Rhino Man

May 31, 2010
By , Mattawan, MI
He was shrieking in pain, his muscles were bulging, and his skin was turning gray. There was a
horn forming around his nose area. The doctor had just injected him with rhinoceros DNA. He said it
was his only possible chance of survival. He was shaking, his veins were popping, and foam was
forming around his mouth. The doctor strapped him to the table, but he was too strong. He snapped the
straps using his strength and used his horn to shatter the window. He leaped out of the six-story hospital
building and landed on a car. He landed on the doctor’s own BMW, a luxury sports car. The car was
smashed and all of the windows were shattered. The rhinoceros human got up and walked away with
not even a scratch or a bruise. He was Rhino Man!
The rhino human ran down the streets of Chicago smashing everything in his way. He crushed
cars and buses full of people. He used his horn and strong arms to kill any people walking down the
streets. Michigan Avenue was in ruins, cars were upside down and on fire, and dead bodies were
everywhere. Policemen with riot shields and guns flooded into the area. All the remaining citizens were
evacuated. Rhino Man was tranquilized and air-lifted out of the city.
Rhino Man woke up a few days later in a secret rehabilitation center for taming and treating him
and other creatures like him. He was in a small room strapped onto an operating table with an IV in his
arm and tubes running through his nose and mouth. Two men in white lab coats and masks hovered
over him, and sharp, metal tools pecked at his chest like vultures picking at a carcass. He sat up and
broke the straps around his ankles and used his legs to kick both doctors out of the way. They both flew
across the room and into the wall. Rhino Man stood up and ripped the IV out of his arm and the tubes
out of his nose. Angry and hurting, he bent the metal bars that were blocking his way out of the room
and stepped through them into a hallway. Armed guards blocked both ends of the hallway. Rhino Man
took a few bullets in the chest and legs, but they couldn’t stop him. He charged the guards and knocked
them all over, and then he ran out of the door.
Rhino Man sprinted out of the main entrance of the building. An alarm sounded and more
guards came out of the building. Rhino Man turned away from them, wounds bleeding, body trembling.
He ran the other direction and looked for cover. He ran into a forest. The sound of gunshots followed
closely behind him. He ran all night long and into the morning, he ran away from the guards, away from
the gunshots, and away from that horrible place, until the sound of gunshots stopped and the guards gave
up. Rhino Man laid down under a tree in some bushes, buried himself with leaves, and soon fell asleep.
Rhino Man woke up with a boy huddled over him. Rhino Man threw off all of the leaves and
stood up. The boy screamed and backed away, pointing at him, thinking he was going to die. Rhino
Man asked, “Where am I?” In a very scared voice, the boy said that he was near New York City. Then
the boy fainted. Rhino Man picked the boy up and carried him out of the forest.
On the way to New York City, Rhino Man saw many people driving off the road or running away
from the city. What’s going on? Rhino Man thought. When he reached the city, he discovered it was
being taken by mutant creatures like him. The doctor who had saved his life was illegally experimenting
with mixing human and animal DNA, and he had accidentally created many half-human creatures. The
creatures later escaped the lab and were now rampaging the city. Buildings were on fire, and cars and
people were flying through the air.
Rhino Man ran down the streets, horning animal-men like elephant men and tiger men. There
were so many half-humans. Rhino Man climbed up buildings to get gorilla men and monkey men. He
grabbed them in his fists and threw them off of the tall buildings. Climbing and searching, he rescued
people from the windows of the burning buildings that he was on. He turned cars right-side-up and took
people out of their smashed vehicles. He jumped off buildings and grabbed half-human, half-bird
creatures and swung them into the ground. He had saved New York City and many lives. He was Rhino

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