A strong soul: Chapter 1

May 27, 2010
She ran as fast as her beaten and malnourished body would take her. She prayed that they would not catch her in the maze of rocks on this inhospitable mountain country. As soon as she had killed the sentry near her cell, she knew it wouldn’t be long before her escape would be know by all of the despicable so called men, that had put her in this wretched place.
“Get her, get that little demon!”
They are catching up, she thought to herself. She could hear them scramble for the nearest weapon not far behind her. As she was looking back, she saw nothing. She ran more trying to escape. Thoughts ran through her head. She whipped around and found herself face to face with the largest waterfall she had ever seen. Her mind raced as she looked for a way to escape. If she turned around, she would risk being caught or killed by the evil men following her. If she jumped, she might die. She heard the men screaming in pursuit of their prisoner. She saw the first solider come around the bend holding a sword howling his horrid war cry into the wind. Teams of men were trailing behind him. She turned back to the waterfall. Here is goes, she thought as she launched herself off the side of the cliff, plummeting into the icy water that awaited her below.
She prepared herself for bone-chilling blast that lay ahead. All of her muscles suddenly went tense as she submerged. For a while, she just sank but then she regained her senses and she swam towards a partially hidden inlet not far off. There she waited for the men to assume she had perished after striking the water. Slowly she dragged herself out of the water ignoring the screams of protest that came from her muscles. A deep sigh emerged from her while she tried to regain her breath. She found a hiding spot under a short tree that had shrubs encircling it. Then she pondered what she was going to do. Was she going to keep running or try to free the rest of the captives?

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