Koto Matsuri -2- Lord Hyabashi

August 2, 2010
By CaptainFoss BRONZE, Platte City, Missouri
CaptainFoss BRONZE, Platte City, Missouri
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"MORE SAKE!" Hyabashi cheerfully calls out to the beautiful ladies sitting idle for his next command.
"coming my lord"
Hyabashi notices Koto walk into the tent
"YOU, What is it you want?"
Koto, startled by the spotlight got down on the floor and bowed.
"I want to be your disciple and study under your wing in the ways of the Samurai."
"why?" asked Hyabashi with an eyebrow raised.
"...why?" Koto repeated.
"I'm just baffled as to why you would want to give up everything you have from wealth to family in order to become a samurai when don't actually have to?"
"Aspirations sir, I want to better myself as an individual and a fighter. I want to be a stand alone resolution"
Koto stuck his chest out a little bit at the ending of his sentence.
"huh, Well, best answer I've heard all day...and only one actually. What's your name boy?"
"oh,My name is Koto Matsuri, I come from Takio city. I'm of 19 years old sir."
"It is nice to meet you Koto, As you know, My name is Akio Hyabashi. As of this moment forward, you are under my wing as a disciple. We start the path of the samurai tomorrow at sunrise in the barn east of town. Don't be late."
Koto face lit the entire tent up.
"Thank you very much sensei! I won't let you down!"
Koto turned away and headed home with a burning fire in his heart, He felt like a samurai already.
The rest of the night was spent with family and friend visitations and ended with Koto's final goodbye to everyone.

The author's comments:
Koto meets Lord Hyabashi and asks to be taught

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