The Unknown

May 19, 2010
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The wind swirled ferociously, stealing away my breath. I tried to cry out but I was suffocating, dying. Tears fell from my face but not out of sadness but from the stinging of the wind. I started to stumble around, trying to get away from the furious winds. I fell to the ground feeling the darkness closing in on me. I began to close my eyes…NO! I would not leave the world this way. I crawled around blinded by dirt that flew at me from every direction. Laughter seemed to come from every angle.

“Give up little one.” A slimy voice said. “You have lost!” I kept crawling trying to get away. I felt an edge underneath my hands. A cliff!

“Where are you going?” It said and then I felt weightless as sharp claws lifted me off the ground. “We have unfinished business.” Claws closed around my neck as it became even harder to breath. I closed my eyes, trying to hold on to life a little while longer.

“Where is your hero now?” It said as darkness once again began to consume me.

With a vengeance I opened my eyes to face my enemy. “Deh ra M’yana!” I spat out with my last breath. It screamed with anger and the claws released me as I fell to the ground. My head hit the edge and then I was falling. I knew I was falling off that cliff I had felt earlier. I knew I was plummeting towards my death, but I didn’t care, because for the moment, I was weightless and free.

I awoke with brilliant flashes of color all around me. I sat up wondering if I was in heaven. I was in a flower field. So many beautiful endless flowers were around me. Hills and hills of endless followers flooded my vision.

I began to stand, but for some reason, I could not unless I was on all fours. I slowly looked down at my…paws!! I let out a whimper and fell to the ground. I could have sworn I saw my hands a second ago. I began to call out to someone, anyone that would be out there. All that came from my mouth was a series of barks.

I began standing, and then I was running. Running where, that I did not know, all I knew was I needed to get away. The sun glistened on my white fur. I realized that I accepted being this way. It is who I am and I accept it. Finally I stopped and lied down in the cool feeling flowers. My eyes closed as I drifted into a deep sleep.

“Is she dead Mama?” A little girl’s voice said.

“No Aspasia, I can hear her heart pounding along with the Mother of Earth.” A women’s voice said. It must’ve been her mother. I gently opened my eyes and took in some of my surroundings. I was in a forest wolf clan. I had heard about them in a couple stories. They were apart of Earth.

“Hi there!!” A wolf cub said wagging her tail.

“Why hello. Where am I?” I asked looking around at the other three females with one or two cubs. I spotted a cave.

“You are with us now.” A strong prominent voice said. A black wolf appeared in the entryway and started towards me. “No more questions. You are with us now.” He said. My head bowed in submission. It seemed everything I did, I did with instinct. I really was apart of Earth. I already knew the ways of the wolf. As everyone went into the cave, I sat wondering how just a minute ago I was being choked.

“Are you coming?” the little cub said. I smiled inside myself and scooped her up gently into my jaws. This was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. As my new little friend and I walked into the cave that was now my home, I accepted once again my unknown fate. I thought to myself as the darkness of the cave consumed me that the unknown isn’t always bad, it’s actually really good. For me it was a new beginning. I smiled and dropped the little cub, loving the unknown.

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tomboy-42 said...
Aug. 28, 2010 at 12:14 pm
I've just reread my work and boy have i changed. i've grown more mature in my writings so dont be afraid to post comments and give advice
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