Jack's Story

May 18, 2010
By Mab879 BRONZE, Grimes, Iowa
Mab879 BRONZE, Grimes, Iowa
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Jack crept down the stairs, being quite like a panther. He carefully jumped to the bottom stair, knowing that the old oak would wake his parents with a loud creak. He had only moved a few steps when the door to the garage opened. Jack melted into the corner, hopping he wouldn’t be seen. That hope was shattered when he tripped on his sister’s toy, falling backwards and hitting the creaky stair with a sharp CRACK.

His dad stepped out of the kitchen and turned on the hall light. A soft glow reflected off of the polished marble floor and onto Jack, sprawled on the grand staircase.

“What are you doing up at this time?”

“Nothing.” Jack replied, standing up.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes!” Jack said Annoyed.

Dad stared at Jack for a moment then his voice softened and he beckoned Jack into the Overly decorated living room.

“Come here, son. We need to resolve some issues.”

Jack looked at him shocked, wondering where this was going. Nevertheless, He padded across the floor in my socks, following my mentor and father. Jack glanced at the clock in the mantelpiece as he entered. It read: 10:50 PM. As he sat down, he realized with a sinking feeling that my only line to the outside world was about to be cut.

“Your mother and I have been very lenient with you lately.” Dad said

There was a slight pause.

“Let me ask you a question.” Said Dad

“About What?”

“What were you doing last Saturday?”

Jack thinks to himself: “Oh-No he can’t know.”

“You know, I was just hangin’ out with my friends.” Jack said, His happily.

“What friends?” Dad asked.

“Abraxan an’ Bernadette.”

“You wouldn’t happen to know about the robbery last Saturday, would you?”

All color drained from Jacks face.

Jack thinks: NO!! How did he guess?

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” his said, my voice shaking slightly.

“You can’t just get away with this.” Dad said almost yelling.

In the meantime, Jack’s mind was working furiously. How did he get that information? I know he doesn’t keep tabs on me, no matter how many people are after me for my money.

Dad glanced up from Jack’s to look at something behind Jack. Jack turned to find Adrian, our butler, standing at my back. His massive frame blocked the door, cutting off my only escape route; Jack was trapped.

“I was wondering where you disappeared to for the last few months. So, on Saturday I had Adrian follow you. It felt wrong, having my own son tailed. But, it turned out to be a good thing when Adrian reported back to me.”
Dad’s face took on a look a disappointment. “Why did you do it?”
Jack looked down from his face, unable to look him in the eyes.

“I don’t know why, Dad. I really don’t know.”

“Has something happened to you that I need to know about?” Dad queried.

“No” I said. Then Jack heard the doorbell ring, someone was at the door.

Dad motioned for Adrian to answer the door. Jack felt trepidation fill him. He knew who it was; He knew that they would arrest him, interrogate him and throw him in a cold, dark, dank cell.

Adrian walked back in, escorted by two police officers. Their badges glinted in the firelight. ‘Chicago Police Department’.

“Good evening, gentlemen. How can I help you?” Dad’s voice was cool and reserved, cautious.

“We’re sorry to disturb you at this time. Have you heard about the Drug Store robbery?”

“Yes,” Dad replied, “I have.”

“We received reports from several witnesses claiming that your son was involved in the incident.”

Dad’s face took on a look of realized disappointment. He knew all along!

Jack’s beliefs were confirmed with Dad’s next sentence. “Yes, I know.”

“What?! How can you know?”, the officer cried out, reaching for his weapon.

“Please don’t take this incorrectly.” Dad begged, holding up his hands in a gesture of peace. “I only know because Adrian followed Jack!”

The police officer relaxed.

“Let me explain.” Dad said, gesturing toward the couch. “Please, sit.”

“No, thanks. I think I’d rather stand.”

Dad nodded and took a moment to gather his thoughts.

Dad turned toward Jack and said:
“Jack, run up to your room. Grab something to eat and don’t come down until I get you.”

