Fight School, The First Beggining

May 28, 2010
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“Wake up kid, hurry!” a random voice said as I came too from the long fall to what I thought was a beach.


“We’re at war son! Get up and take this gun!” I took the black, scope model, M14 from the strange man in a camo helmet with matching vest and pants. I counted the chalk marks on the barrel of the gun, 1...2...3...4, four kills. I just hoped that the man this gun came from didn’t turn out to be me.

“Here are two extra clips, 35 rounds each. Use the ammo wisely. Now get to cover behind that truck hurry!” I ran to the truck jumping over anybody in my way. I knew we were at war, with whom? I did not know, but I was not going down after waking up for only 1 minute.
“We need to take that bridge up there! That is their crossing point. Just follow Buck here, and he will lead you up to the detonation point.
“Who’s Buck?” I hurriedly asked the man before he could continue.
“Me,” a strange voice behind me answered. “But today just call me your savoir.”
“Okay, Buck, take the kid up to the bridge make sure to take Boomer and Lebron with you!” Yelled the man as we ran up to the bridge ducking and weaving behind anything we could find.
“That’s Sergeant Mathew. He makes sure we get what needs to be done, done.” Said the guy I thought was Boomer. He carried a Law on his back and a belt of grenades, 1 every ½ inch. His camo looked like it was weighing him down; I guess it was really layered.
“Roter 30 yards a head, keep our heads down.” Said an object that looked like a radio.
“Get down guys! Get down!” shouted Lebron, who looked like the tech man of the group. He had grey camo on but if you looked closely you could see wiring throughout his body. He had a belt filled with different tools that I couldn’t name, 2 pistols, and a grenade. If you needed to get into someplace, he was the man.
“A Roter is a plane with propellers and filled with plenty of soldiers waiting to fire.” Buck described to me.
We heard the plane fly right over us, guns blazing. We got up and sprinted to the next area where we picked up 2 more guys, Charles and Tec. Charles was a grenadier. He didn’t have a Law but he had every type of grenade you would ever need. From flashes, to smoke, and a couple frags. Tec was a whole other story. He had gun after gun after gun. If he ran out of ammo he would just pull out another gun. He had on blue camo, and green pants.
“Wait for the dust to clear guys; we don’t want to run into undetected fire.” Lebron said before we got to jumpy. All of a sudden I heard this ringing, it reminded me of something but I had no idea what. Then came a huge explosion. All I could see was white light. I thought for sure I was dead.

Chapter 1: The fight

“Wake up Lyron.” My roomy, Brian, said as he opened the curtains and let the light in which blinded me for 10 seconds. “You can’t be late for class again or you will be stuck fighting Barry.”
“What’s the problem with that?” I asked thinking of how I beat him before.
“He spent 2 years in the cage…”
“Get me some cereal! No one has ever made it out of the cage before! Hurry!”

“I’m all packed lets hurry.” I said rushing so fast out of the door I ran into the owner of the dorm next door.
“Good morning Lyron, glad to see you actually trying to get to class on time.”
“Sorry Mr. Slenda, I don’t want to have to fight Barry again.”
“Ah yes Barry. Spent 2 years in the cage and came out alive. You better hurry if you’re going to make it. Bye.”
“Cya.” I yelled back not waiting for Brain.

I don’t go to an ordinary school. Yes it has dorms and other college items, but we don’t learn about books or anything. My school is a fight school. We learn strictly about fighting. You can’t find this school they find you. School fights here end up in $2,000,000 in damage. My parents think I’m at a special school for lawyers, man are they wrong.

“I had the dream again,” I said to Brian as we walked up the steps to school. “The one about the army and trying to take the bridge. I keep thinking I live it until you wake me up. We got closer this time; I have no idea what it means.”
“Maybe you might fight with them when you’re older.” Brian said. “Hey look over there; Sarah and Linda are having at it again. I wonder what it’s over this time.”
“Probably a boy, again, or something like that.”
We walked up the steps looking straight forward to the building. We climbed up the stairs to our class just in time for the last bell.
“Phew, No Barry.”
“You got off lucky this time.” Brian said as he moved his pencil around on his desk.
“Now if you will look at this diagram you will see that using a heavy blunt weapon against a sharp light weapon the light weapon will snap in half. You can still cause major damage with the heavy weapon even though it is blunt.” Lectured our professor after last night’s mistake of using light weapon against light weapon. “Now pair up, today’s tournament day.” Said our professor followed by a roar of screams. Tournament day is a day of strictly fighting. Anything goes, but once you shed blood you’re out.
“Linda over here!” I shouted hoping that today was double day.
“Alright, ready to own?”
“You said it. I brought my custom weapon and my knives.”
“Okay Students! Today is double day!” The professor yelled followed by more cheers. “First up, Linda and Lyron vs. Joulius and Marinda.
We walked into the arena. A giant square surrounded by a chain link cage. There are plenty of trap doors and traps. They won’t kill you but they will make you shed blood.
“Okay watch for Joulius he brought his staff with a pocket for a hidden knife. Marinda brought her double blades.” I warned Linda as she polished her sword that she got from generations of her family. Linda is skinny, with blond hair and hazel eyes. She moves as fast as you can blink. Her family knows she is at fight school, half of them are in the hall of fame.

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Miara said...
Jun. 5, 2010 at 4:02 pm
I can't wait to read the next part!
Yamez replied...
Jun. 9, 2010 at 10:10 pm
Thank you! I didnt think it was the great, but now im determined to write more!
Strike_Eagle said...
Jun. 5, 2010 at 2:09 pm
Sounds like the beginning of a good story.  I'll be watching for the second part.
Yamez replied...
Jun. 9, 2010 at 10:11 pm
Thank you! I don't know when the next part will be out, but since it is summer I will have plenty of time.
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