Tsar Bomba

August 1, 2010
By Kingfan123 GOLD, Charles Town, West Virginia
Kingfan123 GOLD, Charles Town, West Virginia
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Night time was just around the corner as a B-53 Stratofortress bomber took off from a secret base in northern California. They had just come out with the plane not too long ago, and it had a large pay load. Bigger than any plane out there: 165,000 pounds. The best part was, you didn't have to spread the weight out, you could put it all in one spot, and the plane could withstand it. It was carrying the deadliest weapon in all of human history. The Soviet Union, when they first made it, called it Tsar Bomba. It was more than sixty years later, that the United States, would get the components that it held and needed, by bribing the guy with all the answers. The bribe: ten million dollars.

It took the United States a year to build it, and finally put it on a plane where it would be dropped in the Middle East, hoping to end the war against terrorism.

Our Military gave it the name TD 1,000 TD stood for Total Destruction, and 1,000 well that meant that it was 1,000 times more destructive than both of the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan during the second World War.

It held a little over 58 megatons of TNT.


8:31 PM

The B-53, carrying the bomb that weighed 60,000 pounds, had just passed the islands of Hawaii.

The crews' nerves ran high. Once they got to the drop zone, forty thousand feet above the ground, they only had about twenty minutes before the bomb would explode, the mushroom cloud rising forty miles into the sky.

The trigger that started the timer on the bomb sat in the cargo hold. It was large, all you had to do was enter a top-secret code, twist a top that stuck out of the thing counter clockwise three times, and the timer on the bomb began. The timer was set at nine minutes, and thirty two seconds.

With twenty hours to go, the team that consisted of a pilot and a co-pilot, a person who armed the bomb, and a person to observe sat and just chatted.

They talked about things that all men would talk about: women, their kids, work, that sort of thing. All was alright, they were guys that were sitting back, waiting for the command from back home to drop the thing.

They cruised at forty-five thousand feet, so it would be hard to see them, and so they would have a decent amount of time to escape the blast. Everyone's life was on the line as soon as that timer began ticking. Anything could happen.


9:03 PM

The observer sat in a small corner. Everyone on that plane thought he was the weirdest guy alive, so they never said a word to him. Sure it was wrong, but they weren't very nice in the first place; they had money, they were all from Texas and their parents owned big oil pumps. But this guy, no one knew where he was from, and they didn't ask. Only the Military knew about him.


9:27 PM

The plane was now three hundred miles from the coast of Japan, and something was up, big time.

The observer was acting weird and was messing with something in his back pocket. He was pulling it up and down, like it was uncomfortable sitting in his back pocket.

"Hey, man. What are you doing?" the trigger guy asked.

The observer didn't answer just gave the men a dirty look. His eyes were dark, like the color of his black suite.

Suddenly, he pulled out a gun, and shot the trigger man.

"Hey man, what the-" the co-pilot didn't even have time to ask before he was shot as well.

Blood oozed on the floor, and got to the observer's shoes. He jumped up, and got the pilot in a head lock. The gun was now pressed against the pilot's head.

"Hey man, I don't want any trouble!" the pilot said. Tears were forming in his eyes. "I have children you know!" he said.

"And?" the observer asked.

The pilot didn't answer just cocked the gun.

"Are you willing to do what I want you to do?" the observer asked.

"I have a gun to my head, what do you think I'm going to say?"

The observer put his finger on the trigger of the gun. He looked at the back of the plane where a small door sat closed tight.

"I need you to jump out that door, I'll lower the plane so you won't have to use any high altitude gear. What do you say?"

The pilot thought for like maybe ten seconds, and the observer jerked his head a little, making him decide a little faster.

"Alright. I'll lower the plane."

"Good boy."

The plane was lowered in a matter of a few minutes. It dropped from forty-five thousand feet, to ten thousand feet.

"Now get ready."

"Wait, first I have to set it on Auto-Pilot."

"You do that!"

The pilot pressed a large red button that sat to his left he pressed it, and the plane began flying with no needed help.

With the gun held to his head, the pilot got on his parachute, and everything else he needed to jump.

The observer pressed in a code that sat next to the door, and the door went into the wall, leaving an open space.

"Surf's up!" the observer said and pushed the pilot out the door, then he watched him for a short while.

The observer closed the door, and walked back to where the trigger to the bomb was. He entered the long code: TD 1000 USA9SA5672440981287651028USAPROP and then turned it counter clockwise three times.

There was a buzzing sound all throughout the plane. Telling whoever was in the plane, that the bomb was armed.

The clock was ticking, and the bomb suddenly dropped from out of the plane. It would soon land a few hundred feet below the surface of the Pacific Ocean.


9:36 PM

The observer now had the plane four hundred miles from the site where they dropped the bomb, when it exploded he would be pretty safe, it would be close, but he would make it.

Someone from back at the base came on the radio, it was Major Fisk, he was head of the top-secret operation.

"I saw you went on auto-pilot, is everything alright?" he asked.

The observer picked put he radio, quickly and with wits.