Then he launched into his story.

“I have been worried about Jack for months. He has been getting into more trouble at school. Also he has been leaving the house more and more. So I had Adrian, our butler, follow Jack. When I got the report back from him I was appalled. When I caught him sneaking out tonight, I knew he was up to no good. We where just talking when you came in.

There was a short pause.

Then one of the officers said, “We will need to take your son in for questioning.”

“Jack!” said Dad. “Come down here please.”

Jack came back down the stairs and sat down in a chair.

Dad said: “I need you to go with the officers for questioning.”

“No, I will not.” Said Jack with a smarty tone.

“Don’t make this harder than it needs to be.” said the officer on the left.
“Ok, fine I will go.” Jack said reluctantly, his words soaked in impudence.

“Please come with us” said the officer on the right.

Jack stood up and followed them through the hall and down the stairs. They walked out the door and Jack stepped into the back of their patrol car. As they drove along Jack put his hand in his hands. And thought to him self:

Why did we do it. Why Why.

* * *
Jack was taken into a room at the police satiation. It was small with cameras and microphones protruding from microscopic crevices. There was no question about it; this was an interrogation room. Then Jack was read his was read my rights.

You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you can’t afford an attorney, one will be appointed to you.

Jack thinks: If I can’t “afford” one, he says. My dad will get me the best!

“Do you understand your rights as stated to you above.” Asked the officer.?
“Yes” Said Jack.

“Do you want to exercise any of these rights.”

“Yes, I would” Jack said

“Which one?” said the officer.

“I would like to remain silent and get an attorney”.

“Can I ask you one question?’ said the officer.

“Yes, you may.” Jack said.

“Did you commit the robbery?” said the officer.

“Heck, no!” Jack said with some anger.

“You’re lying.” He said.

“How do you know?” Jack asked with some disbelief.

“I have a video I would like to show you.”

He put the video in to the VCR and played it. It showed me taking the box and putting in to my coat. I was shocked. I was not only being questioned with no attorney I was being questioned with cold, hard evidence that I committed the crime. I was about to decline any further comment when my dad and a man have never seen before.

He was a tall, brown hair man, dressed in a suit and tie. He was carrying a brown briefcase with locks on top.

“I am Henry Washman, Jack’s lawyer. He is declining any more comments until he has spoken with me.” He said with some authority.

“Ok,” said the officer. “But, you both need to be here at 10:00 tomorrow morning.”

“We’ll be here.” Said Henry

My dad took me back home. It was a quiet ride. I didn’t want to tell him about what happened at the police station.

Jack thinks: I can’t believe it. I thought to myself. Why, Why, Why? Why in the world did I steal? It goes against what I believe and who everyone THINKS I am. Sadly, I am no better than any of the “bad” kids at school. Then dad spoke:

“Son, I am very disappointed in you. I am not going to bail you out right way. You will stay in jail for a month. Then, and only then, I’ll bail you out. Also you will tell the storeowner what you did and give him 200 dollars. Also, your mother and I will be talking about what to do with you. Finally, you will be telling the police about your “friends”.

Neither of them talked for the rest of the ride. When we got home, I received a very stern look from Mom. Then she told me to go to bed. I did as she said. Then I went to sleep.

I woke up, as soon as I woke up I had talk to my lawyer. He told me what to say not to say.

“Jack did commit the crime.”

“No” Jack said.

“Jack, tell the truth.”

“Ok, yes I did it.”

“Ok, then. If you did you can plead “Gulily”

“What will that do?” Jack asked.

“It can lessen the pushment.”

“Ok thanks.”
* * *

So they headed to the police station. We went back into the room. A lawyer was there he was the one asking questions. He showed us the video.

Is it true that you where at the drug store that day?” He said.

“Yes.” I said.

“If he was their that day that does not make him the crook.”

“Mr.Washmen, please keep quite. You should know better.”

“So did you take the bottle?” He asked.

“Yes” Jack said.

“Did you commit the crime?”

