Adventures of Triston: Part 1

July 31, 2010
By autumnstar BRONZE, Lebanon, Tennessee
autumnstar BRONZE, Lebanon, Tennessee
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i looked in the mirror and gave myself a pitiful smile. no matter how many times i tried to convince myself i was pretty i knew it wasn't true. i had dull hazel eyes, boring light brown hair, i wasnt even close to being skinny, and to top it all off i had splotches of acne across my face. i put my tangled messy hair in a pon tail and went downstairs to an empty house. My parents were at work, they were both real estate agents, and my 3 youger siblings were at a friends house. i decided to skip breakfast and head outside for a morning walk. We lived in a small community in Kentucky. We had 35 acres of woods and that is where i like to take my morning walks when it is summer. my mom is always afraid of snakes in the woods, and ahe doesnt like me going in them, but what she doesn't know won't hurt her. i love the smell of the thick woods and nature. i was getting deep into the woods and decided to take a rest at the old oak tree. i caught a blue tail lizard and started playing with it. when i heard a yell. What the heck was that! no one is supposed to be here!i ran to the sound. i didn't see anything at first, and then i saw him. he was lying on the ground blood pouring out his chest. he hadbrown graying hair, a strong build, and he was dying. his eyes were closed. i didn't know what to do. i was freaking out. and then i felt something sharp skim my cheek and heard a sharp thud as an arrow hit the tree beside me. i coudn't help from yelling out from the pain and the shock. then another arrow hit the tree across from me. i started running and couldn't help but thinking where the heck does someone get arrows around here. I was almost out of thw woods i couls see the opening of trees when i felt a sharp pain explode from my shoulder. i knew what had happened immeaditly. i had been shot. i collapsed to the ground. i am dreaming, i told myself. but the pain felt so real. i looked over and saw the men had caught up. they were all rough looking and wearing weird leather clad clothes like people did hundreds of years ago. i was completely silent. i guess i was waiting for myuself to wake up or for someone to say "gotcha." but it never happened. then i saw a big man pull out an arrow and string it on his bow. he pointed it straight towards my heart. i heard the pang of him letting it go and i clsed my eyes.

The author's comments:
Ok. this is my first piece please dont be to hard on it. i know it is terrible. it is supposed to be a cliff hanger. the story is not over. thanks for ever reading it! :-)

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