Convinced. chp.4

August 3, 2010
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“Why does your brother call you guys S.Q.U.A.T instead of S.W.A.T?” asked Nora.
“Well, let’s just say that we are a level above S.W.A.T. We take a level more of dangers, a level more of training, a level more of technology and etcetera.”
“But, we are more secretive and less exposed to public. So are work doesn’t really get noticed. Maybe only a couple times.”
Kene got to the 18 freeway that would lead him right to the city of their suspect.
“We have a description of what this person might look like but we just couldn’t get her name.” Kene passes Nora a paper with the descriptions.
“If you guys are a level above S.W.A.T, then why couldn’t you obtain her name?”
“Trust me, Nora”, assured Kene, “This person has no record of anything and even if she had any, she sure does do a great job of hiding it. Anyways we are almost there. Once we get there we need to change into more formal wear. I packed the clothing in the trunk. Since the theme of this party we’ll be crashing is formal, it would make sense. So here’s it is. Get in and get out. Find this woman, capture her, bring her in and then we are done with this assignment. Quick and easy, right? Do we understand each other?”
“Sure do. One thing, this is a hotel? That she owns? How are we going to get in? I’m sure you have to have a reservation to get in.”
41 minutes later
“Do you see her?” asked Kene.
“No. People’s heads are in my way. We’ll see her eventually. In the mean time I’m thinking of getting a cocktail-”
“No! I want to get done and over with this. Follow the descriptions and see if anyone matches them.”
“Okay. Calm down. I’ll search for her. You stay and…just stay.”
Nora went further into the building full of guests. The place had many crystal chandeliers and marble in crested floors. With a few golden touches on everything.
“This place is amazing!” said Nora.
She pushed her way through the crowds of people to reach a bar.
“How old are you?” asked the bartender.
“Why-” Before Nora could finish her thought; a voice came from beside her.
“Go ahead and order anything, I’ll pay for it.” Said a woman standing next to her.
Nora turned and saw a woman her height in a Vera Wang black dress. She had light brown her with hazel eyes.
“What?” asked Nora in shock.
“I’ll pay for whatever you want.”
Nora wasn’t shocked by woman’s words but by her features. Everything matched what the paper Ken had given her.
“Oh, no thanks. I can’t get drunk tonight.”
“Okay, well, I haven’t seen you in this part of town before. What’s your name?” asked the woman.
“Anya and your name?”
“Nice name. Unheard of, but nice. So I know we just met but do you think you could give me a tour of this place? I’d think you’d been here long enough to know what this place is.”
“Sure. Follow me. You know, I actually I own this place.”
“I’m well aware.”

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