Homeless Whip

May 18, 2010
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As Whip walked through the cell door a cold chill came over him as if he were in Antarctica. A Buzzing sound went off behind him, as he turned he could see the silver door slide shut.

“Hey” A voice from the corner of the room called. Whip quickly turned to see an old man about six feet tall sitting on the bed.

“What are you in for?” The man questioned.

“Umm I stole some money from this bank.” Whip murmured.

“How did a boy like you steal money from a bank?” The curious man asked.

“I can just tell you the whole story if you would like.”

“Ok go ahead uhh……” The man paused.

“Whip” Answered the boy.

“Whip, really? Ok go ahead Whip.” The man said.

Whip started, “My story goes like this.”

“It was late at night when I was walking down the street heading to my ally were I sleep behind the bakery. As I was walking I noticed some red and blue lights just grazing the top of a store. I ran over to where I the lights and hid behind a parked van. Looking around me I saw a man running down the damp street wearing all black and I could barley make out his figure. He was running down the street and getting pretty close to me when all of a sudden, BANG a shot penetrated his knee and he fell over dropping one of the money bags he was carrying. I was so scared by the shot that I had taken cover under the van and once I finally looked up I saw the bag sitting right in front of me! I grabbed the bag and started sprinting back to my ally. Tripping on almost everything possible I looked like a alcoholic.

The next morning I started just like any other morning thinking that that was all a dream until I looked under one of the dumpsters. Right when I saw the bag I jumped with glee and hit my head on the top of the dumpster. Falling back down I grabbed some of the beautiful paper and ran into the bakery.

As I opened the shiny glass door a small bell rang above my head. The sound was so pleasant it made me smile but if that didn’t the delicious smell would have. Then to my dismay the store manager started yelling at me to, “Get out and get out now you rat, there is nothing for free here so get out now!” I panicked and started to say, “No no, it’s ok look!” I held up a wad of cash. His eyes widened and I realized my mistake. I had just held up around six hundred dollars. “A homeless kid with six hundred dollars.” The manager was probably thinking. But I was too hungry to care I ordered over sixty dollars of food and ate it all. As I was eating the news was on the TV. The reporter was talking about how a robbery had gone down last night at the bank and how they had caught the man but that they hadn’t found all of the money stolen. She gave the details of the man: Age- 67, Name- Rick, Weight- 203 pounds, and height- six foot.

The rest of that day I went to multiple stores buying many things not carrying what I got, whether it was toilet paper or a basketball, just that I bought something. I went to sleep that night with a coat, shoes, jeans, a blanket, two pillows, and a heating pad.

To my surprise I woke up with a man in a dark coat sitting on the back steps of the bakery starring at me.

I quickly jumped to my feet and said, “H-H-Hey, who you are?”

He answered, “Oh I’m a friend of this town, my names Tony.”

“Umm ok then why are you watching me?” I asked

“Look I know who you are and what you did last night. The shop owners reported a kid about your height and your hair color spending a lot of money yesterday. Just give me the money and I will try my best to keep you out of jail.” Suddenly I grabbed some of the cash and started running away. He started chasing after me yelling, “Wait!” and
“Stop!” I didn’t look back I just kept running. I had just gone from homeless to rich kid in one night I wasn’t about to give it up. Jumping fences, hurdling crates, and running in and out of stores I ran and ran. I was in a long ally and I was nearing the corner, looking back I didn’t see any one at all. I slowed down and started walking. I thought to my self, “I lost him.” When I turned the corner I froze. There was Tony leaning against the wall and twirling his handcuffs on his finger. I knew I was toast at that moment. “I told you not to run now it looks like your going to prison.” He said while handcuffing me and then he walked me back to his car.

“And now I’m here.” I Said.

“Interesting.” The man replied.

“This is kind of random but is there anything that is fun around here?” Whip Questioned.

The man said rudely, “Oh you won’t be having any fun around here.”

“Whys that?” Whip confusedly asked.

The man yelled insanely, “Because you’re the reason I’m in here!”

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