The Finder Part 1: The Orphanage.

August 11, 2010
By Anonymous

Many times do I not think clearly. I don't know if i'm human any more. The changing came quick. But I can't start there. That's not the beginning.
The beginning is where I was in the orphanage in my bedroom with my best friend Mark. Well that was the name the orphanage gave him. He was a drop off, parents drop the baby on the door step and leave. It happen to me too. Like him I don't remember my perents.
Me and my friend would talk about what our parents would look like.
"Mike what do you think my mother looks like?" I said.
"I don't know Brown hair, Rich gold eye's, Nice personalaty, How am I supose to know?"
"I wish I could you know, Get out of here so I could...."
"Find your parents I know, this isn't the first time you said that."
Mike was just sitting in the corner looking down. He didn't smile nor move. What was going on?
"Do you really think she looks like me, With the brown hair and the gold eyes?"
"Yeah but I can't be so sure."
Then it hit me like a ton of bricks, He was having a vision. Mike was psychic he could sometimes tell the future or see someones past. Could it be my past he's seeing your his own as baby to young to remember anything.
"What are you seeing Mike?"
"Sush! I'm trying to concertrate, I think it's my mother but it's to dark I can't see her."
"Is there anyway you could use your powers to know what my mother looks like?"
"No Jim, they just come to me without warning."
I was trying to avoid putting my name in here but it wasn't my real name ether it was the orphanages. Jim it means "holds the heel." In the Genesis narrative, Jacob a longer name for Jim or Jimmy was born grasping Esau?s heel and later bought his birthright.
Mike then picked his head up and smiled. His blond hair was shining in the light, his eye's went bright blue as always. He had good news, about his parents.

The author's comments:
I had a dream about this story about these kids who has these powers like Jim a 10 year old who can turn into a wolf at will. And his best friend named Mike who has psychic abilities. They try to look for there perents and end up on a adventure. What I hope that people will learn on these chapters is that friends are importain in life they are there to help you on anything.

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