Trapped....on the snowy mountain

May 26, 2010
It was December, One of the best times to hike up a mountain.steven and I wore big jackets to keep us warm.As we climbed it got colder and colder.The jackets couldnt keep us a warm.Steven got frostbite on his hands but we were to far up.We decided to cotinue hiking.We were only about three miles from were the helicopter was supposed to pick us up.We made it to the helicopter landing the next day. As they loaded steve i heard a very loud sound.As i turned away i notice the helicopter was leaving me."WAIT... YOU CANT LEAVE ME HERE",I screamed at the top of my lungs..... And as i screamed i heard an even louder but the avalanche had covered my body with 127 feet of snow... (to be continued)

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