"Yeah, we're good, the pilots just need to check the engine, over."

There was silence for a few seconds, then finally Major Fisk came back on the radio.

"Copy that."

Suddenly, behind the plane, there was a sonic boom. It was so loud that the observer could feel it in his chest, he hoped it wouldn't stop his heart. It hurt, that's how loud and strong the boom was. He coughed and wheezed.

He caught his breath and looked behind him, a mushroom cloud went so far up into the sky he lost sight of it. It was massive.

"Gosh, that's success!" he said with a big smile on his sick face. Who would do something like that?

A split second later, back at the secret base in California, a red light blinked and a siren went off all throughout the building. This meant the bomb had exploded.

The Major ran over to the radio, with fear, and pure rage. Rage beyond anything you could ever imagine.

"Why the heck did that bomb go off?" he screamed at the top of his lungs into the radio.

The observer replied back within two seconds of the question.

"I did it. Two of your boys are dead."


"He took out he radio!" the Major screamed and kicked the desk where the radio sat.

"I wanna know RIGHT NOW where that bomb exploded!" he raged.

A few of the crew inside where looking at computer monitors, scrambling to find the answer to a question that needed to be answered quickly.

"Sir, the bomb exploded two hundred and ninety feet below the surface of the Pacific," said a crew member.

"What is the position?"

The man at the desk looked at the computer once again, seeking an answer.

"Two hundred miles off the coast of the Hawaiian islands!"

Major Fisk looked at everyone in the room.

"Alert everyone!"

"Of what, sir?" someone asked.

"Of what? Of what?! That bomb is going to generate a massive tidal wave, and boil the water causing hurricanes, and turn the bottom of the ocean floor into a form of glass! That's 'what'!"

"My God," the man said, and turned to his computer.

Now there were only a few hours, until a massive tidal wave would stab into the lands that are Hawaii, and Japan.

Japan's Northern Coast


4:59 AM

Chaos was unleashed.

Everyone was panicking.

People were running, trying to get away from the rocky coast.

People got into their cars, and drove up into the mountains, where they had a good chance of surviving the massive tidal wave that would pound into the country.

It was like this all along the coast, everyone was fleeing their cities to get to higher land.

A few people were killed in the mass histaria, trampled to death, some run over by cars, and some just died trying to walk up the mountain since some people couldn't afford cars.

There were thousands of people, still waiting to get up the mountain. Most people abandoned their cars, and starting running up the mountain with their belongings on their shoulders and backs.

Children cried, their feet hurting, babies screamed, scared just like their parents were. Would they get out of harm's way in time?


Honolulu, Hawaii

10:59 AM

Water covered the ground.

It was at least 20 feet deep.

Thousands were dead.

The tidal wave had already hit Hawaii an hour earlier. Many people retreated to the mountains there as well, but again, many people were left on lower ground, those people, had perished.

The people in the mountains did not speak. They looked down upon their town, it was in ruins. Water was already beginning to recede, but that hardly helped the matter.

Lives were still lost, the town still destroyed.


The Coast of Japan

5:07 AM

Most of the many souls were already in the mountains, but some were still left down on the lowest level of the long island.

The wave was now only a mile away, and people began pushing, and shoving to get up the mountain and to safety. A hundred people were just killed in the mass panic.

The wave reached the shore, and pounded into palm trees, that lined the beaches.

Then it hit many homes, crumbling them and pounding them away.

It lifted all the cars up, and threw them into buildings and trees that stood nearby.

The train station was hit next, and the wave took the trains and moved them back a few hundred feet.

All you could hear were things shattering and being ripped apart. Things the villagers cared about.

Their homes, and old china that their family must have had for generations.

Their cars that drove them to work everyday.

Their babies', toys that kept him or her quiet as the mother fixed dinner and the father would sit and watch TV after he got home from a long day's work..........


9:12 PM

The Observer of the plane sat in his corner looking at the ground. He imagined everything.

That would be terrible. He thought.

"Hey? Are you deaf?" asked the co-pilot.

The observer snapped out of it and came back to reality.

"What? What? I'm sorry I kinda dozed off, what is it?" the observer asked.

"We're ready to drop this thing. We'll be flying over the Middle East any minute."

The observer stood up.

"Good, good. Let's end this war."

The author's comments:
Inspiration comes at anytime for me. This was a story that just popped up inside my head, I just got this idea out of nowhere, and I just got really excited about it, so I wrote it!

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on Sep. 14 2010 at 5:26 pm
Kingfan123 GOLD, Charles Town, West Virginia
17 articles 6 photos 46 comments

Favorite Quote:
"Life moves pretty fast, if you don't stop to look around once in awhile, you could miss it."
"I'd rather stand alone for the right reasons than stand popular for the wrong."

Thanks much! :-)

on Sep. 14 2010 at 4:48 pm
X_Dysfuntional_Lyrics_X GOLD, Cleveland, Ohio
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I have a lot of favorite quotes. I cant really pick.

loved itt!!! <3 =)


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