Karen Ambrose Chapter 1: Meet Karen Ambrose

August 16, 2010
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People often say that school is very important. As a teen, I completely agree. Aside the fact, homework was not necessary nor was the almagest. A word that meaning textbook. But, I digress. In school, I am sure you took an English class that if you paid the slightest attention to the mean big evil homework-giving teacher, I can promise you that you will learn a thing or two. I discovered the renowned method of attracting money after several get rich schemes in Financial Skills. Give yourself a moment to think what it is. Ready? Drum roll please! The answer to today’s million-dollar question is a job. In fact, a man that lived in Kentucky. His name was, I mean is, Leonard Jones and he had a job, one that required a killer resume, literally. Leonard was no normal man. After all, not many people could cause a man to laugh for fun. However today he was busy, with a job that was not done yet, but first he had to go home to feed his pet. Leonard always fed his pet a sock. Today’s sock belonged to a girl, and as soon as it ate that death black sock, it ran outside to hunt for that girl. However, you have to feel sorry for that man Leonard made laugh than the girl. If I remember correctly, the man was a mortal who accidentally trip Leonard. In return, Leonard made him laugh to death, which wasn’t after five or six days of nonstop laughing.
“Of course, you can not pick her up,” said the director. The man in front of her asked,” Why not?” “Because you are not on the list of parents who pick her up, and her father asked that no one but him can pick her up,” said the director. “Really. I believe I have a letter that gives me the right to take her,” said the man, and hands her an envelope. She opens the envelope, and open comes a stack of paperwork. “This is … this is means that,” said the director. “Yes. He is dead,” said the man, “ I understand you do not get the news often here, but I have an extra today. It is the sheet of paper at the bottom,” said the man. “What time do you want to take her?” said the director. “You don’t need to know. All you do need is the fact I will send someone to fetch her,” said the man. “Of course,” she said. “Good day,” said the man and walked away. “You, too,” said the director.”
Karen Ambrose, the seventh child of the governor, was in Girl Scout Camp with her friends having the time of his life. Karen was taking a shower in the pool's showering room, and enjoyed every droplet of water washing the sweat from the skin until a certain little fox appeared in the shower room. The girls in the shower were all looking at the fox wondering how it got in the shower pool. After Karen just put on his bedtime clothes and her father’s necklace in the changing stalls, that certain fox suddenly hit his tail on the ground, and the earth spilt sucking Karen in. For some reason, no one saw this. The spilt sealed as Karen fell till she hit rock bottom literally. The girls saw the fox opened a hole under him in which he fell. The girls all screamed in abnormally high-pitched voices. The aerophobia lifeguard came rushing in. As expected the honest girls told the guard they saw a fox cracking the earth. The lifeguard believed this as soon as they believed in magical unicorns. Thus, they gave the girls all dishwashing duties for the rest of the week for lying. “But where is Karen?” asked the girl named Alexia. “She got picked up today. She left this morning with all her stuff,” said the lifeguard. “But, I just saw her,” said Alexia. “Lying again. No seconds for dinner today,” said the lifeguard. Alexia closed her mouth and kept it closed for the rest of the week.
Writing a good sentence is a high school level skill. A sentence like girl scream in a high-pitched voice since she was afraid which is considered okay, because a girl is supposed to scream while men are supposed to find what made the girl scream and have a talk with whatever it is. That sentence is what the schools are looking for along with a cup of coffee, espresso, and good students. Unlike Alexia who got quiet because her honest lie, Karen was very busy screaming in a high-pitched voices since she was afraid which is considered okay, because a girl is supposed to scream while men are supposed to find what made the girl scream and have a talk with whatever it is. The words Karen said when the earth swallowed her were “Aha!” Not the simple aha like you discovered a clue like Sherlock Holmes and look like a genius, but the kind of aha long and very loud for someone to hear, not like anyone heard Karen. The feeling is closely like a sudden drop on a roller coaster, which is kind of odd since she was plummeting to her supposed doom. Karen kept falling and falling and falling and falling until she landed on a bed. She fell unconscious.

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