Novel Jumpers: Bad Beginnings

June 1, 2010
By Moruck37 BRONZE, El Paso, Texas
Moruck37 BRONZE, El Paso, Texas
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It all started on a normal evening. I still don't quite understand how the whole problem arose. My mind still will not believe everything that has happened to me. I am writing this all out to prove I'm not crazy. I, Rick Carrion, will tell you now of my journey. Enjoy

"Be careful with that book!" the old shopkeeper warned again, "It may give you that thrill you want, but be careful on how much thrill. We nodded, not truly meaning it, wanting him to let us leave. "We will, Mr. Morson," my date said quickly, "We'll bring it right back as soon as we're done." The old man watched us with cold, grey eyes over large, horn-rimmed glasses. His small mouth was pulled tight in thought. He sighed and ran his wrinkled hand over his bald head.
"Alright, I guess I can lend it to you. But I want it right back when you're done!" I quickly nodded and began pulling my date. "Thank you, Mr. Morson. Let's go Jessie." She quickly turned her head, whipping me with her long red hair, and thanked the shop keeper. She turned back to me, more hair, and her green eyes shone with eagerness. "Let's go back to your place and read, Rick!" I sighed and nodded, running a hand through my short brown hair. "Fine, let's go."

We were soon driving quickly, miles away from the store. I stole a glance while stopped at a light. Jessie was eying the leather bound book, running a hand over it slowly. "Green," she said out loud. "Huh?" I responded. "The light! It's green! Go!" I heard honking and shouting. I looked up at the stoplight. It was green. I romped on the gas and we were moving again. "Interested in it too?" she asked teasingly. I shrugged, but said nothing. We pulled up to my house and I killed the engine. "Shall we?" I asked, getting out. I opened her door, helped her out, and lead her to the living room.
"So what's the title of it?" I asked, sitting down. She was quiet for a few moments, then said, "That's what attracted me to it in the first place. It doesn't have one!" I gave a confused look and glanced at the cover. "Well, it's old. Really old. Maybe the title is just faded." She sighed and said, "I thought that too, but look." I did, and she was right. There were no markings at all that a title of any kind had been there. "Well, that's weird. What about inside?" Another sigh. "Haven't checked yet." As she opened it though, there was a loud bang, a flash of light, and smoke. Jessie screamed in surprise. "Dammit!" I yelled as I waved smoke away and tried to see.
I opened a window and the smoke slowly escaped. "What the hell was that?" I shouted. Jessie didn't answer. When I could see, I noticed she was picking up the book. "Put it down!" I started nervously. She ignored me and opened it, flipping through pages. I saw her mouth move and heard something, but couldn't make it out. "What did you say?" I asked, walking back to her. The smoke cleared and I stood over her. "Blank...," she said, louder this time. "What do you mean blank?" She held up the book and I grabbed it, flipping through pages.
Again, she was right. All the pages were blank. "This is just too freaky," I said, sitting next to her. She just nodded and looked over my shoulder. I flipped a few more pages, then sighed. "Check the back," she offered. I shrugged and began to flip to the back. As I flipped pages, a strange scent hit my nose. "what is that smell?" I looked down to see a large pool, the size of a basketball, of black liquid staining my carpet. "What the hell?!" I stood up and looked at it. "Is that ink?" Jessie leaned off the couch and stuck her finger in the liquid. She smelt it and ran it along another finger. "Yep, that's ink. But where did it come from?" I shrugged and sat back down. "This just keeps getting weirder and weirder." She nodded and looked at the book.
"Was there anything in the back?" I was on the last few pages and said, "Just about to find out." To our surprise, there was writing on the last page. the text was written in Old English fashion. "Greetings new readers," I read out loud, "You two have stumbled upon a very unique book. This book will take you upon an amazing journey. Enjoy the story of "The Timeless Heros". Flip to the first page." We were hesitant to do so and looked at each other curiously.

"Do you think we should?" she asked after several minutes of silence, worry in her voice. I took a deep breath and moved so we sat side by side. I closed the book and flipped to the front. "Here we go," I said aloud. I opened to the front page to find more writing. "Rick Carrion and Jessie Starr. You two are about to embark on a journey never experienced before. I hope you know what you're getting yourselves into." As soon as I finished that sentence, there was a bright flash of light blinding us both. I held onto the book and felt something surface from it. Jessie began screaming and thrashing around. "Something's got a hold of me! Rick, help!" I tried to help, still part blind, only to feel something grab my head. Now I dropped the book.
It fell on the coffee table, still open. I grabbed at whatever was a hold of me and twisted. It let go and I reached over to Jessie. She was still thrashing and screaming, fighting off her assailant. Her screaming suddenly died down and I felt her presence leave the area. I stopped short and called her name. That moment wasted gave whatever grabbed me another chance. It latched on again and started to tug. I fell backwards and felt something else latch onto my ankles. Both creatures lifted me up. My vision cleared and I could see it was two dark hands clutching onto me. They glowed a slight purple and were attached to the book.
"Let me go, you b*****d creatures!" I tried to kick them off, getting ever closer to the book. It shone some, like a portal opened in the middle. the hands carried me closer still. I continued to struggle. The hand latched onto my head dug into my temples hard enough to make me lose some consciousness. I hung there limp, feeling the book pull me in. It felt like a vortex had pulled me into a void. The hands let go when the vortex began its pull. I fell into darkness. All around me, words floated by. As they came close to me, they changed from being a word to actually become what the word was. to better explain, I saw the word "sword" slowly float by. When it drew withing a few yards of me, it clumped together and changed into a real sword. After it floated away, the sword became words. How long had I been falling? I couldn't say. It felt like ages, it could have been minutes.
Next thing I felt, the vortex opened up and dropped me somewhere. As I hit the ground, pollen and dead plant life flew into the air. I realized several things before I blacked out. Wherever I was, it was outside. It was wet windy, and cold. Me ears began to pop from elevation, so I was high up. Earthy smell invaded my nose. I was high up in a raining forest. I could hear orders being barked and footsteps headed towards me. I blacked out.

The author's comments:
Just something I made up in my spare time. Not my main work though, can't upload it here. Enjoy anyhow

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