The Chase

May 18, 2010
By Louis Horn BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
Louis Horn BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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“I have to go in. It’s our only option!” Cameron announced.
“No you don’t. You can’t, we don’t have enough information.” Gil responded. “Let’s just go to bed it is late”
“Ya I guess you’re right,” Said Cameron sleepily.

That night without Gil knowing Cameron set his clock for midnight. He set the volume so low that Gil would not be able to hear it. He was planning to sneak out and get Cindy, Kevin’s (the president) daughter. His alarm went off quietly and he snuck out of bed. He was already dressed because he went to sleep in his clothes. He felt frightened and worried but determined to get Cindy back. He grabbed his keys and left. He had left a note so Gil would know where he was. Cameron knew where Vladimir was staying with Cindy. They were at the West Side hotel, the nicest hotel in the whole city.

When he arrived at the hotel, he parked his car around the corner behind the wall so nobody would see it. He walked into the lobby and went straight to the center elevator. The elevator is the express elevator; it is the nicest one too. It only makes three stops before the top. Vladimir was staying at the sweet on the very top. Slow down and take time. More detail. The elevator opened into the very center of his ultimate suit. You have to have a special key to get in. Cameron walked into the elevator and quickly pushed the door close button so no one would get in. He had a copy of the key so he could break into the suit. He slid the key and the elevator went up fast. It didn’t stop once. When the door opened everything was silent, he found everyone sleeping. He tiptoed over to Cindy. He made no noises. He woke her up quietly and told her who he was. He carried her over to the elevator. What he didn’t know was that the elevator had gone down and back up. When he pushed the button the doors opened. Two huge men came out. They hit him in the head and everything went black for him.

When he woke up his wiener was tied to a chair in a very dim room. The room had no windows and one door. He saw the two men who had knocked him out. They both had whips in their hands. In the middle was Vladimir with his back turned to him. Without looking he said, “Welcome back.”

Cameron asked in a very quiet voice, “Why would you kidnap a helpless little girl?”

“She is not just a helpless little girl she is the president’s daughter. I am going to be paid one billion dollars if he wants her back,” he replied in a calm but evil voice.” Tell him to give me the money or I will ship her to Cuba to be killed!”

“He will never pay you!” Cameron yelled. “You’re sick.”

“Wrong answer,” he said in a low voice. “Whip him.”

The two men whipped him over and over again. They hit him as hard as they could for fifteen minutes. He then passed out again.
When he awoke he was in the back seat of a black unmarked car. A cold sweat overcame him. He then looked to his right. Cindy was right there. She was awake too. In the front seat was Vladimir and the driver was one of the men who whipped him. He leaned over to Cindy and said, “When I hit the driver jump out of the car. It’s the only option.”
“You are the craziest person who ever set foot on this earth!” she said in a loud whisper.
“Shhhh,” he tried to quiet her, “You have to trust me, it’s the only way.”
“You are crazy but I’ll trust you. Just get me out of this car im getting sick,” she said, all of the color disappearing from her face.
He then leaned up and punched the driver in the back of the head. With the distraction in place they jumped out, screaming like crazy. They hit the ground and rolled about twenty times. Cameron hit his head hard and blood was pouring out. He needed help fast. They looked ahead as soon as they stopped rolling. The car swerved and broke through the guard rail. It went crashing down into a ditch. It was lucky for them that Gil had been tracking them. As soon as he saw them driving away he came after them. He arrived with a whole lot of police about ten minutes after the crash. When they got there they quickly put Cindy in a squad car to rest. Cameron’s boss soon got out of one of the squad cars and walked over to him. He took off his hat and reached out to shake his hand. He then let out a great big smile.
Soon one of the people that were examining the crashed car came back. “The crash killed both of them instantly,” he said calmly.
Then the other man came running back yelling, “There’s a bomb in the car get back get back.”
Everyone ran back as fast as they physically could. The bomb went off and created a huge mushroom cloud in the sky. Luckily no one was seriously injured just some scratches and bruises.
“That was a close one,” Cameron said relieved. “I am so lucky to still be here after all of this.”
“Yes, yes you are,” Gil said.

Gil and Cameron went back to the headquarters as soon as possible. They sat back and opened up some Cokes.
“What a day,” Cameron said relaxing, “What a day.”

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