2 Dudes that work for the mafia

May 27, 2010
By Tetsuo BRONZE, Logan, Utah
Tetsuo BRONZE, Logan, Utah
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It was 4:30 in the morning and John alarm was going off. He reached over and smacked the clock to shut it off. He lay in bed staring at the ceiling not ready for the day ahead of him. He looked over at the clock again. I was 4:40. He got out of bed and walked to his bathroom. He looked in the mirror and saw that his beard was starting to show again. He grabbed his razor and quickly shaved it off and got into the shower. He stood in the hot steam trying to wash off the sleepiness that didn’t want to leave. He got out of the shower and went back to the mirror. He wiped off the steam and stared at him self, his short hair dripping with water. He wiped it off and went back to his room. He opened his closet and grabbed the suit hanging on the door. He pulled out the black pants and quickly pulled them on. He reached back and grabbed the white shirt and buttoned it up and tucked it into his pants. He walked over to his sock drawer and grabbed the first pair of black socks he saw. Under the socks was his pistol. He saw it and gave a heavy sigh as he pulled on his socks. He reached into the drawer and pulled out the under arm holster for it and strapped it on. He then picked up the gun and looked at it. Not ready for what he had to do. He looked back at the clock and it read 5:45. Nick was going to be there any minuet. He quickly placed the gun in the holster and closed the drawer. He walked to his bedroom door and grabbed the black suit coat hanging on the back.
He walked into his living room right as there was a knock on the door. He opened it to find nick. “You ready?” he asked.
“Do I have to answer?” replied john.
“I don’t want to do this anymore then you do John. But we have to do what the boss says or it will be our heads on the line.”
“I know. Let’s go then.” John said as he shut and locked his front door.
“Why do you have to live on the 25th floor?” Nick asked trying to lighten the mood.
“At least it’s not the 60th. And why are you complaining we take the elevator.”
“Hey. If you lived up in one of them pent houses I would have to move in with you.”
“Yeah right.” Laughed John as they stepped into the elevator.
“I’m serious man.” Nick said as he pushed the garage button. “I would sleep on your couch right now if you would let me.”
“Come on. Your place can’t be that bad.” John said. Nick just looked that the ground in silence.
“I don’t have a place john. I have been sleeping in my car for the last month now.” Nick said as the elevator door opened. “Let’s go.” He said as he walked out.
“Nick.” John said.
“Not now john.” Nick said as he walked past his car.
“Wait isn’t this your car?” John asked as he pointed to the old Buick.
“You think I’m going to take my own car on a job like this?” Nick said as he pulled out his lock pick and some wire cutters. “Help me find something fast.”
They were searching the garage for about 5 minuets when John came across a 1985 Mustang. “Nick!” john yelled
“What?” nick said as he ran up.
“How about this? It’s my neighbors I have seen him working on it. It’s pretty fast.”
“Perfect.” Said nick as he started picking the lock. Seconds later they were driving to the garage teller.
“This isn’t your car John.” said the teller.
“We need it for a job Steve. We will bring it back” Said nick.
“Please don’t kill this one.” Said Steve as he opened the gate.
“I guess he still remembers what we did to the other car.” Said nick.
“So. Do you know how this is going to go down then?”
“I haven't really been briefed. I was just told to bring my gun and try not to get my finger prints in the blood.” said john.
“Alright. Were doing a kidnapping. Were going to the big bosses building. His daughter is coming in for a visit and were going to take her. She has to escorts. Big guys and they might be wearing vests but I’m not to sure. Were going to try and get her from the garage. Make less of a scene and it may be a little quieter. Any questions?” asked nick.
“By the big boss you can’t mean...”
“Yeah. The BIG boss. Mr. Rual is having a power trip. He thinks he should be in charge now. So he wants us to do this.”
“Nick I cant do this. I can’t kidnap my bosses’ daughter. I can’t be the cause of an underground gang war.” Nick stopped the car suddenly and slapped nick across the face.
“Shut up. Shut up right now. You think you’re the only one who has a problem with this? You think I want to do this? If we don’t do this John he WILL kill us. Or worse. My mom is still alive John. I can’t watch him kill her in front of me. Now you just shut your mouth or get out of the damn car.” Nick started driving again.
