Hamster run

June 3, 2010
People chasing me 1 diving sliding on the waxed marble. On the out skirts of Michigan is a small town and in that small is the small school of Benka. In room 65 is a cage in the far right hand corner next to the teacher’s desk. In the cage is a small hamster whose name is Marison. The teacher’s name is Mrs. Jones.
Mrs. Jones is class at the end of the day gets to have Marison out of the cage for five minutes but today is much different. As normal he climbed out of the cage on the floor the carpet on his feet. Like normal he scurried around. Kids stared at the hamster. As some kids opened the door coming back from the library. Marison saw his chance and made a brake for the door just making it through the gap. Gasping over whelmed by grief the students started to cry tears dropping to the floor. Almost on queue the kid said I am so sorry.
When the hamster got out side he took a chance to take in his surrounding the florescent lights hang form the sealing the brown carpet the white brick walls of the hall and the metal lockers. Hearing the doors sliding open and made a brake for the nearest locker. In the back of the locker is a hole in the corner. Squeezing through the hole he found him self in the gym under the bleachers. He heard the squeaking noise of shoes on wood and the sound of beating basketballs on the floor and the familiar sound of his name being called.
Poking his head out from under the bleachers seeing the kids playing happily thinking he won’t be seen. Marison dashed on to the floor weaving between the kids on the court 1 of them saw him and yelled hamster at the top of his lungs. Stopping the music the gym teacher yelled get that hamster. He dashed to the other side of the gym. Sliding under the bleachers just making it under the. Most people knew the hamster was missing by now from the rumors or seeing him. As a special was put on the TV asking people to help find him and bring him to the teacher they will get a metal for there help.
By this time Marison was in library in the reading zone chilling on the fluffy red coach. Thinking he was safe for now. But a class had come to check out books. Hearing them open the door he ducked in between the book cases. They could tell he was there because books kept falling off shelf. As he saw fit he poked his out. Running under the door of the back room there. He found an open vent shaft and went in a found himself above the lunch room being very careful not to slip he jumped in to a tall glass of water. With a thump a splash he was in the glass. Scurrying to get out off the glass and found the left ovens in a garbage can he also found a sheet talking about the aquarium field trip and a bus time of when they leave for the field trip thinking this was his chance to see the world many of the places he had been gave him experience for the trip now that he had found when the trip was he could catch it and be free. But the kid behind him had a different plan inching closer his fingers stretched out and grabbed him from behind and ran to class in class he showed the teacher and the teacher was overjoyed she gave him the medal and he handed her the hamster then she put him in his cage what had a new latch and had a little foam pad in the corner witch Marison had taken a liking to I guest he thought it wasn’t so bad...

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