The Shadow Child

May 17, 2010
By Crisis BRONZE, Lewisville, Texas
Crisis BRONZE, Lewisville, Texas
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The young man sprinted through the hallways of the building, holding the child to his chest. He stopped and ducked into the nearest room just as the soldiers came around the corner. The boy at his chest gave a small whimper and the man looked down his eyes softening.
“Shhh Micah it’s all right I’m here, I won’t let them get you,” he murmured to the child in his arms. The man sighed remembering when he had first met Micah; the boy had escaped his holding cell and bumped into him while he was running. The man had been asked to work as an assistant to the head scientist in the laboratory but was actually working undercover for a freedom organization.
He had taken to the young boy immediately and had acted as a secret guardian to him, calming the boy down when he had nightmares from the day’s experiments, cleaning and bandaging his wounds when one of the scientists decided to be cruel to the boy. It saddened him greatly that the people here only thought of Micah as a weapon or tool to use and then discard.
“Jamie I’m s-scared,” Micah said tearfully, looking up at the man who had become like a father to him. Jamie pulled Micah closer to his chest and hummed softly trying to sooth the frightened boy. He peeked around the doorway of the room making sure it was safe before breaking into another run. He slid to a halt in front of a wall panting for breath; it was a dead end. Jamie gently set Micah down and turned to face the soldiers pulling out a handgun as he did so.
I will protect him even at the cost of my own life, Jamie pointed the gun at the soldiers and fired, the shot going through the wall mere inches from a soldier’s head. “Next time I won’t miss,” he hissed, his teeth bared like a snarling wolf. One of the soldiers laughed and raised his gun and shot at Jamie hitting him in the shoulder making him cry out in pain. What the soldier didn’t expect though was a wave of darkness to rush out from Jamie’s shadow and slam into him.
“Leave Jamie alone you b******s!” Micah cried, darkness swirling around him an unholy gleam in his eyes.
“S*** the kid’s unlocked his full power! Pull back pull back!” the soldiers yelled. They didn’t stand a chance, more waves of darkness slammed into them making the soldiers fly through the air like ragdolls. The terrified look on the child’s face had been replaced with a bloodthirsty grin.
“You know it’s not nice to hurt somebody,” Micah said the grin growing wider, “you hurt Jamie and made him bleed so now I’m going to make you bleed. Won’t that be fun?” Micah giggled at the last statement, a childish sound now tinged with insanity. The last thing the soldiers saw was the darkness rushing towards them, now in the form of spikes.
Moments later the soldiers were dead most of them impaled by the spikes, two of them had gone through a soldier’s eyes. Jamie got up hissing in pain as he clutched his shoulder. Micah turned at the sound, his face and chest covered with the blood of the soldiers. “Did I do good Jamie?” he asked like a proud child who got an A on his math test.
Jamie reached out with his good arm and ruffled Micah’s hair, “Yeah kid you did good, now let’s go”. They set off once again this time unopposed and soon reached the exit. They walked out of the building stopping when they heard a voice. “Yo Jamie I’m guessing that the mission was a success?” Jamie turned around and broke into a smile at the sight of young man not much older then him, with an unlit cigarette in his mouth.
“Hey Leon,” Jamie said embracing the older man, “Leon I’d like you to meet Micah.”
Leon crouched down at Micah’s level and smirked. “So you’re the little hellion that’s been exasperating my Jamie huh, well nice to meet ya kid,” he said offering his hand out for Micah to shake. Micah stared at the hand for a second before shaking it hesitantly. “Welp it’s time to get out of this hellhole and back home,” Leon said standing back up and stretching.
“Home?” Micah asked.
“Yes Micah, home a place were you’ll be cared for and not abused,” Jamie said smiling softly at him, and then took his hand and led him to the car so they could start on the journey home.

The author's comments:
I had always loved The X-Men when I was younger and had always wanted to to write something in the vein of the series.

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