a soldiers story

May 19, 2010
By panda51 BRONZE, Gastonia, North Carolina
panda51 BRONZE, Gastonia, North Carolina
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to the fullest of my abilities…the blood of countless men, women and children stain my hands a brilliant crimson. I never questioned my superiors; I am a sniper so I don’t get a chance to “think twice” I simply act until three years ago my team was in the jungles of Brazil to eliminate a rebel general who had information on a C.I.A agent who was on an undercover mission in Russia. The general was planning on selling this information to the Russians for a hefty price and expose our agent. Me Markus, (my best friend and spotter) Levi, Johnson, David, and Captain Blanchet were dropped in a mile away from our targets. I immediately set up a F.F.P (final firing position) with Markus beside me I readied myself to complete my mission. We were already writing down our formulas and mapping out the distance of our targets. We made sure to keep an eye on our team while scoping the area. All of a sudden my ear piece cackled with blurry voices speaking in Russian it was hard to make out at first, but I caught the just of it. They were talking about “the package” and delivering it to Moscow after eliminating the rebels along with Markus and Me! I hadn’t been too worried until now because I suddenly realized the other voice I heard was Captain Blanchet. Upon hearing this I informed Markus and we quickly and silently eliminated the rebels then fixing my sights on our former allies. A bullet cuts through the jungle, and Levi drops dead. When the see his lifeless body the rest of the team takes up a defensive position avoid sniper fire. I sit down my intervention .50 caliber rifle and draw my side-arm a .357 magnum revolver, most reliable handgun in my opinion. With our pistols drawn we cautiously approach throwing a smoke grenade to our far right in order to confuse them. I fix my sights on David as Markus aims his M9 at Johnson. The Captain jumps as his backup falls dead at his feet. I seize this moment to loudly declare “I second Lieutenant Arik Esther of the united states navy place you under arrest for high treason now rise Captain Blanchet and face your judgment!” Cautiously I walk towards him and notice he’s pointing his pistil at me. Within a second I drop to one knee and shoot his gun from his hand, then I holster my revolver and draw my knife while taunting him “captain I’m a sporting man so I will give you a chance draw your knife and fight for your life.” With both of our blades out we dart at each other, and the sound of steel colliding with steel erupts throughout the jungle. He thrusts at my throat bit is met with a parry followed by a slash across his stomach then a cut to his thigh dropping him. Standing over him I can tell he’s suffering a great deal. “Captain you betrayed your country and now you pay the price. Lay here and die like the dog you are!” I take his knife as a trophy and radio in an evac chopper. When I turn to walk away I hear a ferocious clicking sound, and turn around to see Captain Blanchet desperately truing to get his broken and jammed pistol to fire. When I see this I cant help but to give him a sadistic smile as I casually stroll over to him, and place the barrel of my gun on his forehead and say “for your crimes on this earth you are sure to be damned never-the- less I will say a prayer on your behalf. Take solace in knowing that I will weep at your funeral and that one day I will join you ashes to ashes, dust to dust.” A shot rings out shattering the silence and serenity of the jungle; my mission is com

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