Ryan Garan (pt.3)

June 5, 2010
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-Begin Transmission

I’ll be honest, even though I’ve been trained to stare down gun barrels without flinching, I’m scared. It’s been 5 years since I visited Carl. 6 years since my second life ended and my 3rd began. 5 years since the fall of Beacon and 5 years since Raven Corp began to tear my home to shreds.
There are Regulators everywhere. I see them out of the corner of my eye at night, I see some lying dead in my sewers, and I even see some now. I’m too good for them to catch me. I either loose them or hide their corpses. See, I still get around plenty. I’ve circumnavigated Culda several times in my 5 years of hiding. I just move in the sewers and at night. And this isn’t some 5 star place. I eat scraps, I sleep wherever I won’t be bothered, and I bathe every now and then. In comparison though, I prefer this over living in the shack in the G-District. Overall, I get what I need, nothing more nothing less. I steal what I can’t find and do whatever I have to do without being caught by a Regulator.

I’ve been underground most of the time, sometimes literally. Out of sight, out of mind, you might say. I haven’t spoken in days, I have no need to. I saw the sun for a couple seconds 2 weeks ago. I’ve never seen it but I hear the world’s in ruins. Stolen newspapers can tell a lot. Apparently the bombings just won’t stop, Deroga’s gone trigger-happy I guess. No one’s fighting back because there’s no one left to rebel. The other forces have either submitted to power of been taken by force, I get different reports from different papers. The point is, they’re gone, all of them. If I’m all that’s left of Beacon… then I’m all that’s left of a resistance against Raven Corp.

Sam, I’m scared. When Culda needs me…will I be able to rise to the occasion?

Yours truly,

Ryan Garan

-End Transmission

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