Bolts of uncertainty

June 28, 2010
The rush of adrenaline filled his body, he couldn't stop untill he was knew he was there. His light & skinny feet hit each roof top one by one. He was running & jumping faster than he had ever done before. He could here gun fire ahead. He speeded up, he had to get there before Tony and Al entered the pub. He stopped he was there, he could feel it. But he heard nothing but soft whispers. He could see from his birds eye view, that each of the large men had Tommy guns in their hands. The two men were standing in the ally in front of the shattered pub entrance. He was too late. But he jumped of the roof anyway. He fell with a slight thud. "What was that!" Al said to Tony."I didn't here a thing, now continue counting the money!" Tony replied."Its so dark in here i can barely see the dang money!" Al said. The tall hoded figure stepped closer to the mobsters. "I swear that someones here!" Al insisted.Al grabbed his gun and pointed it around the alley. Tony did the same. The unknown figure stepped closer, bullets were fired and in the light of the explosion you could see a figure dodging every single shot. The figure jumped and ran then he ran to Al and punched him in the face, then kicked him in the stomach. He jumped over to Tony and punched him twice in the adams apple then kicked him in the back. Both men layed on the wet, damp floor rolling in pain. The figure took out a pistol and shot them both in the back of the head. The figure climbed back on the roof and sprinted away to the Robot factory the place he called home.

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Riley17 said...
Aug. 14, 2013 at 6:36 pm
So random, it has a twist ending. I feel you have great writing potential, keep it up!
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