Zozarian mummy of Rowania

July 30, 2010
By booksamillion SILVER, Helena, Alabama
booksamillion SILVER, Helena, Alabama
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From above the sand dune ascended Eliza Ezera the great, great, great, great, great granddaughter of the late great Queen Cleopatra of Egypt. Hours before had Eliza been awoken from a nightmare sent from the Greek Goddess Hera herself. Eliza knew before she woke that the prophecy must be fulfilled, and that the tremendous monster, Zozarian mummy of Rowania, must be killed. Making only slightest noise as she stomped on the soft sand of the dune Eliza protectively reached for the Azaralian dagger. The only dagger that could put Zozarian mummy of Rowania to sleep.

Eliza pushed the stone door of the sand dune cave open with all her might. Slowly the door slid away from the wall making loud creaking sounds, for Eliza’s strength surpassed that of 5 stout farmers. She hoofed with relief as she shoved the stone wall open just enough to glide into the dark empty looking liar of the Rowania mummy.

CRACK. Eliza pivoted backwards in the direction of the noise her eyes searching through the dark cave but finding nothing. Suddenly her forearm was pinned to her back. An agonized shriek escaped her lips. One single crack rang through the cool Egypt air like a bottle rocket’s first pop. “You are no match for me young Ezera,” Said a hair-raising voice that Eliza knew was non other than Zozarian mummy of Rowania.

The mummy seized Eliza by her hands dragging her into a spacious room. There, was an enormous boiling pot large enough to hold 5 humans. “Mmm…Eliza Ezera, you will be the most scrumptious dinner I’ve had in ages,” The mummy said cackling at his own sick joke.

Eliza whipped, shrieked, clawed, kicked, and elbowed trying to break free of the mummy who began to tie her hands and feet to a rotating log above the streaming pot of water. ‘This was not the way I planned to die.’ Eliza thought, “I will be back young Ezera, at the first stroke of midnight, and I will have an ever so delicious dinner,” The mummy said before wobbling off into the dark.

Eliza tentatively turned her head to the side, cursing herself for not being in the position to see her wristwatch. She may not have known the time but she did know that if she didn’t get free before midnight she was going to be the dinner of a very hungry mummy.

Thinking on her feet(but not literally since she was still tied up) Eliza first tried rotating herself around the log, but nearly gave up when she had no more strength. Warmth began to spread over her thigh. Again she cursed herself for being so feeble minded. The Azaralian dagger glowed a settle yellow over the thigh of her jeans. ‘Brilliant, if only I could get one hand free.’ Eliza reflected to herself. A burning sensation rouse in her wrist and out through her finger tips as she used what strength she had left to twist her wrist out of the expertly tied rope.

Eliza wrenched her purpling hand through the tiny hole. While the log rotated flinging her face to face with the unbearably hot water. She felt sweat drip from the tip of her nose into the steaming liquid. Still Eliza reached for her dagger feeling its comforting warmth as she neared it. 3 seconds past and Eliza had cut herself from the other ropes, skillfully jumping off the roasting log and onto the grainy sand of the cave. Eliza glanced at her watch 11:58. Quietly she crept to the far wall not wanting to make any suspicious noises. Now only time would tell.

2 minutes later the mummy emerged wobbling back into the room. He may have strength but Eliza had the speed and brains(literally) to fulfill the prophecy. Fury clearly registered in the mummy’s eyes. Shaking with anger the Zozarian mummy of Rowania wobbled right past Eliza who crouched in the dark corner near the entrance.

‘This is my chance.’ was Eliza’s last thought before, moving stealthy with impeccable speed as she pounce onto the mummy’s back like a graceful lioness, breathing in the ancient scent of the decaying mummy. Who gauzes oozed a clear brown liquid all over Eliza’s all black outfit.

Eliza’s strong hand instinctively reached for her glowing dagger. As she held the it high above her head and dramatically plunged the sacred knife into the aged mummy. Once, twice, the third time was the charm as the mummy dropped down to his ‘boney’ knees.

Eliza could only stare eyes wide open at the decaying mummy; Zozarian of Rowania. Slain by Eliza Ezera great, great, great, great, great, great granddaughter of Cleopatra. Eliza stumbled back home a smile on her face, a prophecy fulfilled and a prince of Persia who wait anxiously for his Egyptian bride. As the goddess Hera watched approvingly from Mount Olympia.

The author's comments:
This is ficiton at its best, at least for me. I'm usually more of a non fiction type but somehow this was made. Its an 'Epic' the greek mythology kind.

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on Aug. 25 2010 at 6:22 pm
booksamillion SILVER, Helena, Alabama
5 articles 0 photos 4 comments

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because I can, :)

and because this was an english paper that had many specific details that you had to put in it. So I kind of had to be flexible, so somethings are kinda confusing. Like why is she egyptian marrying a persian? because I saw prince of persia the night before. its not perfect and has lots of little annoying wrong details,

on Aug. 24 2010 at 11:23 am
THEIMPACT77 BRONZE, Florence, Kentucky
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this is very modern epic. i like it. but i have a question. why are you mixing greek and eygptian mythology?

on Aug. 17 2010 at 8:29 pm
JoetheBlanc GOLD, Roswell, Georgia
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"the shadow proves the sunshine!"

interesting story, with few grammatical errors. 4 stars. you also have a few weird verbs thrown in. i understand the importance of variety, but, in my opinion, you should use words... related to the action... like the "she made the slightest noise as she stomped..." i understand "why", but it still would sound tacky...

again, just my opinion. 4 stars, for an interesting story :D

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