“Look. Nick. I’m sorry. I really am. I know it’s hard and I shouldn’t be freaking out on you. At least not right now. I know your mom is still alive and I know what kind of power the boss has. I don’t have anyone but me. So if anything was going to happen it would happen to me. I wasn’t thinking straight. I’m sorry.”
“It’s fine. Just don’t do it again or I’m going to shoot you in the foot again.”
“Not funny.”
“I think it is.” nick said laughing.
“Is this the building?” John asked.
“Yeah.” nick said as he started pulling into the garage. They pulled up to the teller.
“How you boys doing? Nice ride.” said the man in the booth.
“Thanks.” said nick.
“So what’s your business today gentleman?”
“Were here to talk to a man about a cat.” said nick
“Ah. I see.” said the man as he started rummaging around the booth.
“Here Maybe you could carry it in this.” The man said as he handed nick a bag.
“Thanks ill be sure to use it.”
“Six o' c lock already? Time for my break. Have a good one gentlemen.” the man said as he closed the window. John and Nick pulled into the garage as the man walked out of the booth.
“What was that all about?” asked John.
“That was Mike. He is helping us out. And I wanted him out of here in case things start to go bad.” said Nick.
“What’s in the bag?”
“Rope, a couple of vests, some ammo, I think some chloroform just in case and a couple of knifes.” answered Nick.
“Ok.” was all John could say. They drove around the parking lot and found a parking space close to the exit.
“I don’t want to get stuck like last time.” said nick.
“Yeah. And I don’t want you to shoot me in the foot again. When is she supposed to get here?” asked john.
“Now.” said nick as he pointed to a black van pulling in through the entrance.
“Ok here is what’s going to happen.” started nick as he started rummaging through the bag he was given.
“Were first going to take out her body guards. We can’t have them following us. Next I want you to grab the girl and give her a dose of this chloroform. Then we will bring her back to the car, lay her in the back, tie her hands and take her back to the boss.”
“You make it sound so easy.” “
It is.” nick said with a smile
“Put this on.” he said as he threw one of the bullet proof vests to john.
John quickly strapped it on but was keeping a close eye on the van. It was parked and the driver got out. The guy was huge. Seven feet tall, muscles big enough to punch a hole in a brick wall, and a head bald enough to see your reflection in. The other guy was pretty much the same but a little smaller and had an eye patch.
“Ok john. Just act casual and walk toward the elevator. Go on my signal.” John and Nick started walking towards the elevator. The man with the eye patch opened the back door of the van and out stepped a woman. John almost stopped in is place at her beauty.
“Keep walking!” grunted nick as he smacked john in the back of the head. The woman started walking towards the elevator and was closely followed by the guards. John and Nick followed closely behind them. When they got close to the elevator nick whispered to john
“Get out your gun.” Nick already had his drawn.
“Ok.” Nick said in a loud voice “Here is what is going to happen.” he yelled. The woman and guards. Nick and John pointed their guns.
“You’re going to give us the woman and there will be no pain.” The guards just looked at each other and laughed.
“That’s not going to happen.” said the smaller one as he grabbed the woman and ran her into the elevator.
“John GO!”
“But what about you? I don’t even know where they are going to end up!”
“Ill be fine. Top floor. GO!” and John put his gun in his holster and ran up the stairs. The big guard let him go by “So. Skinhead how are we going to do this?” asked Nick. The bug guy said nothing.
“Oh. You’re the strong silent type. I see.” Nick shot the ground by the mans foot. The man just stood there.
“Are we going to fight or am I just going to shoot you?” Asked nick.
“Fight.” was all the man said.
“Alright. You asked for it.” Nick dropped his gun and took off his jacket. The big man just stood and watched with his arms folded. Nick stood there for a moment and looked at the man up and down. And then with a sudden burst of energy nick ran and head butted him in the stomach.

John ran faster then he ever had before. Good thing there was no one in the stair case at the time. He didn’t want to shoot anyone unless he absolutely had to. He ran past the 15th floor and looked up. Only about 5 more to go he thought to himself. He kept running. Almost flying up the floors. His feet barely touching the ground. He looked up again. Only 2 more. He pulled pulled out his gun. 1 more. He burst through the door to see the woman and the smaller guard run out of the elevator. John pointed his gun.
“Stop!” he yelled. They only ran faster. John started running to.
