Chapter one:Awake I

July 20, 2010
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Alec walked past a display of clothing from an old navy store with a sign claiming everything to be 25% to 50% off.
The glimpses he caught of himself in the mirror revealed a seventeen year old boy in dark jeans and a simple black shirt, clothed in a long black leather duster.
He had wavy golden brown hair that tickled the nape of his neck and unusual colored eyes. They were like a golden green color with a dark iris. With just a glance across the food court, Alec caught sight of his brother, Adrian, casually slumped against the wall while discreetly taking in his surroundings.
Then he started staring into a bookstore, eyes wide. and curiousity and something like anticipation sparked in Alec. Adrian, he called to his brother, but not using his voice, using his mind.
Adrian jumped looking around until he met Alec's eyes and cursed. Don't do that! he said, seemingly irked. Alec smiled faintly but then sobered. What are you staring at? he asked. Adrian looked back to the bookstore and an image of a girl came to mind.
She was very pretty, with ivory colored skin and chisled feratures. She had midnight black hair that cascaded down to the small of her back. He knew this because she was facing away from Adrian, browsing a small section of books. From what Alec could see through Adrian's mind, she had amazing colored eyes.
They were a very light shade of violet and gleamed with a startling intensity and was teeming with levels of intellect and passion. Alec was in awe and mostly, shock. Her eyes showed so much, and she wasn't even looking at him!
It's her, isn't it? Adrian's voice filtered through Alec's shock and he nodded as he saw his brother looking at him. It was wierd how they had recognized her so easily, but surely, she was who they had been searching for. Yeah, i think, Alec answered.
Suddenly, Adrian went rigid, as if paralyzed. What is it? What's wrong? Alec demanded, instantly alarmed. But all Adrian did was shake his head and stare at the bookstore in unconcealed horror. An image came to Alec through Adrian's mind again and he froze. In the bookstore, there were two men, and they were heading straight for the girl. Sabine was her name, Alec remembered, from when he had asked his instructor, Melusine. The two men were wearing all black and had deep, endless and dark, opaque eyes. Ancient and horrible.
They approached her and only seemed to be talking with her. Her facial expression was open and friendly. Alec cursed- They had gotten to her first.
And then Katherine appeared behind him suddenly, scaring the hell out of him. He cursed again and she smirked faintly but her face was distraught. "Two Dyavols entered through the north entrance. They-"
"Are already here," Alec said calmly but with a strained voice. Katherine winced. "We need to get to her," she said, eyes alight with determination. Alec nodded. "Exactly what i was thinking." He started thinking of ways to approach when Katherine interrupted his thoughts.
"Um... Alec? Your brother-" She trailed off, lifting to point her hand to where Adrian was- And he was crossing the court, towards the bookstore,-towards danger-his face set and determined, gray eyes flashing like lightning in a storm.

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Shadowkiss said...
Oct. 1, 2010 at 1:35 pm
would anyone please post a comment! Id like to see how my writing is!
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