The day i crashed a plane

June 8, 2010
By Justin kienlen BRONZE, Aurora, Oregon
Justin kienlen BRONZE, Aurora, Oregon
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It all started at my house it was the day before my birthday and I did not want to do anything that day just because I just wanted to relax. My mom got frustrated at me because she wanted me to do something and I acted like I was sound asleep. She got mad at me and then we got mad at each other. Then we argued with each other. Then I rushed out slamming the door I headed to the air port.

When I got to the air port I jumped into a little stunt plane. I forgot that it was the day that they did stunts for the air show. When I started to take off in the air plane the people were already showing up for the show. I pulled back on the rudder and began to take off. Once I got the plane into the air I did some stunts. I did a barrel roll and a back flip.

I didn’t even know that I knew how to fly that thing I was flying like I was professional I would turn the smoke on and off to make it look cooler. Then all of a sudden the plane started to spit and sputter. I thought I did something wrong so I looked at the fuel gage and it said (E). I started to freak out then I started slowly to lose altitude. I knew that I had to keep the nose of the plane up. I pulled back on the rudder it responded slowly. I checked to see how far away I was from the air port.

I started to glide down so if I started to fall out of the sky I would be closer to the ground. Then I thought I was not going to make it to the air port. My whole life flashed right In front of my eyes. I kept thinking why I did this. The crash knocked me out and I woke up wondering what the heck happened.

I woke up feeling just fine. They forced me to be checked out because I just crashed a plane. They checked me out and they said that I was just fine just like I had said I was. From there on I did what my mom told me to do. The owner of the plane said not to worry about the damage because I had learned my lesson to do what my parents tell me to do now.

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