May 19, 2010
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Beep! Beep! Beep!

8:30 “----“

“I’m going to be late for the bus! Mom…I need my backpack and lunch.”

I ran to school dodging old people, jumping over cars, avoiding dogs and finally arrived.

“Hey, Chris…miss the bus again?”

“Yeah, my stupid sister knocked my clock off the table yesterday…I knew I didn’t set it right but I got my homework done. Let’s go to math.” I was talking to my friend, first quarterback on the A team. I am the X receiver. We have a great time together.

I sat down in my chair. “Good morning class. Today we are going to study some more Trigonometries.”

BOOM! Suddenly the ceiling crashed-in and two men in gas masks with MP5Ks jumped down and took me away in a helicopter. They bagged my head and hit me repeatedly in the stomach. They said they were going to kill me unless my Dad gave back all the information he stole. The three guys were large with black suits. When they pulled-off the gas masks, I heard one guy set down his gun and I saw my chance. I leaped up and ripped the bag from my head. CRACK! WOSH! I kicked one of my captors square in the nose and heard it break and saw him fall out of the helicopter. The other guy cocked his gun and aimed it at the back of my head. As I sat down I saw a parachute deploy.

“We gonna have to get Ron because the stupid kid kicked him out!” He punched me once more.

We dove down and landed in a small forest in the middle of my town. He cuffed me to the seat, took out his knife and I heard a gun cock.

“If you move, you die.”

Ron and the guy that punched me (I think his name was Gabe) came running into the copter and Ron slapped me….HARD.

When I woke up I was hanging from the ceiling by my wrists and my feet were in ice water. A tall, slim man walked in with a whip in one hand and a Coca Cola in the other. The other men he was with were brawny and tough-looking but they looked scared when they looked at the slim man… as though he were the devil himself.

“So where is it?”, he demanded.

I felt as though I might be able to get loose…..”Sweet”, I thought.

“I don’t know”, I said.

“Where is your Dad?”

I…don’t… KNOW!!!”

The slim man whipped me right on the face giving me a scar.

“When was the last time you saw your Dad!!??” he yelled.

“I saw him at the beginning of the school year!” I remembered the last time I saw my Dad. We were throwing the football and then he got a phone call and left before I could say goodbye….I’d gotten angry.

SNAP! The cuffs broke. I kicked a guy in the face and took the two wooden sticks from him just as a guy threw a knife at me. Whoosh!! I caught the knife, spun around and threw it back at him…pinning him to the ground. I threw the sticks at the leader, knocking him to the ground, then I leaned in and took his Coke and said, “Where’s your car?”

“In the hanger,” he grumbled.


“We will find you!!!”, he shouted after me.

The tunnel in which I found myself was dark and damp. I went into this giant garage and hot-wired his Lamborghini. As I drove out I was thinking about my Dad and how I had not seen him in a year. Just then a huge H1 drove past me at like 200 mph……..

It was my Dad.

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