July 24, 2010
By ArielH BRONZE, Regina, Other
ArielH BRONZE, Regina, Other
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"Aim for the moon, because if you fail, atleast you'll be among the stars"

The house shook, car alarms screamed, sirens pounded in my ears. I awoke with a startle. Frightened, I scramble out of bed and jogged down the hall. Glass picture frames fell to the ground with a shatter. I glanced out the hall window to see people franticly running in all directions screaming bloody murder. I looked up at the sky, my jaw dropped, my palms got sweaty, my eyes widened in fear of what I was seeing and a single gasp broke through my lips. The sky was red. Clouds looked like cotton balls drenched in blood. It was three o’clock in the morning on the twenty-first of December 2012. Scientists said no while mystics and oracles claimed that today would be the end of days. I didn’t believe, but maybe I should have.
I ran out the front door, the grass was dead and the concrete on the sidewalks and roads were cracked and crumbling. It was at least fifty degrees Celsius outside. Sweat dripped down my face; I wiped it away with the back of my hand. I walked out into the middle of the street in only my pajamas and sneakers. I looked around at all the chaos that surrounded me. The whole earth was red. The sun seemed bigger and closer to the earth than normal. You could even see the explosions of heat that came from it. The noise broke me from my trance. I turned back to my house. It seemed safe compared to what I was now experiencing. I dashed into the house to discover it was even hotter than outside! “The basement would be the coolest and the sturdiest place to be” I thought to myself. As I walked down the stairs the power went out. “Great now it’s hot and dark”. My fingers brushed the walls and dark objects as they made their way down to the storage room. The noise slowly faded away as I got deeper into the basement. Once I found the room I scrambled for a flashlight. I stumbled a few steps then tripped over a heavy box. I fell, expecting to land on the hard cement. I was shocked when I landed on a cold surface. I turned to look at what it was I had landed on when I realized they were hands. The ice cold hands grabbed at my arms and pulled me upright. A bright light flashed. I shielded my eyes until the light died down to a dull luminescent glow. The glow seemed as if it was coming from the hands. My gaze lifted from the hands to the creatures faces. They were solid silver yet they looked transparent like a liquid. I screamed loudly. The sudden noise startled them and they released their grip. I sprinted from the room. Searching for an exit. But I was blind from the darkness. The only light was from them. One of the creatures made a noise as if it were commanding the others to capture me. I ran even harder tripping and stumbling over objects until I reached the stairs. Cold hands grabbed at my waist and ankles. I pushed them away and kept climbing the stairs. I didn’t know what these creatures were, but I wasn’t going to give up without a fight. They floated towards me hastily. I kicked at them and threw objects on the wall them. I got up to the main floor, spun around and slammed the door in their faces or whatever that thing was and locked the door. My breath was heavy, a grin spread across my face waiting to see what they would do when they found out I had locked them in the basement. I stood there, waiting for them to plead for their release. Then goose bumps covered my arms. I looked at the door as a silver liquid seeped from under it.
I ran up the next flight of stairs to my bead room. I searched for a place to hide. I could hear the creatures talking downstairs, debating on where I had gone. Their voices were hard to understand. They spoke in high pitched sonar sounds. Then the sound came closer and closer. I still had not found a place to hide. They were now at the end of the hall. My heart pounded. I crawled under my bed. I closed my eyes tight and held my breath. The swift movement of them seemed calm. The group entered the room. I saw eight pairs of feet surround my bed. My breath hung in the air. It was deathly quiet now. My body was ice cold. A shiver rippled through my body. The creatures began to hiss and hum. The air got colder then warmer and cold again. I squeezed my body into a tight ball waiting for them to eat me.
I opened my eyes after a few seconds top see that they had lifted the bed off the ground and made it dissolve into thin air. The biggest one, who looked like the leader held out his hand to me as if he were helping me. “It is okay human, we mean you no harm. We are here to save you and bring you to the New World.” I looked up at him. “The New World?” I asked. “Yes, you humans have destroyed this world and to keep humanity alive we must rescue four of the purest souls and bring them to the New World.” I took his hand and he helped me to my feet. “Is that why the world is red? Am I one of the people going to the New World?” I looked around me. At all the creatures staring at me. “Yes, now we must hasten time is disappearing”. He led me out the door, down the stairs and into the storage room. In the middle of it was a small round devise that looked almost exact to a can of soup without the label. “What are you?” I asked him as we watched the men organize into a circle around the device. “I am another life form from another planet beyond yours. Some call us aliens some call us shooting stars. We try to blend in with the stars so you humans don’t come looking for us and find or think the wrong things”. I looked at my feet. “Are you dangerous?” He led me to my spot in the circle. “Yes, but everyone has dangers. Now no more questions for now we have business to do”. He handed me a pea sized ball of a small blue substance. I looked at it with disgust. It even seemed to be moving! “It is okay to eat. It will help you breathe the air in outer space till we get to the New World”. I looked at him then the ball of goo. I opened my mouth and popped it in. Instantly it started to expand. “Swallow it”. He told me. I barely got it down when he said it was time to go. A light flashed then blackness surrounded me.
My eyes opened to the sound of wind blowing. I stood up and looked around. The world was beautiful and full of nature. Waterfalls and rainbows, flowers and animals surrounded me. Just as it I was in a fairytale. “Hello?” I called out. No one answered. “Did that just happen?” I thought. “Hello?” I called again. “Hey, I’m over here!” I walked over and met with a group of people. Two men and one woman. “Do you remember what happened to you?” She asked me. “Um, no actually”. I thought back from the past few hours. Nothing. “No, I don’t remember anything”. I said again. “Neither do we”. Said a tall man looking at the blue sky. “Weird” I thought.

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I hope you like my work.

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ArielH BRONZE said...
on Aug. 13 2010 at 9:16 pm
ArielH BRONZE, Regina, Other
2 articles 0 photos 1 comment

Favorite Quote:
"Aim for the moon, because if you fail, atleast you'll be among the stars"

i loved it even more the 2nd time. u r on your way ariel. keep it real and keep it good. good girl, my girl, my ariel

ArielH said...
on Aug. 13 2010 at 12:02 pm

Thank-you so much about your comment. I really do love writing tho i only seem to be able to write at night. Im very glad you enjoyed my work. Thank-you


AEP77 said...
on Aug. 13 2010 at 11:19 am

Ariel, I'm so proud :')  Keep carrying on the writing tradition!  (The visuals are great -- you've got a knack for descriptive language!)

(Hey, do Windscript & Golden Taffy still exist?  Do paper publications still exist?  haha...)

alanna_07 said...
on Aug. 12 2010 at 8:35 pm
Ariel, This was amazing the comment above took the words outta my mouth. You have strong writing skills i love you airbearbabe :)

beegee12 said...
on Aug. 12 2010 at 8:33 pm
This was truely amazing. You used really interesting words and transitions. I was into the story the entire time and not once did I get bored. I hope it gets published, because you really are a good author!

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