Convinced chp. 6

August 3, 2010
By arixa8 SILVER, Sun City, California
arixa8 SILVER, Sun City, California
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“So, any good movies coming out? No? Shame. You really need to get out more. Drinking is bad for you, and selling it, dare I say is worse.” While Kene was trying to make small talk, Nora was already in the main room. Through the crowds of the rich she spotted Kene leaned over the bar table with the bartender close in front. So, she used the crowd of people to sneak her way behind the bar and behind the bartender. She pulled out her gun and held at gun-point behind the bartender.
“How’s about you let go of my friend here, yes. If you don’t, I’ll let go of this trigger.” Said Nora.
The bartender gave Kene one last stern look before letting him go and dropping his gun.
“I don’t want to make a spectacle of this. So I suggest you come with me in a polite and calm manner. We’ll go out those back doors where the police are waiting for you.”
“Wait!” exclaimed Kene. “You called them? Why? We had everything under control.”
“Seriously, like, you’re kidding right? I don’t know what your definition of control is but I certainly hope it was not this.” Nora escorted the bartender to the back of the building to where the local police apprehended him. She then walked back in to find a very upset Kene.
“You’re upset because I called the police, Kene? I had that man at gun-point. How were we supposed to get him out of here without causing a scene? Thank God, those back doors are in a room that’s like a ghost town. That room is very empty. It had cobwebs, spiders, and other disgusting critters. You would think with such a fancy place, well, that everything would be fancy. Anyways, I doubt anyone even noticed he’s gone. They’re probably too busy making small talk.”
“Well, I noticed. Who else would’ve made me a drink? The least you could’ve done was command him to make me a drink before the police apprehended him. I really wanted one before we left.”
Nora looked at Kene not amused. “Let’s just go.”
Kene and Nora made their way back in the car they drove up there. While fastening their seatbelts, Kene turns his head to ask Nora a question.
“So, what happened with Rose?”
Nora fastened her seatbelt before answering. “I don’t know.”

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