youth of our nation

May 19, 2010
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[This story is set in 2034, and is about Political corruption in America and a group of freedom fighters (the highlanders) who fight against the government in order to reshape America to what it once was through any means necessary. This particular excerpt is about two of the main characters long journey home after a failed raid on a government armory]
(Bryan screams as he is pulled out of the gunfire and down an alley with several bullet wounds)
Ezra: if he doesn’t shut up kill him we don’t have time to take care of a sniveling child
Shane: I’d love to- (he is cut off)
Marckus: NO!! You can’t kill him he’s one of us, Shane you psycho I swear to God if you take another step I’ll blow your brains out
Shane: you wanna try sport? I remember the last time you bucked up you wound up cryin’ like this sad sack
(He kicks Bryan violently, and then Marckus lunges at him the two skirmish for a moment but are stopped by Ezra firing an automatic rifle near them)
Ezra: you two WILL stop now or I will kill all of you DO YOU READ ME?! Now Marckus you don’t wanna leave Bryan; Shane you wanna kill Bryan, right? If this is the case then Marckus feel free to stay with him but he will not be coming with us. If you manage to help him and escape then you are welcome to return to the hide out but if you’re followed rest assured you will die before the rest of us.
Marckus: aye I will see you within a week
Shane: don’t choke on those tears boy I’d hate to see you dead so soon (gives them an evil grin)
(Marckus and Bryan are alone in the alley as Marckus begins slowly cleaning Bryan’s wounds and bandaging him)
Two hours later
Marckus: Bryan? Bryan are you okay man? We have to move by now they’ve captured the rest of us and are doing god knows what to them….probably experimenting on them and we got to go unless you wanna be next
Bryan: Marky man I’m in a lot of pain but I think I can go on…where are we going?
Marckus: We are headin’ to the hide out but in order to make sure we aren’t followed we’re gonna go through the forest…
Bryan: the forest are you crazy man? The governments lapdogs are one thing but the things in there…JESUS Mark you can’t be serious that’s where they put all of their little science experiments if we go in there they will do a wee bit more than just kill us.
Marckus: Man I know that option isn’t appealing in the least, but we have to so….suck it up and let’s move out! But before we go I have one question for you. WHO ARE WE?!?!
Marckus: you got that right now let’s get a move on ya? I wanna get outa that cursed place before sunset
Bryan: yeah I’d say
(They walk for what seems like hours until they reach a tree line)
Marckus: Okay we are gonna make camp here for the night.
Bryan: Aye man these bandages are pretty dingy do you have any and the wounds hurt do we have any more peroxide? I also need to change them.
Marckus: (changes his bandages and disinfects his wounds) there bro how’s that? You got tore up pretty bad man but you’re tough as nails. Look at you, you were shot four times and here you are marching through the jungle much respect.
Bryan: (chuckles) Nah I’m just eager to get home and see my kid (pulls out a picture) he turned three a month ago.
Marckus: man you’re nineteen now and you have a three year old normally that’d be looked at as irresponsible, BUT you take care of your family and fight for what you believe bro you are real soldier not what THEY want us to believe in but a true patriot.
Bryan: Thanks that means a lot but we fight for the same thing don’t undersell yourself because you believe in what are forefathers fought for when America was established as well….a free country and we will have it. I’ll die fighting for this as I know you would too.
Marckus: indeed I would but that doesn’t mean I intend on dying HAH I’m gonna win this war myself if I have to.
Marckus and Bryan: freedom through force with the grace of god!

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