Koto Matsuri-4- Inner eyes

August 2, 2010
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The night air gave relieving winds to the overheated Koto who stood by his word and kept that stick moving. The day seemed to pass as slowly as possible without time itself stopping in its tracks. Hyabashi hadn’t returned yet. Koto has reasons to believe that he probably got drunk and can’t find the barn… This amused Koto because it’s hard to miss the tallest building in the town. A skill only a drunken Samurai might harbor.
“I wish he would have told me when to expect his return, I’m so exhausted. Not sure how much longer I can keep this up.”’
A reasonable complaint anyone would make after 12 hours of swinging a 2lbs stick.
“I hope Hyabashi is a samurai that doesn’t let sake get the best of him. Man, I really don’t want a drunk for a teacher. My mother always told me to avoid people like there; said they were good for nothing, A lot like my father.”
Stan realized his weary state by the fact he was talking to himself about issues that he could usually come to terms with in his head.
“I hate thinking about my father, that fool.”
Stan started to feel the anger that shelved itself in his soul start to fuel the swings of the stick.
“You will pay for what you did to our family you son of a b****!”
“I will fix all this mother; I will bring respect back to our family. I will fill in for that no good fool!”
Stan started to get a little light headed.
“I will…I will…”
Stan collapsed into the hay that lay dormant on the ground
He had passed out from lack of food and weariness.
“He’s got a lot of spirit and a good heart. I will honor his family and train him in the way to be a true samurai with pleasure.” Said Hyabashi as he had been watching all 12 hours from a hole in the roof under the stars…drinking sake.
“Cheers to you Koto, We have a long journey ahead of us”
Hyabashi laid his head back and felt the grace of the moon enlighten his soul.

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