the doughnut

May 21, 2010
There was a doughnut; the doughnut came from outer space. It had superpowers, it made you strong and you could fly. That’s for only eating a little of the doughnut, if you eat the whole thing you could die.

One day a kid named Billy Bob the 7th, or Billy Bob. For some reason he walked down a very scare dark alley. When he got to the end of the alley there was a doughnut he said
“This isn’t an alley cat”.

It was one of his favorite’s long johns with vanilla and Jims. He really liked doughnuts so he took a bite of it. It was ghastly, it tasted like butter plain butter and he hated butter. He throw the doughnut somewhere. He walked wishing the doughnut was good.

The next day Billy Bob slept in ate a very good doughnut, played Xbox till his mom yelled at him to get off. Then he went outside, he decide to play basketball, he pretended that he could dunk, but when he jumped up in the air he dunked. He was so amazed that he called all of his friends and told them to come over. When they did he played against all of them. He hammered all of them together. Then he started to do 360’s and 720’s. They played until Billy Bob popped the ball. He just realized that he had super strength. He went downstairs and bench pressed 385 easily. He thought this was amazing. Now that he knew he was a super hero he needs a name…… so he called himself…………DOUGHNUT BOY!!!!!!

One day there was a kid named Bill (Billy bob’s secret wickedness twin brother) was walking down a dark scary ally, when he found a doughnut. He took a small bite of it and thought it was terrible. The next day he had super powers. Then the next day he could fly and was super strong. He thought he could use this power to get money. So he started to rob banks. After a little bit he was number one on the F.B.I’s wanted list.

Billy Bob wanted Bill in jail so he went to get him. He found him in a bank so he went over there. He punched him and Billy went flying in to a wall. Billy Bob thought he was down for a long time, as he was walking away Bill came up and strike him in the head. Bill knew he was down for a long time and he was. When Bill left he said

“So long sucker” in a very wicked voice

Billy Bob had to go to a hospital. After a few days he was back in action. The FBI had 500,000 dollars on Billy. Billy Bob had to find Bill’s secret hideout.

Bill had a super plan; he was going to plant a bomb in the center of the Earth. Then he would fly away and when he was far enough, then he would blow it up. There was one person in the world that could stop him and it was doughnut boy.

The next day Billy Bob found Bill and took him to jail. When he was on the way he found a secret plan on it. He forgot about it the next day.

Billy Bob was rich; he went on a vacation to Florida. When he was in the beach Billy was in jail he was making a plan to get out of jail. He would break though the wall then dash out. He got out and started his plan.

When Billy Bob came back he saw the secret plan and he knew that he had to save the world. He was searching for Bill; he looked all over and could not find him. After two days he could not find him.

Bill was already planting the bomb. Some how he could with stand the heat. It took a little bit but he finally got it working. He set it to five hours that would give him enough time to get out.

Billy Bob found a hole in the ground so he flew right though it. He found the bomb but didn’t find Bill. He saw that it only had five minutes left. There were two wires a red and a green. There were also two buttons a blue and a red. First he cut the green wire. Nothing happened. Then he hit the red button, the time started to speed up. Billy Bob did not know what to do. So he the blue button and cut the red wire. That did not work. He started to swat like crazy, it started to drip. When it hit the bomb it stopped. When Billy Bob looked he saw it said 0.000001.

The next thing Billy Bob had to do is get Bill. He went out to outer space. He knew where to look so he flew there.

Bill knew something happened. The bomb should have blow up by now. He thought Billy Bob would have no clue where he is.

Billy Bob had found Bill on the plant called x33y2. Billy Bob grabbed Bill. But he got away. They started to punch and kick each other. It went like that for a long time. It was the longest battle ever. It took one week. By the time it was over Billy Bob had won.

Billy Bob took Bill in a very good jail. Bill would never be able to get out. Billy Bob lived happily ever after.

THE END……. For now

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