“I said stop.” he yelled again and shot his gun in the air. The guard gave the woman a push and turned around. John stopped.
“You can’t have her!” the guard yelled and started running towards John. John shot the guard in the shoulder. The man didn’t even flinch and just kept running. John shot again. Hitting the guard in the other arm. The man kept running. Getting closer by the seconds. Nick shot the man again. This time aiming for the head. It hit. The man fell. Blood sprayed everywhere. John looked up and saw the woman turn the corner at the far end of the hall. “S***.” John said to himself and started running again. He got to the end of the hall and turned down another short hall that ended in a door. John slowed down and checked his ammo. 6 shots left. He grabbed his other clip and popped it in. He didn’t want to go in unprepared. John kicked the door down. And walked in ready to kill. He looked around the room and saw 4 people. The woman, two body guards, and Mr. Smith. The big boss. The guards had there guns pointed. John put his hands in the air and dropped his gun.
“What is the meaning of this John?” Mr. Smith asked him. Before John could say anything a shot was fired and one of the guards fell. John quickly fell to the ground. He grabbed his gun and shot the other guard. Nick walked into the room with his gun pointed at Mr. Smith. Nick was holding his side right above his kidney. It was bleeding badly. He had a black eye and a bloody nose.
“What happened?” John asked as he stood up.
“He cheated. So I shot him.”
“Doesn’t make you a cheater to?” asked john as he pointed his gun at Mr. Smith.
“He started it.”
“Ok Mr. Smith. Here is the deal. You give us your daughter and I promise that I won’t hurt her. You will get her back after you deal with the demands that Rual will give to you. Ok?” John asked.
“No. That is not ok.” Said Mr. Smith.
“To bad then huh?” said Nick as he threw and shot the bottle of chloroform at Mr. Smith and his daughter.
“What are you doing?” shouted Mr. Smith as he got a mouthful of chloroform vapors. John put his shirt sleeve up to his face as he ran and grabbed the woman. Her body went limp in his arms. He picked her up and ran out of the room. Nick was stumbling behind him. They made it to the elevator and John put the girl’s body on the floor and pushed the garage button. The doors closed and Nick lifted up his shirt.
“How bad is it?” Nick said pointing to his wound. John looked. It was bleeding pretty badly but it didn’t seem to be too deep.
“It just needs some stitches. You will live.”
The elevator doors opened. And john saw the body of the guard nick fought. There was blood everywhere and it was coming from the hole between his eyes. There was also a large knife sticking out of his chest.
“You shot him AND stabbed him in the heart?”
“The b****** wouldn’t die. Tie her hands behind her back and put her in the back seat.” Nick said as he opened the back door of the car. John grabbed the rope and quickly tied her hands together.
“OK. She isn’t going anywhere.” John said as he got into the seat next to the girl. To make sure she didn’t wake up and try to escape.
“Then let’s ditch this place.” Said Nick as he started the car. Nick drove the car out of the garage and floored it when he hit the street.
“So where are we going?” John asked
“Were meeting the boss in the basement of his pasta shop.” Nick said as he took a corner to sharp. Minuets past until they pulled into the back of the pasta shop. Mr. Rual was waiting for them with his right hand man Sam. Nick stopped the car and got out of the drivers seat.
“Get the girl out.” He said as he shut the door. John got out of the car and grabbed the woman. He held her in his arms as they stood in front of Mr. Rual.
“Here’s the woman sir.” Said nick.
“Good. Get her.” He told Sam. Sam came up to John and gently picked the woman out of his arms. “Take her inside and then come back.” Sam did what he was told and took the woman into the shop.
“Thank you boys for doing this job for me.” Mr. Rual said to John and Nick. “I know it must have been very stressfully and overwhelmingly difficult to pull this off. But there is one problem.”
“What problem?” asked Nick.
“You left witnesses.” Rual said as he pulled out his gun. “I can’t have whiteness boys.”
“What witnesses?” nick said as he took a step back.
“Your selves.” Rual said as he shot Nick. His body fell the ground. Blood spilled everywhere. John turned to run but he wasn’t fast enough. Rual unloaded two rounds into Johns back. John fell to the ground dead. Sam came back out of the shop.
“Dispose of the body’s.” Mr. Rual told him.
“Yes sir.” Was all Sam could say.

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