Jack Thinks Oh boy, I will have admit it.

There was a pause.

“Did you!?” he questioned.

“Yes, Yes I did.”

“What as that? Did not hear you.”

“Yes I committed the crime.”

“Anybody else help you?”

“Yes.” He said.


“Berndette and Abraxan”

“Can I have contanct information on them please?”

“Can I have some paper please?”

“Yes, you can”

“I can you get this young man some paper and a pen?” He said to the officer.

“I can, sir” He said.


“Why did you do it?”

“I don’t know I don’t know”

“Yes you do.”

“Ok, I did it to get friends”

“Some friends.” He said with Sarcasm.

“Did not know this would happen.”

“You did know. Your lying again.

“Officer, Could me end this now?” Said Henry.

“We can. I need to talk to the store owner.”

“Alright Jack, Lets go talk to your father.”

“We will call you when we are ready to set a court date.”

“Ok thanks.”

I got into the car and we drove off. My dad was in the car. He was still very upset at me. Then he spoke:

“Son, your mother and I have this issue over and we are taking away your allowance for a year.”

“Well I just use the money I have”

“Don’t interrupt me Jack. We are going to hold frezze your spending for 90 days after you get back home.”

“What! You can’t do that!”

“I can. Since I am your father.”

“Your mean”

“I can make that time longer if you like.”

“No I don’t want that.”

“Then be good.”

* * *
After I got I got out of jail I whent to the Apple Store to Mac Pro. Then the Mall Cop came and chucked he into the car. When I got home dad yelled:

“What in the World Where you doing!!!!”

I hesitated.

“I was buying something.”

“I told you we would freeze your spending!”

“You never said that.” Jack said with some sly.

“Yes I did”

“Now that spending freeze is 6 months!”

“Also I am tell Adergn to keep in your area for a week.”

“If this happens again I will be talking to the police.”

“If you do this again you may be jailed.”

“Ok, Ok. Just leave me alone.”

“Is their and thing else I need to know Jack?”


“Are sure that I don’t need to know anything?”

“Yes I am sure.”

“Son, I think you need someone to talk to.”

“Ok, who is it?”

“I have a friend the helps boys like you.”

“I will give him a call.”

* * *
“Hey John.”

[John talks to Dad]

“Yeah, I need to make some time with you so you can talk him my son.”

[John Talks]

“Ok, can I get something on Friday night?”

[John Talks]

“Friday at Seven then?”

[John Talks]

“Ok thanks John.”

[John Talks]

“Bye, Thanks”

Dad hung off the phone.

“Son, Friday at Seven we will with John.”

“I will not go.”

“Come Jack, all we want is to help you.” Said Mom.

“Mom, can you get out of this!” Jack begged.

“Jack” She said “ I am one who told Dad about John.”

“Dad did not want you talk him to him at first but I talked him in to it.”

“Son, I have not keep I good eye on you like I have should have.”

“Dad it is ok”

“Son, I am very sad that I have caused you this pain.”

“I think part of this is my fault.”
“I would like talk to the store owner.”

“ We will talk with in the morning.”

“Ok Thanks dad.”
* * *
The next day Dad and I drove to the Drug Store.

“Hi, boys how yal Doin’?”


“What can I help yal with?”

“Well you know about the robbery that happened here about 2 months ago.”

“Yes I do remember that.”

“Son.” Dad said.

“Well I am very sorry. And here is $200 for all the problems I have cuased.”

“Thanks so much, what your name.”


“Thanks so much Jack.”

“Your Welcome Sir.”

“Call me Gump.

“I am sorry that I did that.”

“Son, It takes a lot of courage to admit that.” Said Gump

“Thanks again for the $200.

“Your welcome.”

“Dad you are starting to get your son on the right path.”

“Thanks Gump”

“Son, I guess it’s time to head out.”

“Bye Guys.”

Dad and I walk out to the car.

“Son. I am so proud of you for doing that.”

“I know, I feel so much better after I said sorry.”

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