain. It will cause her to attack. As Sarah attacks, Ty and Luca will pull their weapons and strike. I am thankful I am just there for backup, in case things go deadly wrong. There Luca has finally calmed down and is headed towards the house. Even from afar I can see he is wiping tears from his eyes. Stupid to fall in love. Love always ends badly. I am sweating too and tears are streaming down my cheeks. I should be used to killing by now, but all of those were strangers, green eyed monsters. I see her and Luca going down the walk. Sarah looks the same as always. Beautiful red hair flowing down her back, she wasn’t afraid to be pretty, she thought she could reason with any of the jealous who came for her. I hear her laugh, still as sweet as ever, so innocent. I want to scream for her to look out, and to Luca and Ty “don’t kill her!” Yet she is changed, altered to kill, into a monster that has no hope, and once activated no heart. Here comes Melina, I am biting my lip so hard that it’s bleeding, I taste the blood in my mouth and want to puke. Blood is everywhere these days and it isn’t pleasant. Just seeing Melanie, beautiful Melanie, activates the chemicals in Sarah’s veins. She sees her as a threat. She looks up, what I see is like a punch in the stomach. I can’t breathe as I see where Sarah’s blue eyes used to be piercing green eyes, catlike, deadly, the eyes of a killer. They flash and she lets out a catlike growl and springs. In just moments I see the blades flash. She was so focused on her target she didn’t see them drawing the blades earlier. I close my eyes. I don’t want to see her death. I hear her scream of pain pierce the air. I think it is done, so I open my eyes and see her arms flailing as if trying to fly, with talons trying to injure Ty and Luca, I see pain flash in Luca’s eyes. Both from seeing Sarah like this and the slash that now is gushing blood in his arm. Ty performs one more cut and the flailing and screaming stops. Sarah Callock is now dead and is lying positively still, not breathing, as I puke and then pass out.

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in_the_eye_of_the_storm said...
Sept. 11, 2010 at 8:00 pm
heeey! if u read this pleeeeaase tell me what u think!
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