The Black Dragon

May 13, 2010
By Faceless9229 BRONZE, Mckinney, Texas
Faceless9229 BRONZE, Mckinney, Texas
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It was high noon and the Black Dragon was chasing me. If it weren’t for that tree that fell on it, it would have had me in its razor sharp black claws. I hate dragons, but the Black Dragon was the worse. It took little children from my village and the villagers think that it ate them. My mother got angry with me because I didn’t do my chores and she was beating me. Then all of the sudden, the Black Dragon came out of nowhere and came to our hut and tore it up. It tried to grab me, but I ran into the forest and the dragon was chasing me.
I ran and ran and ran, but I couldn’t get away. It was knocking down trees and breathing fire. I think that it was mad, but I wasn’t sure. Then I saw the walls of castle Attex. I was in the clear. I didn’t hear any more trees being knocked over or the crackle of fire, so I turned around and the dragon wasn’t there. I thought that the dragon didn’t want to be discovered, so it ran off and covered its trail.
I walked the rest of the way to the castle and, to my surprise, it was abandoned there was food jewelry and other valuable things all over the castle. I was completely alone.

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on Jun. 3 2010 at 12:06 pm
penGTsword BRONZE, Sandy, Utah
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Good start! Write more, please!


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