Bodwell boarding school, revised

July 21, 2010
By Screengirl24 BRONZE, Mississauga, Other
Screengirl24 BRONZE, Mississauga, Other
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It was his first day at Bodwell Boarding School for Troublesome Kids, and Mike was trying to fall asleep in the hell-hole of a school. It would take a while to get used to this school because, just like every other new kid, he was terrified. Not just because of the freaky effect it had on kids who just passed by it, but because of the kids inside it. All these kids were either corrupt and impatient, or trustworthy and nice, but with problems. Mike could tell he belonged with the second group because of his situation.

It started when his so-called “parents” had told him he was adopted. He was 16 when he found out, and now, at age 17 he still couldn’t believe it. Ever since then, he’d somehow show up at scenes of different crimes and not know how to explain it. He’d been at the wrong place at the wrong time, but he’d never remember how he got there. All he could tell the authorities and his parents was that he remembered falling asleep, having vivid dreams, and then waking up someplace totally different.

After the third incident, authorities were becoming suspicious and his parents decided that “it would be safer being with people like him.” In other words, they were the ones feeling unsafe and felt that locking him up in a dungeon school would be the best solution. Even though no one believed him, he would still stick with his word and hopefully find a way to explain it. Yeah right, he thought to himself, no one would believe this nutcase.

Mike slowly closed his eyes and started ignoring the screeching buzzer sound that came from one of his roommates: they call it snoring, and he calls it annoying. His two roommates looked normal; he’d only talked to one of them, the other one slept ever since Mike got there. The one who he’d met, Dean, seemed like a good guy. He had dreadlocks covering his face as he slept. When he spoke, his Jamaican accent was showing but hardly noticeable. Dean was transported to this school because he was framed for stealing jewellery. Something about Dean made Mike believe that he was innocent.

The other snoring roommate’s name was Chuck, Dean had told him. This guy was just an average student at the school and, according to Dean he only got into the school because he was a lazy bum whose parents had no time for. He couldn’t really tell how Chuck looked, but from his bed he could see short reddish hair popping out of the covers of the bed.

As Mike shut his eyes, he drifted into a deep sleep. As soon as he got into the deep sleep, he had visions in his dreams; visions like before.

Mike took in his surroundings, and realized that he was absolutely sure he was no longer in his dorm room. He was outside in a huge court-yard looking place. He was standing on pavement which extended yards and yards away to the grass in one corner. There was a wall surrounding the area, with barbed wire on top. Buildings were everywhere; one was behind Mike, and the other was further ahead. They were labelled North wing, and South wing. Right in front of Mike was a kind of garage, which still looked huge.

He saw a boy, about his age, with short black hair and very pricy clothing, which included a leather jacket. This boy’s back was faced to Mike so Mike couldn’t see his face. The boy was working on a motorcycle in the garage, fixing it, taking out some nuts and bolts, and adding new, high-tech, gadgets onto it. Then he heard another voice come from behind him; a girl around his age as well.

“Hey Blake, what are you doing?” the girl asked.

She had dark reddish brownish hair, which fell below her shoulders. She was tall and stunningly beautiful, but she had a sneaky manipulating type of look. She wore expensive clothes as well. Blake turned around, and looked at her in relief seeing right through Mike as if he wasn’t there, and didn’t smile or frown, just kept his content face.

“Oh hey Rachel, just working on this, why are you here?” he asked.

“Cole asked me to see ‘where u ran off to this time’,” she said, mocking Cole’s sly tone.

“What does he want?” he asked.

From beyond Mike’s vision, another voice spoke. “I want you to help me find something,”

Mike looked around, and saw another boy stepping out of the shadows, who looked like he had a lot of power. This boy had black shaggy hair, which meant he was clever and mischievous, an upright posture which meant he was sure of himself and slightly cocky, and a look in his dark brown eyes meant he had an evil side to him.

“Find what, Cole?” Blake wondered, turning his attention to the boy.

Before Cole could answer, someone else had appeared behind them asking, “What are you doing? You shouldn’t be here, it’s late,”

They all turned around to see a girl standing there. She was wearing the uniform of Bodwell Boarding School which meant that Mike’s dream was occurring nearby. She had Carmel-coloured hair long enough to pass her shoulders, and blue eyes. Although, it didn’t even feel like a dream anymore, everything was so clear and vivid and felt more realistic then ever.
“This is our territory. What are you doing here? You’re on the wrong campus,” Rachel said.

“I’m on duty. I’m supposed to be here,” the girl replied.

“Well we aren’t leaving so you might as well go find another corner to look at,” Rachel said defensively.

“That’s enough, Rachel. She can stay, but she’s not going to tell anyone,” Cole interjected, smiling at the girl.

“Umm, yeah I will, if you don’t leave,” the girl said.

“What’s your name?” Cole asked.

“Summer…” the girl said.

“Well Summer, you should know that we aren’t going to listen to you, and if you make one problem out of this, you’ll be in danger,” Cole warned calmly.

Summer stared, somewhat scared and doing a bad job of hiding it. She then said, “You’re crazy, we’ll see who gets in trouble, I’m out of here,” and turned on her heel.

Cole then spoke again, “Summer?”

She turned around, staring at him, annoyed, “what?”

“Take one more step,” He smiled.

She rolled her eyes, then turned around and took a step. She then cringed and fell to the floor, screaming. She was curled into a ball, grabbing her head and now shaking. Mike couldn’t take it anymore, he needed to stop this, and so he jumped, and in surprise was wide awake. He felt the ground beneath him now, felt the cold air brushing up against his face. He knew he wasn’t asleep anymore at all because all three of them looked up at him, startled. Rachel have shrieked, Blake jumped, and Cole just looked up somewhat confused. Mike then tackled Cole, wondering if that would help anything. It did.

They were both on the ground, inches away from Summer. She had stopped screaming but couldn’t stop shaking, as if she were feeling the aftershock of electrocution.

“Who are you?” Cole asked, confused.

“I’m Mike… what did you do to her?” Mike shrieked, keeping his eyes on the girl lying on the floor.

“Oh, well she’ll be fine, she’s not dead. But who are you? Are you new to this school? How did you get here?” Cole asked.

“Yeah, I’m new here. No I don’t know how I got here, I think I might have somehow… teleported? Who are you guys?” Mike asked.

“Teleported? Well that’s interesting,” Rachel said, eying Cole exchanging a look. “I’m Rachel, This is Blake, and this is Cole,” she finished. She then smiled, “You’re cute, why should you be at this school?”

“I killed three people,” He answered, lying, trying to sound brave and fearless. He realized that acting brave and fearless never got him anywhere.

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