Adventure Dream

May 25, 2010
By kai galbiso BRONZE, Sandy, Utah
kai galbiso BRONZE, Sandy, Utah
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“ Knock it off now!” Kanous’s dad yelled, “Go down to your room right this instant!”.

“Im going Dad, chillax,” Kanous said.

“ Are you back talking now? You’re grounded!”

“ WHAT!? Are you kidding me? This is ridiculous!”

“ Go to you room now,” Kanous’s dad said it in a whisper this time. Kanous, knowing that when his dad goes into a whisper knows he is really getting serious, went down stairs to his room.

When Kanous got into his room he was very angry because his dad just grounded him. He didnt know what to do so he layed on his bed and fell into a deep sleep. . .

As his eyes opened he was staring at a Queen and on his right was a man in very old farm clothes.

“My Queen, I found this boy lying in my poppy field. I believe he was stealing something!” said the farmer.

“ Huh? What are you talking about?” Kanous said confused.

“ Don’t you dare lie in front of the Queen, boy!”

“ Relax, both of you! The boy seems to be innocent and he probably just fell asleep there last night with a bunch of friends and his friends later on left him,” the Queen finished, “ Old Farmer return to your farm and I will take care of the boy. Now with you boy, what are you doing?”

“ What do you mean?”

“ What are you doing disturbing the old man? Eveyone knows that he is over protective of his fields. He gives me a report at least twice a day of how many people he thinks are trying to steal things from his fields; when they are just really walking by. So yes, what were you doing last night?”

“ Umm, I don’t really know.”

“ I see. Well, I haveSn’t really seen you around my castle. What was your name again?”

“ Kanous ma’am.”

“ I see. So Kanous, I will assign you to the lower village in the castle to do work with my good friend, Sir Tanous Hesterface. He will keep a good eye on you so that you will not do anything… Out of the ordinary. WESTLEY!” The Queen yelled, “ bring Kanous to Sir Tanous’s house and show him around the village.”

“ Yes my Queen.”

They walked through the Queens palace and when they opened the front doors Kanous was exhilarated! The view of the whole castle was huge! Kanous had never seen anything so spectacular in his life!

“ Isn’t it amazing?” Westley said.

“ It’s wonderful!” Kanous explained.

Westly pointed to a little section of the castle and said, “ That is were Sir Tanous lives, and that is were you will be staying.”

Westly escorted Kanous down to the village and introduced him to Tanous.

“ Hello boy, my name is Sir Tanous William Spectuloucous Hesterface III. But you can just call me Tanous or Hesterface. You choose. Over the few months you will be helping me with my farm and some crafts making! O I love to do the crafts! Its my favorite! Anyway come inside an tell me about yourself and thanks Westly for bringing the boy down here and be sure to tell the Queen he looks like a good working boy.”

As Tanous and Kanous stepped into his huge house, Kanous was very confused on what was going on.

Tanous said again, “ tell me somethinng about yourself.”

“ Yes sir, well as you know my name is Kanous and I honestly don’t know how I got to this castle, this village, or nothing! Im very confused about everything that has gone on so far and I was hopeing maybe you could help me out? I know this seems a little abrupt but I’m starting to get scared.”

“ I see, I see, well I dont know what I can really do to help ya’ but it seems to me that you have been in quite some trouble. And no need to be scared boy, I’m the most friendly person in this whole Castle!”

“ Well the Queen sure seemed nice.”

“Yes she has a kind soul just dont get her angry. Hey, how about you go explore the village, and get used to the people.”

“ Well. Okay I guess.”

Kanous started exploring the little village that he was in, when all of a sudden a brawl broke out and Kanous was right in the middle of it. Kanous was trying to to get out of the way when he felt a thud hit the right side of his face, and instintly fell to the ground. He got up furious and started swinging punches. POW! One down. Pow! Two down. Pow! Three down. Pow! Kanous felt himself falling down into a deep dark whole. As he was falling he reilized that he was just kicked right in the chest and was falling down a deep dark well.

Splash! Kanous hit the water and instintly woke up, relizing that he was looking down at a old medieval arena where gladiators fought. As he narrowed his eyes and started to concentrate what was going on. Kanous saw that there was a single man known as a galdiator, in the middle of the arena, but where was his help? Kanous was surprised that it was one man versus 14 other soldiers! Kanous couldn’t beleive what he was seeing! So he asked a nearby person who was also watching the brutal fight.

“ Excuse me sir? Why is there so many men vs. one single person. That isn’t really fair!”

“ Where are you from boy? This is what happens all the time! One single man will take on many many men until the men kill him or until the king says so.”

“ But that isn’t fair! What has the guy done?”

“ Don’t question, that is just the way it is!” the local peasant said back.

Kanous whispered to himself, “ You sound just like my dad. Wait, I guess it all makes sense now, my dad was just acting like that because thats just the way it is! Even if it is wrong, maybe it’s right just because thats the way it is. I just need to apoligize to my dad now and everything will get better. I hope.”

Snap. Kanous awoke on his bed feeling ten times better than he did when he went to sleep. He wanted to talk to his dad immediatly. Kanous ran out of his room and sprinted down the hall to his dad’s room. He bursted through the door and gave his dad a hug.

“ Dad, I’m sorry about talking back to you earlier! I relized that even if something is wrong, that just the way it is! And im truly sorry for back talking!”

“ Wow, what got into you? My son, I’m sorry for getting mad at you for something little. But im glad you relized that because I really hate arguing with you. And I love you!”

“ Dad, your the best! I’m glad we got over this little incident. Love you too dad!” Kanous said so happily.

Kanous and his father never fought again after that! And Kanous will never forget about his dream that made him relize that even though it may be wrong, it is just the way it is.

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