Ryan Garan

June 5, 2010
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-Begin Transmission

Our worlds are very similar, yours and ours. It’s not so much as us being on a different planet deep in space and far from your “Earth”. We think your creative minds would call our planet, Culda, or our universe another reality, a parallel universe.

We are NOT, mind you, one of your insane “sci-fi” films. You Earth people twist your idea of other realities for your own enjoyment. Culda has not seen your distortions of other realities, of parallel universes, but we have. And we are not amused.

As we said, we have a lot in common. Both planets of ours are spheres in a solar system in a galaxy. We have oxygen and nitrogen and all those gasses and elements. We too have oceans and land forms and all the same layers as Earth. So in retrospect we are the same.

Up close things are much different than you. Your continents are our “districts”. We have 5 districts on Culda. “Forces”, like your governments, control parts of Culda. They own land and justify the laws and actions of the people living there. However, there is nothing official about forces. There are no “official” rulers. You would think that means we can do whatever we want, but no. Not only do our parents keep us in check, but the forces often enforce certain rules and laws. They hire cops and security guards and plenty of protection from common crime. Some forces get more strict than others, though. Cough-cough, Raven Corp.

The Power District is a city the size of a continent. The majority of families on Culda live in suburbs in this district. The force known as Raven Corp owns most of this district, but another force called Beacon has a little bit of land in the Power District. Puta, a massive city in the Power District, is Raven Corp’s headquarters, where the executives work and govern the world as they see fit, to whatever means necessary. Some parts of the district are fairly clean; justified, lawful, no gangs or mobs. Others parts aren’t as great, covered in graffiti, where fights break out and sirens wail in the night. This is neutral, not perfect but not the worst.

Next, the G-District doesn’t really contribute much. It is a huge wasteland, a no man’s land. That’s what the “G” stands for, Ghost. Small towns are found here and there, sometimes a small shack or something standing out from the sand. At the center stands Salvage, an enormous metropolis. It is a castle, a fortress, and a city all in one. This is Raven Corp’s place of training for their troops, called The Regulators; the corporation has control over the G-District. Some people have escaped from mental hospitals that were in Salvage, spouting insane nonsense of pure evil. No further reports were done after these events, covered up by someone. Whether or not these patients were true to their word, Salvage still remains a haunting in urban legends and campfire stories.

Across the sea is the Life District. It is not just a single themed place, though. There are jungles and plains and forests and fields and caves. In addition to the home of many different animals that you would be familiar with, there are some who live in the Life District. Some are farmers, some are scientist, some are explorers, and some are just passing through, but some live “amongst the roots”. They are a clan of people called “The Green” but they are so numerous that they are considered a force. They do not fight, nor will they ever, but they believe in all things peaceful and positive for the care and growth of Culda. The Life District is the biggest district there is.

Led by Beacon, the Babel District is a vast mountain range. Many farmers and towns line the valleys, peaks, summits, and even the sides of the mountains. Trolleys on winding rails transport people across the chasms. Atop the highest mountain lies the Beacon Headquarters. It’s a tree house on a mountain, except it’s the size of a city, and is one. Appropriately named The Fort, this is where the conspirators of Beacon plot and plan. Little is known about The Fort or even about the workings of Beacon.

Finally there is the Oasis District, a tropical paradise and a surfer’s Promised Land. It’s essentially a giant beach town spanning the island with towns but no cities. According to folklore, deep within some of the tropics of the Oasis District lies a hidden spring; if you can navigate your way through ancient ruins and traps set to kill you might make it to the fabled headquarters of The Legion of the Wake. No one knows if they even exist, but legend has it that the Legion fought to protect Culda millennia ago and won, going into hiding until the next crisis occurred.

My name is Olivia Marfott. I am the scout. I am not normal. And I have to run for my life.

My name is Victor Teetan. I am the traveler. I am not normal. And I have to stop the bomb.

My name is Phill Bawn. I am the stranger. I am not normal. And I have to protect a secret.

My name is William Jolding. I am the prey. I am not normal. And I have to get out of here.

My name is Ryan Garan. I am the survivor. I am not normal. And I have to exact my revenge.

Yours truly,


-End Transmission

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IamtheStargirl said...
Jun. 30, 2010 at 5:34 pm
I've read through all of the Ryan Garan stories, I assume you're planning on writing the other charactors stories? Please write more!
Jun. 23, 2010 at 9:16 pm


this, is pretty tight. the end is sorta anonymousy you know what i mean? keep at it budd

Duncan K. said...
Jun. 12, 2010 at 2:51 pm
hey readers, author here, please comment and rate my work. I need to know what you think of it honestly. Plus, the more comments and ratings it gets, the more people will read it and so the cycle begins.
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