May 19, 2010
By SuneeDee PLATINUM, Glenns Ferry, Idaho
SuneeDee PLATINUM, Glenns Ferry, Idaho
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I stared at the selfish flames before me with tears streaming down my face. The fiery demons seemed to mock me while I cried out my soul silently. The scene which took place not too long ago, replayed in my head and my heart.


“Rosina quit squirming! It is time for bed.” I said as I tried desperately to tuck her in. I sighed with impatience as a plan formed in my mind. I covered my face and began to ‘cry’. Rosina stopped bouncing on the bed and stared at me. She moved slowly towards me like a cautious animal. As soon as she was close enough, I pounced.

“Gotcha!” I cried as I grabbed her and taught her a ticklish lesson.

“Uncle! Uncle!” She breathed. Out of breath for the moment, I was finally able to tuck her in.

“Aspasia! Get in here hurry!” I heard my father say.
Sighing, I kissed Rosina’s little nose and hurried down the stairs. As I came into the kitchen, my nose was embraced with the smells of sweets. Mother was cooking my favorite mid-day snack.

“Mother?” I asked “Where is Father?” Her golden locks formed a halo like form around her head. Her face was a golden bronze just like the rest of her skin. Her figure was above perfect and her baby blue eyes topped it all off. She pointed towards the barn with a slim finger. Just as I was about to leave she said “Aspasia, he really does care for you.” I frowned.

“Really Mother?” I said exasperated with this talk everyday, “Because he has a grand way of showing it!” I ran out the door before she could say anymore. Walking with thoughts swarming inside my head, I almost passed the barn.

“Aspasia! There you are!” By the look on his face I knew he was mad. Once again, his precious worker screwed up. It seemed I’d never be his son he wanted to come home.

“Aspasia May! Look at the horses!” They all were running around the small corral. Ya I know how you feel little buddies. I want to be free too.

“Aspasia May are you even listening to me?” His brown face was getting red. “I said that they don’t have water! Look at them! They are crazy without it!” The water bucket was half empty just like Father’s!

“Father! They don’t want water they want to go to the pastures already! It’s the middle of April! They should have been let out by now.” He just looked at me and started to storm off towards the house.

“It isn’t my fault I am not your precious son! It’s not my fault he went to war!” I yelled. He stopped and turned around.

“Your right,” I stood dumbstruck. “You aren’t my son, and you’re no longer my daughter.” He turned and went back into the house. I hate you. I thought to myself. I think I really do. And with tears in my eyes and a hole in my heart I ran to the corral, grabbed a horse and rode away from this house of horrors.

As I rode I thought about what had happened. It struck me odd that I said those things to him. I let my anger get to me. I decided to go back and apologize. I reared the horse around and galloped back home.

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