Little Po's Adevnture

July 23, 2010
By Maehym BRONZE, Jacksonville, North Carolina
Maehym BRONZE, Jacksonville, North Carolina
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"In her heart, though, she wondered, is anything remembered forever" -Ada in Cold Mountain

Once upon a time, there was a baby Giant Panda named Po. Po was only about three months old when his Mommy left him. His Mommy had left to go get more bamboo for dinner, and she never came back… Po was very sad and started to get very hungry. Poor little Po tried so very hard to get to the tall bamboo, but he was too little. One day when Po felt even hungrier, his remember his Mommy telling him about a Mountain in China that had all the bamboo a tiny little Panda could want. Little Po decided that he was going to go to the mountain, but to get there, he had to go through a scary forest and over a wide river and up the very tall mountain.
As little Po ventured from his home and into the forest, he felt as though he was being watched. Po tried to hurry his little paws, but it seemed useless. Suddenly he tripped over a very long tail. It was the tail of a King Cobra! "Hello little Panda…" The cobra hissed, "Where are you headed to? The forest is very dangerous this time of day." Little Po was terrified, but managed to speak up, "My name is Po," he chirped, and I'm on my way to the tall mountain here in China." Po gave his head a little nod and tried to continue on his way, but the cobra stopped him. "My name isssss Kang," The snake smiled sweetly, "I've alwayssss wanted to go the mountain…" Even for a little Panda, Po knew snakes could eat baby Pandas, so he struck a deal, "If you help me get through the forest, then you can come to the mountain with me. There are plenty of little animals there to eat…" Kang accepted the bargain and helped Po get through the scary forest, protecting him from any danger.
After Little Po and Slithering Kang left the forest, they came across a very wide river. Both of them looked around, trying to see if there was a way around. Unfortunately, there was not. Suddenly, both Po and Kang felt as they were being watched. Suddenly, a Sumatran Tiger jumped out of the river and in front of them. "What are you doing here!?" The tiger roared. Little Po was terrified, but spoke up once again, "My name is Po, and me and Mr. Kang want to go to that tall mountain across the river." Little Po pointed to the tall mountain that wasn't far ahead. The tiger smiled at them, barring very sharp teeth. Both the panda and the snake knew that the tiger could eat them, so Kang spoke, "Ifff you help ussss crossss thisss river," he wagered, "You can have a nicccce rock to resssst upon when we get there…" The tiger thought about this for a moment before bowing some, "My name is Sumo, and I have always wanted to lie in the sun upon a rock at the top of that mountain." So Sumo helped them cross the very wide river.
Once Po, Kang, and Sumo crossed the river, they looked up at the mountain from the base. "This could take days to climb," grumbled Sumo. "Maybe even monthssss," Kang hissed. Po frowned in sadness, "Or maybe even years…" Poor Little Po sat on a nearby rock, trying to think of what to do, when a very large Indian Elephant walked from behind the mountain, "Why are you here?" The kind elephant spoke. Po was the first to speak, "We are trying to get to the top so I can eat, Mr. Kang and eat, and so Mr. Sumo can rest on a rock." Po sighed quietly, tears forming in his eyes. "Don't cry, little Panda," Spoke the wise Elephant. "My name is India, and I will help all of you get to the top of my mountain, but you must let me have some of your bamboo for shade, some of the snake's food to eat, and some of the room on the rock for the tiger." Po, Kang, and Sumo all looked at each other and nodded happily. So India helped them up the very tall mountain.
A day or two later after Po, Kang, Sumo, and India's adventure, Po found his mommy and ate bamboo with her, filling his small tummy; Kang ate his fill of small mice and even some fruits to go with it; Sumo lay on the biggest rock; and India lay with Sumo, resting under the shade with a full belly. Little Po was very happy to see that everyone was happy too. He was also very happy that he found his mom and that his tummy was full. Little Po grew up on the mountain, and lived happily every after with his friends.

The author's comments:
My ex had a way of telling me stories, so I made this one for him. Its quite adorable, if you ask me. ^^

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