Tony and the Shark Gang

May 19, 2010
By cheesepuff BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
cheesepuff BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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My hand hovered over my gun as it sat in its brown leather holster; the gun was burning ready for action. The sleek steel of the handle reflected the bright sun, as it shown over the ground. My eyes stared in furry as I stood in front of him, him being my arch rival and leader of the notorious Kitty Kat gang. The Kitty Kat gang if you didn’t know is the second most powerful gang in the world, right behind my gang The SHARK GANG. We the SHARK GANG and I Tony are the proud owners of the southern half of America (and Mexico) and the Kitty Kat gang owns the north half of America (how boring). Back to the matter at hand, I waited for the clock in the old bell tower to strike noon. The reason I’m waiting for an old bell tower to strike noon is because this is where the leader of the Kitty Kat gang and I just happened to meet in glorious TEXAS (in a ghost town). Sweat ran down my face as I continued to stare him down, he whose name is so horrible it makes children cry at the mere mention of it, he who stole the ancient, sacred, and magical Golden Burrito.

Blue, the color of his eyes, the eyes of the leader of the Kitty Kat gang, some call him the fat cat, big C, or the feline fanatic, but I know him as Bob. He plans to use the Golden Burrito to take over the world, but the thing is you have to have it in your possession for three weeks before it becomes edible. See if you eat the Golden Burrito you gain the power to see the future. His face seemed to almost hypnotize me; he had short brown hair, a small pointy nose, blue eyes, a small mustache, chubby cheeks, and a big mouth. Bob was an evil man with an evil smirk that seemed to be permanently glued to his face.

My hair was matted with sweat; my clothes were starting to become heavy as they absorbed the liquid. The sun beat down hard on us as we stood out in the blistering heat; it was unbearable I needed a glass of water and fast. My sunglasses began to fog up and get blurry from the sweat.
“You think you can beat me?” He said with a chuckle as he kicked his foot in the dirt.
“Yah I do.” I replied as my fingers wiggled near the handle of my gun.
“Well we will see who wins won’t we.”
“We will.” He is always so arrogant, I thought as I continued to stare him down, he has never beat me at anything.
I shifted my weight from one foot to another; I wiped the sweat from my brow. My heart began to race, what if he had an ace up his sleeve.
“There is no way I will let you have the Golden Burrito.” I blurted out,
“Is that so, well you’ll have to kill me for It.” he said I could see that his eyes were shaking when he said that.
“I will kill you.” Sweat trickled down my face and I saw his hands, they were shaking.
I could see his hands trembling; he too was covered in sweat, his Kitty Kat Gang Rules t- shirt was bright and it seemed to reflect the sunlight right into my eyes.
“The Golden Burrito doesn’t belong to you.” I said
“Yes it does, it rightfully belongs to the Kitty Kat Gang.” He yelled back at me
“It belongs to no one” I replied. I have to get the golden Burrito from him I thought or it’s all over.
The Wind blew the sand across the ground and it whipped up and hit me in the eyes, I moved my hand to rub the sand out but I stopped myself as I realized that I had to be ready to shot in a moment’s notice. Suddenly a bell rang and time seemed to slow down instantly, it seemed like an hour in the couple seconds that it took to pull my gun out and shoot. I could almost see the bullet come out of the gun and hit Bob as the blood shot from his face and he landed with a thud on the ground. It is finally over I thought relieved.
His lifeless body lay there still; as I walked away I looked back and noticed that a man dressed in all black his long dirty blonde hair blowing in the wind was standing over Bob’s dead body whispering something to him. Then he looked up at me and our eyes locked and I saw, his eyes… were blue.

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