Convinced chp. 5

August 3, 2010
By arixa8 SILVER, Sun City, California
arixa8 SILVER, Sun City, California
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As Nora followed Viza into the west wing of the Hotel, Kene was getting more info on the woman from guests.
“So who’s the host of this party? I forgot.” Asked Kene to a man who looked to be elderly and dressed in a cheap tuxedo. Even his cologne smelled cheap.
“The host of this party is Rose French. She even owns this hotel. Does any of that ring a bell?” asked the man.
“Yes, it does. Thanks I’d hate to have met up with her and had no idea who she was. So that was Rose French, right?”
“Okay. Thanks man.” Kene then scurries to find Nora. Kene looked everywhere but couldn’t seem to find her. Then he went to the bar in hopes of her being there. She wasn’t there. Then he proceeded to ask the bartender.
“Hey, have you seen a woman about 5’7 with short black hair and blue eyes?”
“No.” The bartender then ignored Kene to finish cleaning the wine glass in his hand. Kene had a better description.
“She had an Australian accent.”
“Oh. Yep, she left about fifteen minutes ago with the owner of this hotel. They went west. I think they were going to the west wing of the hotel to get a better look of the hotel.”
“The owner? No. Okay, thanks.”
Before Kene could get away the bartender grabs his arm tightly.
“Wait. I don’t think you should bother them. Wait till they come back so that they can finish the tour.” Said the bartender aggressively.
“You have no idea what’s going on. So get your damn hands off me.” Said Kene but a little more aggressively.
Then the bartender pulls out a 9 millimeter out of his back pocket and points it at the gut of Kene’s stomach. He had it pointed under his arm and Kenes’ so no one would notice passing by.
“Don’t make a scene Kene. Or I will shoot.”
Kene’s gun was in his but pocket and a lot smaller. It was only a 45 millimeter. Plus, in his position he couldn’t take it out anyways. It looked he was stuck unless Nora was aware of the situation and saved him.
“Wow, this place is nice. So Viza, how long have you owned this place?”
“About 3 years. I inherited it.”
Nora quickly pulled out her 45 millimeter and aimed it at Viza’s head.
“Nice story, Viza. What’s your real name?”
Viza put her hands up over her head as if surrendering.
“I told you.”
“I know that’s not it.”
“Really? I thought it was my name since birth!”
Things were getting nowhere. Nora pulled out her cell phone but still had one hand on her gun aimed at Viza’s head. Nora dialed Kene’s number.
“Hey. Please don’t shoot. We can settle this. I’ll buy you a drink.”
Kene’s cell phone started ringing in his side pocket. There was an awkward silence before the bartender ordered Kene to answer it but to not sound hostile. He pulled out his phone with his one free hand. He saw the caller ID and answered it.
“Hey, Anya.”
“Anya? Kene it’s Nora. We only use those names to conceal our identity to other people, not us. I told you this in the car, moron.”
“You are so funny Anya.” Kene gave a weak laugh.
“So did you see that movie, When Harry Met Sally?”
“Anya, I’m sure you’ve seen When Harry Met Sally.”
“No. I can’t say I have seen it. Anyways I have our perpetrator right here. She’s trying to act dumb, see. So get over here. Just track my GPS on your phone, Bye.”
“Please, When Harry Met Sally. We talked about that movie early.”
“Oh, my bad, mate. I forgot. That’s the signal for if we are in trouble right?”
“Oh! Sorry. Cool the tone. I’m on my way.”
Kene hung up the phone and looked up at the bartender. He looked confused.
“I’m just trying to get my friend to see that movie,” explained Kene, “I hope she sees it soon. She might like she might not but her seeing it is what matters to me.”
“Damn it!” exclaimed Nora. She looked up to see Viza was gone. All of Nora’s attention was on the cell phone. “Double Damn it!” Nora looked around the empty room that she was in and couldn’t find Viza. She decided to let her go for now and get Kene.

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