Complications part 5

July 24, 2010
By NikitaBliss PLATINUM, Galion, Ohio
NikitaBliss PLATINUM, Galion, Ohio
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I put the dress on. It was so tight on my chest. How could anyone breath in this type of thing? It was a light baby blue and had lace everywhere. It poofed out on the bottom. I started to walk to the door. I hear a thud from the other side. I open the door to see a man with shaggy brown hair with beautiful blue eyes. He was wearing a black long-sleeved shirt and a pair of blue skinny jeans on his legs. He had combat boots on and his fingernails were painted black. He smiled and strode over to me. He bowed. "I'm Adone." He greeted. I tried to pull together a curtsy but it looked very silly. I laughed. "I'm Elinor. But I go by Eli." I introduce myself. He takes my hand in his and my full body feels energized. His hand give mine a light but firm squeeze. He bends down and lightly kisses my hand. He leans upward but his kiss lingers. I giggle. He puts his arm around mine. "Shall I escort my fine lady to prince Conner?" He asks in a thick Italian accent. I smiled. "You shall." I say as lady-like as I could. He lead me down the hall and out the big golden door. There was at least 100 acres. I saw a river running into a lake. An in-ground pool and a golf course. There was football fields and soccer too. And there was everything you could imagine. A plane runway with a plane the size of ten football fields combined. A restraunt. About 5 parks and a water park to. A rock-climbing wall and millions of other things too. I gasped. I looked over at Adone but he was gone and I saw Conner running up to me. "You like?" He asked. I nod. "I thought the vampire world would have dungeons and moats and creepy stuff." I said. He smirked. "We have that to." He said with a chuckle. I laughed. "So which guard escorted you?" He asked. "I gave you a choice of three." He added. I shook my head. "Uhh, I got escorted by a man named Adone. He was nice and I liked him escorting me but I really didn't have a choice." I corrected. He looked confused. "Are you sure? Adone..... that sounds familiar." He questioned. I nod. He shrugs. "Oh well. May I say you look beautiful" He says. I laugh and playfully punch him in the arm. "You must be kidding." I confirm. He shakes his head. He grabs my hand and pulls me behind a wall of a restraunt. He puts a hand on my cheek and touches his soft lips to mine. His body leans me against a wall. I pull away and gasp for air and he starts to kiss my neck. I giggle and pull his mouth back up to mine. I hear a door beside me open and he pulls away, taking a step backwards. "Conner? What are you doing, my love?" Izella's sharp voice asked. I looked down. "Uh, I was taking Elinor to the restraunt. She needs to eat." He explained. Izella nodded slowly. Wow, he is a very good liar. "Well?" Izella said and gestured towards the restraunts door. He nodded and motioned for me to follow him in. We walked in and headed for a table. The lights were off and I could barely make out my hand in front off my face. I didn't notice when a waiter asked us for our order. "I will have a A/B positive." Conner said. The waiter turned to me. I could make out his muscular figure. "Alright. What about you?" He asked. I figured he was talking to me. "Well, I'm A/B positive. Why are we telling you this?" I asked. Conner laughed. The man grabbed my throat. "HUMAN!" He yelled as he threw me against the wall. He leaned in to bite me but Conner's hand grabbed him off of me. He put me on his back and made a bee-line to the exit. But, there was four people guarding the exit. Three people tore me off of Conner and ten people grabbed him and pulled him down. Conner snapped and growled and grunted but he didn't escape. A man busted through the entrance and swooped me up and I was on his back. Before I knew it we were outside.

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uh.... the other 4..?

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