The Blue Guardian Dragon

June 9, 2010
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“Ow!” shouted Tyler, as a fireball landed on his shoulder and instantly blistered his skin.
“Sorry!” shouted Jack, across the field. He quickly swam over to Tyler and murmured a healing charm. He waved his hand over Tyler’s swollen skin; it started to glow and it immediately healed itself and returned to its normal blue color.

Jack and Tyler are best friends. They both live in a magical world. Every sea creature is gifted was a special magic talent, which are powered by a magic orb inside of their body. Right now, Tyler and Jack were practicing their magic powers in a battlefield. The sun was beaming down on them. The side of the field was decorated with corals. Fish and other sea creatures swan in the underwater world. Jack is a seahorse that is gifted with a magical talent which allowed him to cast spells to an attack and opponent or, cast charms to defend himself, heal injuries or, make an opponent unstable or weaken them. Tyler is also a seahorse that was also gifted with a magic power. He can gather energy in front of his snout that can fire compressed bubbles the can explode violently.

“All right, I’m ready!” shouted Tyler across the battlefield.

Jack murmured a quick attack spell, he felt the familiar tingle of power in his arms, moving through his arms, into his hands and leaking out of his fingertips.

“Ready or not here I come!” said Jack. His fingers sparked violently. Then, he fired. A long stream of sizzling hot spark erupted from his hands.

Seeing an attack being fired, Tyler sucked in a long breath. Powerful energy pulses gathered in front of his snout. A blue orb appeared in front of his snout. Quickly, with no effort, he fired blue bubbles that collided with Jack’s attack. A thick cloud of black smoke covered the battle arena. Jack summoned a strong gust of wind. The dark suffocating smoke immediately subsided. All of a sudden a trio of water snakes appeared.

“Water snakes!” gasped Jack and Tyler in unison. They knew that they where Hades’ evil minions.

Hades’ was an evil serpent that haunted the entire underwater world. The ruled the entire underworld. He will stop at nothing to get himself unlimited power and wealth. On the battle field, he can steal his opponent’s magic talent. He can also summon evil creatures at will, like water snakes. Water snakes have the ability to make you faint or unconscious by injecting venom into your bloodstream with its fangs.

“Watch out!” warned Jack, as the deadly snake leaped at Tyler.

Tyler gathered energy forces on his snout and fired. The bombs strike the snake directly in the stomach. The bubbles exploded forcefully, leaving the snaked. The snake finally fell, defeated. It disappeared into a puff of smoke.

“One down, two to go,” muttered Tyler.

Another snake slithered towards Tyler.

“Tyler! No! Watch out!” shouted Jack, dropping his spell book as he swam over to Tyler.

Another snake was hiding behind a coral leaped out a bit into Tyler’s arm. Pain instantly took over his body. The attacking snake wrapped its body around Tyler’s body and teleported him to Hades’ castle.

“NOO!!!” Jack shouted.

He picked up his spellbook and he scanned it for powerful spells against the evildoers.
He found a good earth shaking spell that can swallow up more than on opponent. Eyes full tears, his shouted the spell. Power grew in his palm. With eyes full of determination, he slammed his fist on the ground. Waves of enormous amount of energy forces penetrated the ground. The field started to rumble and vibrate. Finally, the ground cracked open, swallowing the slithering snakes.

Back at the castle, Tyler as tightly wrapped with a rope, and being dragged into the pitch dark castle.

“Let us through. We have the boy,” said one of the snakes.

The guards unlocked the gate and let the snakes through.

“Hey! Where are you taking me? Hey, you, talk to me!” demanded Tyler.

“Silence child or the consequences will come first,” hissed the black-striped snake.

They approached a huge door (about 50 feet all, and arched into a point at the top), decorated with skulls and ghosts.

“Master,” said the snake loudly, “I have the boy.”

“Very well then, bring him in.” hissed a cold voice, which seemed to come from behind the huge doorway.

