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July 9, 2010
By bookoverlord BRONZE, Canutillo, Texas
bookoverlord BRONZE, Canutillo, Texas
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There was fur and whiskers flying in the wind, screeches that could be heard a mile away. Flame was smack in the middle of a battle with a pack of bloodthirsty dogs. He was fighting, not only for his life, but for others around him. How did he get here you might ask, well here you go:

Flame was an orange tabby cat whose fur was as bright as fire. He was a traveling cat with friends who had as much loyalty as a toddler to his candy. His friends’ names were Shadow and Moonlight. Shadow was a pure black cat who loved to cross humans’ path to see their reactions. Moonlight was true to her name and looked the exact opposite of Shadow. She was a pure white cat with a nose as pink as a clean pig, if there ever was one. Flame’s friends never left his side and they went on many adventures together. This was the latest escapade.

Flame and his friends were mingling in the cat mint patch when a mouse came wandering by. The mouse’s name was Snickety and boy was he a gossiper. Well, he came over to Flame and his friends and started to tell them about the latest news. Supposedly, the Lexington’s had left another pie on their windowsill. A hot and warm pie was too much of a temptation for the cats and they decided to journey there. The Lexington’s lived across town and the trio would have to travel far. The trio thanked Snickety and went on their way.

The three cats traveled passed the Robinsons whose young boy loved to chase them. As fast as they tried to run across their yard, they were unsuccessful. Young Robinson came out of the house and started running to the cats with a huge grin on his face. He looked as if Christmas had come early, judging from the look on his face. Flame and Shadow had just barely jumped across the fence when Moonlight was snatched out of the air by her tail. She yelped and almost considered scratching the boy, but kind Moonlight was too nice to scratch a child as young as he. She hung there in pain like a limp doll, looking at her friends and wishing for their help. Her friends of course leaped to her rescue and tried to distract the young boy. Flame and Shadow jumped back over the fence to help their friend. Flame dashed across the yard and quickly caught the attention of the young boy. Shadow acted like his name and closely followed Flame. Unfortunately the young boy still clung onto Moonlight who felt as if her tail was about to fall off. The cats had to think fast and they were left with a desperate choice. They had to act like dogs! Flame thought of it first and took a second to consider it. ‘Yes’ he thought, ‘his friend Moonlight was worth it.’ Hoping no other cat was looking, he behaved like a dog and started chasing his tail. The young Robinson laughed in delight and started clapping his hands, momentarily forgetting the cat in his grasp. Moonlight seized her opportunity and scurried away with Flame and Shadow closely behind her. The young boy looked at the cats and tried to run after them but the cats had already made it over the fence once again.

Grateful to be out of the toddler’s domain, the cats hoped that the worst was behind them. They passed house after house with nothing out of the ordinary, unless you consider the humans, but they always act weird. They finally came to a dangerous part of their journey which they all feared. The cats had to cross a street packed with cars if they wished to reach the pie. Brave Flame went first. Nearly avoiding a man on a bike he made it safely across. Moonlight traveled next and she made it gracefully across with no occurrences. Shadow was a bit nervous for he had a fear of the cars. But nonetheless, he ran across the street to join his friends. He was half way across the street when he noticed a green light above him. Wondering what it could be he looked up at realized his mistake. Cars started coming after him and he didn’t know what to do. Flame and Moonlight feared for their friend but even they didn’t know what to do. Car blocked him from their view and all they could do was call out to their friend and hope he was alright. They heard a squealing of a car and they tried even harder to get a view of the street. They heard crashes from the other cars and then thankfully the light turned red. Hoping that this was a good sign, Flame and Moonlight rushed forwards fearing the worst. They came to a stop in the middle of the street where they last saw Shadow. They looked for him every where, and true to his name he was there in the shadow underneath of a car. He was curled up in a ball and he peered out to see the situation. His eyes shone with fear until they met his friends. He rushed out from underneath the car and ran all the way to the other side of the street his friends close behind. Making sure everyone was alright the cats looked back upon their wreckage. There were two cars that had crashed including the car that almost hit Shadow. But when the light turned green, they seemed unhurt as they drove back down the road. The cats, thankful no one got hurt, decided they weren’t going to cross anymore streets due to fear of losing a friend.

They continued their journey, and it went smooth until they met the pack of dogs. They were a couple of houses away from the Lexington’s when they first appeared. There were three dogs all with drool coming out of their mouths. They were all brown and seemed to come from the same litter. Once the dogs caught the cats’ scents the sprung into attack. They growled and red eyes glared out at the cats. They ran towards the cats venom showing in their eyes and the cats weren’t about to cower before them. Flame was the first one to meet their attack with claws out and fur on end. Flame fought with all his might but could not conquer the dogs alone. His friends stood up and helped him force the dogs back with more than enough scratches to remember them by. The friends looked at each other gratefully and thanked each other for being at each other’s side. They continued on their journey for the trio couldn’t wait to get their paws on the delicious pie.

All tattered, scratched, and fur missing from places, the trio finally made it to the Lexington’s. As the friends made it to the windowsill licking their lips, they were surprised at the scene before of them. There was Snickety with a bloated stomach and pie crumbs all around him. With a sorry grin on his face, Snickety jumped from the windowsill and scurried away. The trio of cats leapt after him, wanting revenge for eating the pie they went through so much trying to get to it. If they weren’t allowed to have their snack with the pie, they were going to find a suitable replacement.

The author's comments:
I wrote this when I was in sixth grade and just decided to post it.

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