My X-box is Alive

May 17, 2010
By , Dallas, TX
“Pow Pow” I’m the playing the videogame Halo3. “What!” my game system turned off. I go and tell my brother and then I am going to go show him and the X-box and Play station are gone. Then I tell my parents about it. That’s when I hear footsteps upstairs. I run up the stairs and I see it eat my gameboy. I run down the stairs and tell my parents “The X-box is alive!”

They say “That’s silly.”

Then I say “Why is it running out the door then?” My parents looked at it with disbelief that an X-box could be alive.

I was about to chase after it but then my parents said “It might be dangerous.” A typical thing for them to say. Later that night I was listening to Fox News saying all the game systems in North Texas have been stolen. People are saying it was a weird technical device and the news people think they are crazy but I know they aren’t because it’s my X-box doing it. I went to sleep and in the morning everyone in Texas has lost their game systems. The X-box spreads quickly like the flu that’s how fast it is moving. But on the bright side my brother can’t play anymore.

The next day I was throwing the football with my brother when I saw a piece of my X-box on the ground. I thought it was weird to see a piece of my X-box on the ground but then it smacked me across the face that this peace is what runs the X-box, I think I know how to stop it. Later that night I was listening to the news when they said the whole western hemisphere was game less. That’s when I said to my parents “I think I know how to stop it.”

They said “That’s preposterous.” Why tell them anything, I wonder.

The next morning the news said the whole world was game less. Than later that night they said it could take any form of any game it has eaten and that it was killing people. The U.N announces a world emergency. That’s when the world starts fighting it. The next day all of Australia was destroyed. That’s when I decided to act. I called the pentagon and told them I knew a way to destroy it. In about five minutes there were 50 government officials waiting to transport me to the Pentagon. I was there in two hours. I was briefed about my assignment and how to destroy it. Wondering why they would tell me that because I told them how to do it the first place. Later that day they put me on a helicopter that was armed by every square inch on their way to Hong Kong, China. The ride was boring. Most of the people were quiet on the ride there. Then the pilot said “Five minutes before we reach Hong Kong.” Then out of the horizon there was the coast of China. Then we landed the whole city laid in destruction. I was heavily guarded by the military. When we stepped out there was heavy gunfire then a soldier was taken out by the X-box. I was rushed into a building that was still intact. Then for another 30 minutes the gunfire went on then it stopped a soldier stepped in and said “it flew off.” I went outside and the people emerged from the ruble of the ground.

Then a loud message came over the radio that the X-box was trying to destroy Big Ben. In a split second I was on my way to London. I knew right then this had to be the end. The ride took about four hours. I was told when we land I am going to make a run for it.

We landed the city was mostly intact but there was a lot of gunfire and explosions around the city. I was then transported in to a Hummer they drove me close to a hundred yards of the X-box. It was in a shape of a transformer. I jumped out of the Hummer then I started sprinting towards it. The X-box caught me but it didn’t shoot then it saw me grab the piece then he swung me to the side. With all my strength I got up again and it kicked me to side, I went out cold.

A few minutes later I regain consciousness. I was in the hands of the X-box I saw the connecter with the piece I had to plug into with. I made my dash plugged it in then it shut off. The X-box came falling down then all the games and game systems came out. I saved the day. I saved humanity.

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