The door creaked and groaned as it opened. Inside, Hades, the huge serpent, slithered around his throne. His smooth purple scales seemed to glow with negative energy. His fangs dripped with venom. His blood-red eyes glowed has he slithered towards Tyler. His forked tongue flickered around Tyler’s face.

“Ahhhh….You ssmelll delicious…I haven’t drink blood in a long time,” said Hades, “Lock him to the dungeon.”
Back at the field, Jack was franticly dancing around trying to hatch a plan.

“Maybe I can tell the army……who would want to trust that? Well, that only leaves me with on choice, I gotta rescue him myself,” muttered Jack.

He scanned his wizardry book.

“‘Hades, god of the underworld, he is highly dangerous. He lives in the deepest, darkest, and coldest places among the seas. This place is called the Abyss of Hades. It is located in the western side of the Coral Battlefield.’” murmured Jack, “Coral battlefield…that’s here!!!”

He swam wildly to the west, after several minutes of exhausting swimming; he finally found a dark abyss behind an old shipwreck.

“Creepy,” said Jack, shivering.

Jack took a deep breath and jumped into the dark abyss. After a few seconds, he reached solid ground. Trapped in the darkness, he murmured a charm. Light exploded from his fingertips, blinding him as his eyes started to adjust. Walking along, he could make out a tall castle. Dark fish and eels swam around the castle.

“Who dares to roam the great Hades’ castle?” roared the octopus guards.

“You guys kidnapped my friend, give him back or I’ll show you no mercy!” demanded Jack.

“HA HA HA!!” roared the giant guard. “I am large and you are small. How possibly can you beat me?
“Ha just sit back and watch,” challenged Jack. His spell book appeared in front of him. He swiftly turned its pages, desperately looking for a spell.

Quickly, he murmured a spell. Power flowed into his arms. His lifted his palm and it started to glow with a red electric light. The giant cringed in pain he roared.

“STOP!!! I’LL LET YOU THOUGH!!!” screeched the guard. His head turned purple and his veins started to bulge from his neck. His tentacles quivered and it turned purple.

Not satisfied with the guard’s invitation, he twisted his hand, light glowed fiercer and pain increased. Unable to overcome the pain, the giant disappeared into a puff of smoke. Jack walked up to the door and opened it. A huge set of hallways curved and arched in every direction, one caught his attention, and it was the widest and more “royal” looking, as if a king lived in there, Jack swam nervously to the end of the royal hallway. He set his hand on the door and it repelled him away form it. Jack murmured a counter-charm. Jack tried to open the door and it opened. Surprisingly, the throne was empty. Jack franticly and discovered that a door was ajar on the side of the throne. Jack cautiously swam to it and decided to check it out. He swam down the stairs and saw Tyler shackled to a wall, asleep. Out of nowhere, Hades appeared.

“Soooo, we have a special guest tonight.” hissed Hades.

“Let my friend go you pathetic fish!” demanded Jack.

“Now, now, lets not get nasty.” said Hades calmly.

“Jack, what are you doing here? It’s not safe!” said Tyler, who was awoken by all of the commotion.

“Tyler! How are you? Why didn’t you just bust yourself out with magic bombs?” questioned Jack.

“I can’t,” replied Tyler. “Hades stole my power.”

Jack turned to Hades and said, “Give Tyler back his power, or you’ll regret it.”
“You’re going to beat me if you want it,” challenged Hades, grinning.

“Fine, all regret it.” said Jack. He conquered up hid spell book and murmured a spell.

Light exploded from his hands. Electric bolts thundered out of his hands. Hades countered his attack with magic bombs. The attacks collided and faded.

‘Is that all you got?” taunted Hades.

“Oh yeah? Well get a taste of this!” said Jack. He gathered all remaining energy and mumbled a spell. His hand illuminated with a cool blue light. In an instant, a jagged beam of ice shot at Hades’.

“What the?” said Hades confusingly. A few seconds later, he was frozen on a block of ice.

