June 10, 2010
By Anonymous

I LOVE this book; it’s about a girl who thinks her mom is gone. But she isn’t… I won’t devastate anything for you nor inform you what’s going to occur at the end I don’t want to spoil the book for you. Anyways, this young woman named Claudine is mainly a clean freak. She cleans mainly EVERYTHING in the house. Even her diet is clean she rarely eats junk food. I love this book it teaching you one BIG thing in life. NEVER keep a dark secret, and when you need help and know someone that needs help notify someone.
Claudine and her friend Liz are going to classes for teens that have alcoholic parents. There they discuss what they are going through and what their parents are doing to get well or worse. Till one day Claudine’s mother isn’t home one morning and she thinks she is just out with her friend. But then more and more days go by and her mother doesn’t come back home. She wonders when she will come back home. at the same time as she was at the meeting with Liz they ask her how her mother is. She dishonesty lies and says she went to rehab. Who would do something like that! Who would lie about that?
Later on she attends to lie about her mother being in rehab and everyone falls for it. She doesn’t know where her mother really is and she is living on her own. She cleans the house and goes to school. The weird thing about her is she writes notes all over the house telling her what to do and to remind her what she will be going later. Imagine thousands and thousands of sticky notes all over the house all different colors… blue, pink, yellow, orange, blue and more… she doesn’t only take care of herself she takes care of her cat named moonpie they don’t really describe the cat at all in the book. I would tell you what happens at the end but… you’re going to have to read the book.
To sum up, this book is a really great book! I love this book when you read it you will learn about what Claudine goes throughout her life to hid her secret. Also how teens go through life having alcoholic parents. I know you will like this book it’s truly catchy and really superior. I guaranty you will learn lifelong lessons while reading this book.

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