Jack swam over to Tyler and murmured charm. The metal shackles and bars became soft.

“Come on!” commanded Jack.

“I can’t! Hades took my power which means I’m weaker than usual and how will I protect myself?” wailed Tyler.

“Fine then, just minute.” Jack leafed through the pages and found the spell that will take care of the problem.

Jack said the spell and Hades body started to glow and a yellow light poured out of Hades’ body and the light form an orb.

“There it is, go and grab it,” said Jack.

Tyler walked to the shimmering ball of light. He plucked it out of the air. The orb melted into is skin as if he was its rightful owner.

“How do you feel?” asked Jack.

“I don’t know. Weird, as if power is restored in my body, I don’t feel as weak as before,” replied Tyler.

“Okay, good. Come on!” said Jack as he headed for the door.

They both swam out of the castle cautiously, hiding from passing snakes. Finally, they left the castle and swam up the abyss. Suddenly, a rumbling noise split through the air. Millions of water snakes slithered towards the two escaping prisoners.

“Oh, god. They must have found out. Stand back,” commanded Jack. He muttered a spell, light and energy waves gathered at his hand. He held his palm outward, a blinding light emitted from Jack’s palm.

“How long will it take for you to build up all of that energy?” shouted Tyler, through the enormous outrage.

“I don’t know! It’s going to take a while. This is a level 50 spell, I’m level 35! Its way beyond my limit, so defend me while you can!” shouted Jack, as his hand gathered more energy pulses from the air.

Tyler swam up into the air and sprayed explosives at the snakes. He sucked in a deep breath, glowing blue pulses gathered at the front of his snout. Then, he fired compressed bubbles struck the snakes. A rumble of explosion pierced through the atmosphere. The slithering demons dissolved into thin air. He then swam up into the air and sprayed a beam of bubbles.

“All right! I think its ready, stand back,” warned Jack.

A sudden wave of tremendous energy sliced through the air. His body seemed to glow with a blinding light. Jack’s glowing palm seemed to glow more forcefully than before. With a determined look on his eyes, he sent more energy pulses through the air. Water snakes dissolved as the waves surged through the air and on to Hades’ dark castle. Finally, Jack let go of all of his power within from his fist. Surprisingly, a blue dragon emerged from his palm. The dragon was covered in shimmering blue scales, it was it an enormous long blue serpent. Its long thick claws sprouted form its hands; it had razor sharp teeth and a spine-chilling roar. The dragon towered over the huge army of water snakes.

“What did you do? This is amazing! A blue dragon is battling for us!” said Tyler excitingly.

“It’s the legendary spell of the Blue Guardian Dragon. A scared spell that has been forgotten over thousands of years,” said Jack. “As legend states, I’m in total control of the dragon.”

Jack summoned his full strength and tried to connect with the dragon. Suddenly, Jack and the dragon glowed with an illuminating light.

“Use your Dagon Claw attack!” commanded Jack.

The long serpent above the castle obeyed, its claw immediately grew longer and it glowed with a blue light it slashed at the water snakes, and they dissolves the minute they got clawed.

“Okay, good. Now use your Hyper Beam attack!” shouted Jack.

An indigo light built up in the dragon’s mouth. Then, it fired. A long beam of blue energy penetrated through Hades’ castle. Surprisingly, the castle exploded form within. The castle crumbled into pieces. Then, all of the water snakes dissolved into dust.

“Hades must have died when the castle crumbled. That’s why all of the snakes disappeared,” said Tyler.

“Yeah I know,” said Jack. “Hey! Thanks for helping us,” he shouted to the dragon. It turned to him and it seemed to nod at him.

Just then, it disappeared in a puff of smoke.

“I guess we should head home now,” said Jack.

“Yeah, and thanks for saving me, buddy. I owe you,” said Tyler.

Together, Jack and Tyler swam home knowing that Hades was gone form this world, forever.

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